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Wingra School

No description

Julie D'Haeyer

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Wingra School

Wingra School
"We're planting seeds of social change because of how we teach."
5 principes
Dewey & Piaget
Kritiek op staatsscholen
Nadruk op cognitie
Overvolle curriculum
Leerlinggerichte aanpak!
"Multi-age or "family" groupings of children"
Principe 1
"Learning centers to move through during an openly structured school day"
Principe 2
"Recognition that children are active constructors of their own knowledge"
Principe 3
"Teaching as facilitating, guiding, and setting the stage for children's discovery"
Principe 4
"Learning as a highly individualized process, strongly bound to social connections and community responsibilities"
Principe 5
Klasoverschrijdende en schoolbrede projecten
Learning by doing
Persoonlijke, sociale en academische doelen samen met lkr & ouders opstellen
Flexibele planning
Independent Projects
"All school classes"
Peer to peer
Lkr = begeleider
Portfolio als evaluatie
Madison University
Mensen uit de gemeenschap komen naar school
Maar ook omgekeerd...
Organisatie op micro
Organisatie op meso
Organisatie op meso
Leeractiviteiten op micro
Did. handelen (doelen) op micro
Organisatie op micro
Did. handelen (curriculum) op micro
Did. handelen (toetsing) op micro
Begeleiders van lerenden op micro
Begeleiders van lerenden op micro
Leeractiviteiten op micro
Did. handelen (werkvorm) op micro
Context op meso
Context op meso
Begeleiders van lerenden op meso
Context op meso
Flexibele klasruimte
"Together we will plant the seeds of our shared vision: a 21st century progressive school dedicated to growing the next generation of lifelong learners."
Context op meso
"Wingra School, a place for joyful learning."
Julie D'Haeyer, Lore Leplae & Julie Van Den Bossche
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