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Strath Haven Green Roof

No description

brian ward

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of Strath Haven Green Roof

The Green Roof Program at Strath Haven Middle School
began as an expansion of a classroom ecology lab.

Dr. Carr Everbach, Engineering Professor at Swarthmore College, suggested that the green roof lab could be significantly upgraded.
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore College currently contains about 6 green roofs. Dr. Everbach suggested that Strath Haven Middle School could model our program after that of the highly successful Swarthmore College installation.

Brief History of Greening up Top
Green Roof Technology has evolved primarily from the "Sod Houses" built over 1,000 years ago in Scandanavia.

West Germany: one of a few European Countries which experimented with green roofs during the 1970s energy crisis.

Since the late 1970s and 1980s, Green Roofs are gaining traction in the United States

Philadelphia Getting Greened
Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability Offers Tax Credits to green buildings...this includes promoting green roofs on new construction
Benefit to Greening up Top
The creation of a green roof and green roof research program will allow students to

a) study the effectiveness of a green roof in introducing biodiversity to a man made structure (habitat development)

b) study the efficiency of the green roof in combating the heat island effect

c) study the amount of oxygen created by the green roof

d) study the effectiveness of the green roof in cooling the inside of the middle school building
Ground Level vs. Rooftop Greening
Students planted small plants called sedums donated from Swarthmore College by Dr. Carr Everbach.

Sedums are small succulent plants. They are grown on the ground level, where all three grade levels will conduct experiments on the plants.

The sedums, after a year, are transferred to the rooftop of the 2008 building.
Strath Haven Middle School Green Roof
A major step toward our School's first Sustainability / Alternative Energy Student Research Program
Sixth Graders planting Sedums on the Ground Level in 2013 and 2014
Pennsylvania Department
of Environmental Protection
In 2012, Strath Haven Middle School Secured a Grant to fund the
construction of our ground and raised level green roof program
Ground Level Green Roof Tables
Ground Level Green Roof Expansion
2013 2014
The Journey up to the Rooftop
Job Well Done :)
1. Continue to expand
the Ground Level Green Roof Program to accomodate high and low growth plant and ecology studies
2. Continue to expand the rooftop green roof to a specific size; get a camera up top and look at rooftop data gathering
3. Potential Integration
of solar panels
with ground level
and possibly
rooftop green roof
Completed Green Roof Section :)
Many thanks to the following supporters:

Nick Cirilli, Structural Engineer, who donated his time writing up and calculating a detailed report making the Green Roof
Section feasible

Jeanne Weber, owner of Philadelphia Green Roofs, who donated her time in supervising the actual construction of the green roof section. She has greened numerous buildings in Philadelphia.
Going forward, she has agreed to continue to help
are program as it expands

Special Thanks to our own Strath Haven
Middle School Maintenance:

Bruce Vogel
Sandy Giorgi
Built the supports to hold our winch
Rooftop preparation
Assistance during the project

Wendy Trusty
Helped with rooftop preparation

Jim Hardy
Overall support for project

More thanks to

George King, Principal
Joe Buecheler, Assistant Principal
All Strath Haven Middle School Science
Department Members, especially:

Michael Miller, 6th Grade Science
Shoshanna Gottlieb, 7th Grade Science
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