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RRHS School Store Business Proposal(2012)

Business managment project for fall of 2012. school store

alissa godina

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of RRHS School Store Business Proposal(2012)

RRHS STUDENT STORE "What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose."-Margaret Thatcher *12 pencils per packet> $0.25 each = $3.00 =$2.00 profit (same for pens)
*binders> $4.00 each = $3.00 profit
*notebooks> $2.00 each = $1.00 profit
*4 highlighters per packet> $0.75 each=$3.00
=$2.00 profit
*notebook paper> $0.50 per 50 pages= $1.50= $0.50
*folders> $1.50= $.50 profit; put 50pages in folder for $2.00= $1.00 profit
*erasers> pink=$0.50; pencil toppers =$0.25
*storage boxes>$25.00; for DECA to put these supplies in >Email sent to all teachers
EX: DECA Club is going to be hosting a RRHS Student Store. Where any student can but AND sell items; like artwork, school supplies, and t-shirts. If you are interested or have any questions please go to room ___ and see Ms. Zajicek. Where: 1100 lecture hall. When: Tuesdays and Thursday before and after school.

>GET OUT THERE!! Marketing Marketing segment analysis Students would buy all year around because we will be getting different products in. They will need school supplies or might admire an art piece someone made. T-shirts might have been lost or just want to support a new team/club they found out about.

Student store = DECA & students understand business world better.
= new opportunities >Things that could be sold:
*artwork (sculptors, paintings, photographs, etc.)
*school team/ group t-shirts/items
*school newspapers
*and advertisements-banners/flyers
>how they sign up
*Go through an organization, club, or teacher sponsor
*the student and sponsor go meet and talk with DECA sponsor How to get started! First, ask the principal for permission to use the lecture hall in 1100

Once granted space, we would ask DECA sponsor and members if they would like to run and manage this new store.

After, then all they would have to do is get supplies! When? Run by DECA before school from 8:15- 8:55 and after school from 4:08- 4:40(ish), in the 1100 Lecture hall Tuesdays and Thursdays. What is the Student Store? Budget Marketing Service Products Students at this school have lots of spirit and are very creative, so they tend to want any chance to show both. They can have the opportunity to buy/sell team t-shirts or their artwork, and if they need some supplies or want to know information...we can give it to them! Asking Percentages *10% - Anything sold between $0-$19
*15% - Anything sold between $20-$29
*20% - Anything sold between $30-$45
* Anything sold more than $45 DECA would figure out a reasonable asking percentage.
>What DECA would sell:
*pencils *pens
*binders *notebooks
*notebook paper *folders
*highlighters *erasers

>DECA sells for more profit

>DECA NOT responsible for students products. >these are just starting percentages *Banners and flyers will have a flat rate based on size of advertisement.
*Newspapers or clubs that want to get info out- free tables Why There? Lots of student traffic! students getting on and off buses and students have to in that building in the morning. >Informational and attractive flyers
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