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My Get A Life Presentation

No description

Tyra Dixon

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of My Get A Life Presentation

My Get A Life Presentation
Ultrasound Technician's (shortly known as ultra sound tech salary) in the United States is about $64,000 per year and an aveage hourly wage is about $31.20 per hour. The highest paid ultrasound technician earns a much higher annual salary of more than $88,490 while the lowest paid ultrasound technician receives less than $44,900 per year.
Medical Care
Dental Care
Paid Holidays
Vision Care
Travel Expenses
Ultrasound Technician
( Radiology Technician )

Description of an Ultrasound Technician
Education Level
To become an ultrasound technician , the candidate should complete an entry level education ( high school graduate) and apply for an associate degree in ultrasonography that usually lasts for about 2 years.
The job of an ultrasound technician is to perform sonographic exam produce images created ultrasonography reports evaluate structural anatomy an to diagnose various medical problems in patients
My Townhouse

11750 SW 18 St. Miami ,FL.
Kendall Regional Medical Center
Radiology Technologist
Shift : Part Time
Kendall Regional Medical Center
Shift : Part/Full Time
Ultrasound Technologist
Price : $84,900
Loan Payment : $329/mo
Bedrooms : 1
Bathroom : 1
Size : 708 sqft
$/sqft : $119/sqft
Type : Condo/Townhouse
Year Built : 1984
Florida Miami Kendall Regional Medial Center
Full Time
Shift : 11pm-7am
Location : 11750 Bird Road Miami , Fl 33175
New 2013 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Automatic Coupe. The Price of this car is now $31,140.
The benefits of me riding the bus to and from work a few times out the week will be saving gas , prevent car accidents , meet new people and save money.
Family Life
Im a single career woman caring for a 1 year old maltese name cash.
Monthly Income : $3,000.00
Housing ( mortage/rent) : $329.00
Ulilites ( gas/electric/water/garbage) : $225.00
phone (landline and cell phones) : $80.00
Tv (cable or satellite/ movie subscriptions) : $100.00
Internet : $75.00
Food (groceries and eating out) : $200.00
Gas : $200.00
Family expense (day care/tuition/activities/child Support/alimony) : $50.00

Personal care (hair cuts/toiletries/clothing) : $378.00
Pets (food/vet/grooming) : $138.00
Entertainment (books and mags/movies/hobbies) : $50.00
Insurance (car/home/life/disability/health/dental) : $475.00
Debt repayment (credit cards/car loans /home equity/student loans) : $50.00
Emergency fund : $100.000
Retirement savings : $100.00
Gifts/charitable donations (including tithes) :$300.00
other :$150.00
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