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No description

Guadalupe mendez

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Friendship

FRIENDSHIP Why I Like My Friends Aracely is my best friend because she is there when ever i need her(dependable),funny, outgoing and most important honest Every Sunday we go out to different places. We sometimes go to the block to go see a movie, Sometimes we will go to an amusement park. Or sometimes we just go the Ara's house and watch movies and eat popcorn or order pizza to have a relaxing day Favorite Movies Well we like to see kinda every movie type horror, romance, fictional, comedy, drama and much more... Friends For Ever Elizeth: I have known her since 9th grade well since we started here at Santa Ana High School. She lives 1 street and a half from my house. Elizeth is also dependable, makes me laugh when i am sad, honest, she is very shy, but the most important thing about her is that she makes me see the good things out the bad things. Places We Go What My Friends mean to Me their friendship means a lot to me
I've never met someone else like them
with different personality,there are like my sisters Aracely: I have know ara since 5th grade we went to Pio Pico and she lives one street away form my house. My two best friends are: Friends come in many shapes and sizes
they can be a sister or a mother
we cherish them all the same
we love them like no other
we share the laughter and the tears
together thru the ups and downs that come
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