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Japan In Melbourne

No description

Cindy Collins

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Japan In Melbourne

Japan In Melbourne
JICC and Shops
The Japanese Information and Cultural Centre provided great services as a research. It provides a library, book catalogue, education support, cultural activities, Japanese Information and Cultural Centre display area, magazines/newspapers and cultural contacts. It is on level 8, 570 Burke Street, Melbourne.

Daiso was first opened in 1991 in Japan. It continued to expand and now has over 2500 stores worldwide. Countries including: Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Rumania, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, etc. Daiso sells everything very cheap. Kanga Kanga is a Magazine store located just a three minute walk away from Chinatown. From over-the-edge fashion to amazing architecture, anime and more, you can take a totally different look at just about everything. There are over 300 cool Magazines and you can shop online or in-store.
Kimono House is owned and managed by Leanne O'Sullivan. It is a place of Textiles and Crafts and it is a place to share our interest in Japanese Culture and craft. It has been described as a small piece of Japan within Melbourne City. You can also shop in-store or online.

Summer and Film Festivals
The Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival was held on Sunday 10 February in 2013 from 1-5pm. It is organised by the Japanese Society of Melbourne and Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There was food, dance, music and many activities. There was Sushi,Okonomiyaki and Bento-boxes, at affordable prices. There was also shopping and games. A highlight of the day is the Raffle where you can win tickets to Japan. There is heaps of things to do at the Japanese Summer Festival.
The Japanese Film Festival is held in Melbourne from the end of November to early December in a cinema near you. There are a few different categories; Red Carpet Events, Laugh Out Loud, Eye Candy, Samurai, High School Hits, Warm & Fuzzy, Food for Thought, Chick Flicks, Anime, Historical, Tear-Jerkers, Drama, Crime, Nail Biter, Behind the Scenes and Oldies by Goodies.
Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese Samurai film set in January 1868. I love action movies so I would definitely go see this one. Another Japanese film I would see is Hanamizuki - Flowering Dogwood. It is based on a song that moved the nation. It is about a girl named Sae who grew up under the shade of a dogwood tree. She is determined to succeed in life but falls in love with a local boy named Kohei who grows up to be a fisherman. This film sounds beautiful and I would love to go see it.

Japanese Restaurants
There is one Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne called Shizuku. Ten Items on its menu are:
ビーフカレー (beef curry)
チーズ春巻き(cheese spring rolls)
豆腐プリン (tofu pudding)
緑茶 (green tea)
餃子 (dumplings)
味噌茄子 (miso eggplant)
海苔チーズ (nori cheese)
チーズクラッカー (cheese crackers)
豆腐ツナサラダ (tofu tuna salad)
チキン弁当 (chicken lunch)

One item from this menu I’d like to try is green tea. To make this, I’ll need to buy thin tea powder. Thin tea is made with tea powder from younger tea plants. You’d add one heaped teaspoon of tea powder to a cup of boiling hot water in a ceramic bowl. We whisk the tea until it is frothy and there is no more visible powder in the bowl. We then drink the tea from the bowl before the powder settles. Kenko Tea, Melbourne supplies thin green tea powder. Green tea is the most common type of tea, and when someone mentions tea without specifically saying the type, it is always green tea that they mean. Green tea is also the central element of the ‘tea ceremony.’

JIM Monthly Paper

Events in Melbourne this year:
Supernova in Melbourne Showgrounds
Japanese wood block painting in Kimono House
Japanese free film screening in JICC
Japanese Culture Village on Russel Street
Oz Comic Con in Royal Exhibition Building
Nuclear Nation in Village Road Show Theatre
World Heritage Building Models in JICC nation
Bonsai North-West Winter Sale in Footscray
New Look in NGV International
Define Nothing in Blackwood’s Gallery

The audience for these events would be Japanese people or young people from ages 13 up who are interested in Japanese Culture. Teenagers would be interested in learning about the culture and even the children would find it interesting. Most of these events are free to the public.
The newsletter displaying these events does well to advertise as long as the public are willing to search up the site. They could also get these newsletters from around Melbourne.

Driving Directions from Nossal High School to Daiso, Melbourne:
あなたがKangan Drive にUターンする必要があります
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