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Coolest Applications in Consumer Cloud Computing

Coolest Applications in Consumer Cloud Computing introduction with Engineer daily life scenario

Raymond Chiu

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Coolest Applications in Consumer Cloud Computing

This is the Coolest Applications in Consumer Cloud Computing
and 小T's daily life ~

What do you think? Coolest Application in
Consumer Cloud Computing DPID
邱柏豪, 費而隱, 陳佩君,
廖奕齊, 黄書儀, 張仲恆. Name : 小T Job: Engineer Work for a start up company Working on the project "T5MC Web site build up" 小T的一天就是從這裡展開........... 一早起床, 正準備要上班的時候........... 突然他的iphone手機響起...... 喔! 是前兩天設定的雲端To-do List即時通知呀......幸好有這樣的工具, 才讓我沒有忘記今天下午跟T5MC的 Project Meeting....... 雲端To-do List:
Remember the Milk Manage tasks quickly and easily Get reminded, anywhere Take your tasks
with you Locate your tasks Work together to get things done Add tasks wherever you are Background Launched in October 2005

More than 2 million registered users

Created by a small Australian company

No longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand.

5 Free Alternatives to Expensive Productivity Software

With this service (registration required), you can remember to do anything...even buy milk. For many platforms, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Gmail, and Windows Mobile. Multi-Services Google Calendar
Android 當小T到達辦公室的時候........ 老闆:"小T呀, 上次讓你找一下Struts MVC Model的相關資訊, 你應該還記得吧?等一下立刻把相關的資料跟圖片給我喔!" "扣!扣!扣!"

小T: "誰呀? 原來是老闆呀!" 完蛋了.....之前找的東西.....在哪呀?? 還好有Diigo!! 前幾天在家裡上網的資料輕輕鬆鬆就存起來了 The cloud base information management system Use “Send” to share with your friend by several ways.

Always pay attention to news by RSS.

Also can follow or be followed with your friend. Research Share Collaborate Background Launched at July 24, 2006
Award The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 List Online bookmark – Auto cache
Archive – Also document , Image
Annotate - Highlight , sticky note
Category – List , Tagging List can help you to classify your information. May participate in or create groups, share discussions with enthusiasts.

Hot Bookmarks from the Diigo Community Multi-Connect, Multi-Device http://www.diigo.com/tools/toolbar
You can login with..

You also can use diigo on several devices. 小T順利完成尋找Struts資料的任務後.......他發現....... "Struts好難喔.....光是看
面有誰知道怎麼做的話...." "但是總不能把全公司的同事都集合起來詢問吧?" 如果有方法能讓我知道公司裡面的專家,並且可以跟他線上討論就好了......... Yammer可以! Private and secure enterprise social network Enables users to communicate, collaborate, and share more easily and efficiently Could only be used with the same corporate email address Background Since Sep,2008
Key customers:

More than 1M+ users
Competitor: 採取「社區(Community)」的收費模式,針對企業,基本功能免費,高級功能收費,實現SaaS模式的收費。

具體收費策略是:Silver服務(人/月:1美元)、Gold服務(人/月:5美元)。 Status.net
Salesforce.com 小T經由與公司中的專家討論Struts解決了技術上面的難題, 現在他要開始準備使用手冊了......... 編輯操作手冊嗎? 那可難不倒我,
接下來看我的!! 我可是有兩樣法寶喔!! Online Photo Editing Services Background Free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images
Beta Launched 2008
Photoshop liked interface
Technology: Adobe Flash/Flex based, host by Netfirms Pros/Features

Cons/Critics Significantly strong imaging processing capability, does almost whatever PhotoShop can do

Support import/export from/to local, Facebook, Flickr… with various file formats

Directly access to local clipboard

Multilingual UI Still consumes local computing power on rendering The result picture Online Toolbox for your finished video
(remix, share, download…) Background Create slideshow video with your photos, videos , texts, and musics
Beta Launched August 2007
Infrastructure: RightScale (Cloud mgmt platform, PaaS) Pros/Features

Cons/Critics Abundant soundtrack library and templates

Analyze all images, videos, and music to be mixed perfectly, harmonically

No 2 videos made are ever the same

Support export to facebook , youtube, various SNS’s , and your site/app with provided API Can’t be fully customized; charge for HQ/full-length vids but still not ideal in quality The result video How to use ? 小T完成了使用手冊, 看起來一切都很順利, 但是卻有另一位同事正在苦惱........ 專案管理總是困擾著Project Manager Sofie PM Sofie: "小T, 你負責的部分到底進度如何啦???" 操作手冊做好了嗎? 小T: "你又沒有問我~~~" "除了要一個一個專案成員詢問之外,
真的很沒效率.........." Issue管理 協同管理 Cloud-base Project Management Tool
The company was founded in 2005 based in San Mateo, California, and the software was first released for public use in 2007. Background 全球受歡迎的產品評比網站
TOP TEN REVIEWS 2010年冠軍 Clarizen榮獲
2010 美國軟體與資訊產業協會
最佳專案管理軟體大獎 Key Feature 時程規劃 資源管理 文件管理 Access Anywhere Comparison Why Cool? Built from the user up, instead of the manager down

Work management and team collaboration in a single cloud-based application Task report Create an issue 全球及台灣代表案例 Sofie: "能不能有個專案管理軟體,可以讓各個成員可以自行上來更新呢?" Sofie: "太棒了! 沒想到用Clarizon可以這麼輕易管理專案!" 經過一天的辛苦工作,幸虧運用了很多雲端法寶才度過這些危機, 小T準備要下班了... 準備要下班了.....在路上搭車真的蠻無聊的.....有沒有什麼好玩的東西呢? 我可以在車上打電玩呀!!
有辦法可以用手機玩PC上的遊戲嗎??? 還好我仍有雲端法寶!!! Why Cool Stream games to Android phones with dedicated UI Stream games to Logitech’s new Google TV What's GameString Playing Everywhere Personal cloud gaming Remotely play games installed on PC in a browser

Alpha Launched late 2010, beta will be launched by March 2011 Background Features Run part of the game in the cloud and part of it in browser

Let cloud do network/video processing, and the browser handle the game UI

Capability in Google TV and Android phone demonstrated Alternatives / Similar services OnLive (on-cloud 3D processing, claims only 1ms delay, Microsconsole for TV available)

StreamMyGame (able to stream PC games to PS3)

OTOY (Server-side rendering, hardware also available)

Gaikai (Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight clients) 終於, 小T回到他的小窩......... 因為這麼多的雲端法寶,讓我又順利的度過今天的挑戰, 最後當然要來介紹一下今天最後一個雲端法寶囉....... 是的! 就是今天的簡報軟體!
想必今天的簡報讓您耳目一新吧!! old way to present NEW WAY TO PRESENT Zoom-out to Show Perspective PowerPoint Prezi is different!! "Eye-poping presentations" "Keep ideas flowing" "Far beyond a simple slideshow" - Chris Anderson, TED - Facebook engineer - New York Times "讓人目瞪口呆的簡報軟體" - 清華大學梅心聞電子報 Why Cool ? 1 2 3 Zoomable Easy to Use Excellent Usability (allows you to show perspective) (intuitive interface) (you are only limited by your own creativity) 看到這裡,你還會想要繼續使用PowerPoint嗎? Thank you! 還記得古早時期怎麼準備簡報嗎?? Brought to you by DPID How to use ? 小T的一天 by Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies http://www.rememberthemilk.com/ http://www.yammer.com Cloud Computing PaaS IaaS SaaS MS Azure Amazon EC2 Salesforce.com 今天的主人翁 就像這樣!! 看到這裡,你還會想要用PowerPoint嗎? Connect with your coworkers Enterprise Microblogging & Knowledge Base Start a conversation, read posts, and actively collaborate with your coworkers in real-time. Tag content and messages in your network to make content easy to organize and discover. Collaboration Applications Create and join private or public groups and collaborate in small teams within your network Create communities for working with partners who are outside of your network Upload and share documents with co-workers, groups, or your entire company Upload a picture and fill in your expertise, past work experience and contact information to become discoverable across your organization. Security Privacy is fundamental to Yammer.
Yammer Application Security: Connecting to Yammer is always done over SSL.
Low-level logical Barriers between Networks: Your network's data is private, secure, and completely separate from other Yammer networks.
Data Center Security
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Anti-Virus Security
Logical Firewall: restrict access to your Yammer network to a specific IP range
Password Policies
Users can require anyone re-confirm their email address at any time to prove they still belong in that Network.
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