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No description

lauren klotz

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Uber

In 2013, the convenience and efficiency of Uber’s technology created as many as 25,000 additional rides in the City of Chicago than the transportation market would have provided without Uber – these are incremental rides – that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Uber is also associated with the equivalent of 1,049 gross new jobs in Chicago in 2013.

What is Uber?
How many people are familiar with Uber technology?

How many people have used Uber in the past?

Who has the App downloaded on their phone?

Company Background
Company Milestones & Dates
Current and Recent Developments
Technology Diffusion
How it works
Social Perspectives

Social Concerns
Criticism and Controversy
Major Issues Technology
Possible Future Impact
10 year Forecast on Society
Financial Forecast
Social Concerns
Multiple accounts of assaulted passengers in:
New York
Current and Recent Developments of Uber
Ubers Mission is to get riders to their destination in a safe, cost efficient and reliable way,and to give owners the option to share their quest if they desire

Benefits of Uber
Society's Reaction
No Boss
No Problem :)
By: Lauren Klotz, Michael Hicks,
Ajoyi Stackhouse, & Jazmin Sanchez

Early Origins of Uber Technology

Major Issues
Concerning Uber
- Enabling discrimination by drivers and passengers
- Government Regulation
- Employment
How Uber Works
Safety for customers and drivers
Background checks drivers not as stringent on Uber drivers
Taxi Drivers
Uber Drivers
You no longer have to chase a cab down
No Cash is needed
Receipts are emailed
Passenger and Driver Rating System
Vehicle has to be in great shape
Real Time Driver location updates
Driver can't reject ride depending on destination area
You can get wasted
Other ride
sharing apps:
Uber Presentation Outline
1. Sign up via www.uber.com
Need something outside the 9 to 5? As an independent contractor with Uber, you’ve got freedom and flexibility to drive whenever you have time. Set your own schedule, so you can be there for all of life’s most important moments.

The total gross impact on Chicago’s economy of Uber’s operations was $46,380,000 in 2013

In 2014 Uber’s revenue has grown by almost 30%. Gross economic impact will scale roughly proportionately to Uber’s revenue growth.

2. Download the app to your smartphone
3. Log into your account from your smartphone app
Mobile-app based transportation network
5. Choose your vehicle type (Rates will be listed)
Someone May create you a GoFund Me :-)
Flexible Schedule
Meet New People
See New things
Listen to New and Music While you work
Surge Pricing
Down Time
Laughing at wasted people
Diffusion of Innovations
Relative advantages
: Uber superior to Taxi in regards to Electronic receipts and Electronic payment (Delivery Service)
Same service as Taxi
After you register and download the app it's smartphone user friendly
You have the choice to ride in Uber with a friend before using it yourself
Founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, who were both successful Tech start-up entrepreneurs
4. Tap to set pickup Location
6. Wait for your ride
Ubers Adoption (Growth Engine)
7. Enjoy Uber Ride (Take Selfies)
8. Arrive to destination
The idea stemmed from Garrett Camp wanting to solve the horrible taxi problem in San Francisco and Garret preferred the perks of a private car and driver without actually keeping one full time.

Ridesharing replaces taxicabs
Travis Kalanick
Garrett Camp
Early Origins of the Technology
March 2009- Camp created a prototype in the works named "UberCab"

January 2010- Kalanick & Camp launch the prototype in New York to test the service with only 3 cars

March 2010- After a Twitter exchange Ryan Graves from Chicago moves to San Francisco for the UberCab Launch

July 2010- On July 5th Uber goes live in San Francisco for the first time
San Francisco
During launch July 2010 anyone could download the app to their iPhone or iPad
Within a couple of minutes a Towncar, Escalade or other car will show up wherever you are, using your mobile device’s location- GPS.
The car takes you to wherever and are automatically billed on your credit card, including tip.
Trouble Ahead...
Later in 2010- Ubercab receives a C&D Cease and Desist order from the San Fran Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of CA for seeming to operate like a cab co. without the proper licensing and the the Company changes its name from "UberCab" to "Uber"

November 2010- Uber goes live on Android

May 2011- 100 cars being summoned via IPhone app – The creation for slides depicting heat maps of San Fran and NY by using data to gain a competitive advantage, gauge demand, and get its model right.

The map shows all the
places where the Uber
app was opened
even before the service
was available

October 2010… After successful launch UberCab close a 1.25 million angel financing round led by First Round Capita
Winter 2011… Over the next 6 months Uber invades the Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC and starts and international expansion in Paris

December 2011- where the idea was born 3 years earlier Uber raised $37 million in financing

December 2011- Uber receives some backlash over dynamic surge pricing especially on NYE

July 2012- Uber announces UberX a more affordable service that use hybrid vehicles. Uber provides on demand ice cream trucks to spread awareness about UberX

November 2012- Uber comes under scrutiny once again for surge pricing during Hurricane Sandy, but ultimately waives the fee

Spring, 2013- After being fined $20,000 in the fall of 2012 from the California Public Utilities Commission for operating an unlicensed taxi service and limousine dispatch, Uber strikes a deal with the CPUC, which removes the cease-and-desist letter from the company and the fines are not charged

Summer, 2013- After 2 years since Co launch, Uber faces competition from ride-sharing services like Lyft (which has been growing for about a year) as well as regulatory opposition in multiple markets, including internationally

August 2013- $361.2 million in new funding at a $3.7 billion valuation

September 2013- California becomes the first state to regulate ride-sharing services, benefiting companies such as Uber and Lyft

March 2014- Uber announces an insurance plan for drivers to extend their own personal coverage, focusing on when there are no passengers in the car

April 2014- With 100 cities offering Uber car service globally, Uber experiments with a courier service called Uber Rush.
June 2014… Uber announces $1.2 billion in funding in its latest round, valuing the company at around $17 billion pre-money.

August 2014…Uber and Lyft both claim that drivers and employees are regularly hailing and canceling rides on each other’s services. Uber says Lyft employees have canceled about 13,000 trips and Lyft claims Uber has canceled about 5,000 of its rides

November- Uber partners with Spotify to connect your spotify account to listen to during your Uber ride

Present… Uber is still fighting Lyft and other competitors, as well as regulatory opposition across the globe. It’s also a member of the $10 billion+ club.
Early Adopters
9. Rate your driver
The early adopters of Uber in the tech community saw that Uber provided a solution to the failing taxicab industry in San Francisco

They enjoyed the free rides and tech sponsored events by the service- they began to spread the news

The tech community took to social media sites like Twitter and blogs to help spread the news through word of mouth
Recent Developments

Currently Uber is available in 56 countries
AMMAN just marked Ubers 300th City
Uber Hired Joe Sullivan as First Chief Security
Uber and Samsung Kickoff Partnership
Rider Rewards with starwood Hotels
Spotify Partnership
How does Uber impact our society?
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