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Cocaine Prodject

No description

Shannon Flores

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Cocaine Prodject

coke,crack,snow,rockblow,nosecand,angie,barbs,bolivian marching powder, came, duct,foofoo,icing etc... and crack
~a drug
~it is white
~it is powder
~extracted from leaves of a coco plant, these plants are found in the high lands of the Andean Mountains
~Crack is smokable
~Usually appears as rocks
or chunks
~Small amounts are sold
for very low prices
~for cocaine powder= through
breathing in your nose, this is called snorting.
~it is snorted through a straw or rolled up paper.
~Crack is smoked,
this is easier than snorting
chips or chunks are usually placed in a pipe and then heated with a match
~It causes the heart to beat more rappidly,
could cause heart attacks, and could cause strokes and makes you feel more alert and energetic
~ addiction, strokes, seisures, brain infections,tissue surrounding the brain, fluid in the lungs, asthma, depression, violence, or criminal behavior, sleepyness, sexual, sence of smell, bad headaches, could lead to HIV infections, and lead to sexual activity. SAY NO, TO COCAINE! SNORTING :( Before COCAINE CHUNKS After... Paying the price of cocaine and crack use... Some street names are.... What is Cocaine? How do they effect you? What is Crack?? How are these drugs taken? Skip to main contentSkip to primary navigationNational Anti-Drug Strategy
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March - 2011


After Math
Northern Canada

I started drugs when I was 13 years old. Nothing too harmless until grade 10, me and my best friend never went to classes sober.. until i got kicked out of my school for snorting K in the washroom, it all really went down hill from there.. i ended up not returning to a school, and moving in with an older guy i met.. my parents were trying to understand everything and trying to help me, but being your average teenager, i ignored them and wanted to do what wanted to do... eventually i ended up overdosing on XTC and Blow, while my boyfriend at the time was at work, after that i still didnt learn my lesson.. and kept going on and on with worse drugs, my boyfriend ended up leaving me because he couldnt afford rent from all the drugs we did. I eventually got sober with my moms help, and honestly, i dont know where i would be with out her. But the point of my story is that im now 17 and i suffer with Anxiety Disorder and Depression, now that im trying to get my life back on track my past still haunts me till this day, and i have ruin my friendship with many friends and have hurt many people, some of my family still doesnt talk to me.. There is no good outcome from doing drugs, i beg no one to go down this path


angry and confused

My mom was addicted to cocaine since she was my age ( 13 ). I remember when i was 3 to 6 years old, she would leave me all alone at in our house at night so she could go out to parties to do cocaine, so the next day when she would come back, she would sleep all day, and whenever i would try to talk to her, she would yell at me. I'm thinking that's why i have anxiety attacks and i have to get therapy for it today. When I was 6 years old, she moved to Alberta to go to rehab and she left me to stay with my dad and step mom, and I didn't know where my mom was, so I was angry and confused a lot. Finally I seen her after 4 months and I was mad at her. I felt like my mom didn't want me and that's what made me have such low self esteem i started cutting myself when i was 11. I remember when i was 7 I would go visit my mom on the weekends and she'd be staying in a crack house, so i had to sleep over in a house with a bunch of druggies on the weekend. I thank God that nothing bad happened to me, but it's common sense that it's not right to bring your kid to a crack house, or even go to a crack house.


how bad drugs and smoking are

At my school we are doing an assingment talking about how bad drugs and smoking are. I just wanted to give my personal connection and thoughts about this horrible situation.

My personal thoughts about doing drugs are that the people doing it aren't bad people. They're good people that made a bad choice. I think that they realize that it is bad but since they are addicted to it it is really hard. I would personally love to see those people paying more attention to the posters and signs and advertisments, etc. talking about this important issue. Everyone I know who smokes tells me that they aren't happy with their so that proves my point from before.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and comments and connections and possibly taking the time to respond.


Wrong Way
Central Canada

As an academic student, I was blinded with being successful at school. Therefore, I personally got addicted to a combination of drugs that kept me awake for long periods of time in order to accomplish more than I normally could. I went down this dumb path for a year. I recently realized that I had chosen the wrong way for myself. I had amazing grades, but my only goal in life was to be high all the time. I then dropped out of school and went to rehab. This made me far behind at school, but at least I am still recovering from the horrible decisions I made not-so-long ago. I am now a semester late in my degree, because of drugs. At first, drugs seem like they make everything better. However, in the end, they ruin everything you have. It then shows through your appearance. It is astonishing how fast you can look terrible due to drug use. I am now facing the consequences of the actions that I made then. I wish I would have been smart enough before I started using methamphetamine, speed, and cocaine.


Meth took me away from myself
Central Canada

2 girls I worked with, were going to try MDMA for the first time. They
invited me to go with them, and so I decided to go along. At this time I was still in shock, and emotionally fragile. When the time came for me to try the drug, I was afraid. But then I was like ok whatever. I did three hits that night. What I didn't know was that it was linked with crystal meth. By the time I got sober, 2 days later, I already felt like I had lost part of my mind. I was completely focused on getting more of that "stuff". After that, I got a hold of a dealer a friend of mine knew and I got hooked on pure crystal meth. It made me feel so good inside and out, and I could stay awake for days and days. I lost so much weight, and was finally as skinny as I had wanted to be for so long. What I didn't know then is that I was screwing up my dopamine receptors in my brain which means that now I have no feeling. It's so hard to experience any kind of pleasure. I've been clean for only 1 month, and it's very hard. Right before I quit using methamphetamine, I had horrible skin. I was extremely pale, had the worst zits ever, my skin was peeling, my skin was sooooo dry and parts of my skin was numb like my lips and nose for instance. I'm now in grade 12. I'm turning 18 next month and look horrible. I look at pictures of last year and I looked amazing compared to now. Back then, I thought I was ugly as s**t. I've just dropped out of school so that I could get clean properly. What really pisses me off through all of this, is that I got accepted into University right after I dropped out. Crystal Meth has really ruined a lot of what used to be. It's a hard drug. I also hate the nosebleeds that I still get from snorting so much of the stuff. I still get those even a month later.
I thought I could get hooked on speed for it to get me off meth. So I got hooked onto that too. But what I didn't know, was that it's also pretty bad to get off. I'm only 5 days clean off speed but like....it feels like as if now I always need something to get by. The problems that I had 9 months ago are still haunting me today. I've decided on getting clean because if I keep drugging myself up I'm only going to keep putting off what I have to deal with. I've inevitably brought yesterday's problems onto today, and it has to stop.

So do yourself a favor and don't be friends with anyone who has a bad influence on you. When it comes to drugs, leave them alone. They don't do any good for you. They might look sooooo tempting and awesome, but they really aren't worth the troubles to get out of them. I still want them all the time. Drugs are my world. They are all I think about. Everyday that you spend into drugs is a day more that you are wasting. Who you will be won't be who you'll want to be. You'll hate yourself for being a druggie. I still look like a junkie. I lost all my friends. I dropped out because everyone talked about me, and because I couldn't even get to school if I wasn't high due to a huge lack of energy and ambition for anything. I have f****d myself over, and can honestly say that I should have dealt with my issues when it was time to do so. If you get abused in any way, deal with it as soon as it happens. DO NOT put it off, because it will hurt you even more.

Be smart.
Don't be stupid like I was.


peer pressured
Northern Canada

i was in grade 8 when i first tried weed, it wasnt until grade 9 when i started smoking weed everyday. when i first started doing weed i always told my self that i could stop whenever i wanted to and that weed was not a gateway drug. well i couldnt stop cuz my friends and i forgot how to have fun without weed. and i also tried new things such as Ecstasy and shrooms. if your a first timer do not try weed TRUST ME YOU WILL TRY NEW THINGS AND YOU WILL GET INTROUBLE


my down hill life :(
Central Canada

I am a 13 year old girl , and i have only smoked weed twice in my life..
once it was with oil. :/
It didnt do as much to me that I thought it would.. I kinda wish i never did it ever. well because now i always want to do it :$$ I also started smoking when I was in grade 7 && I wish I never did that either.. Its hard living in a small town because everyone does something bad.. and your bound to do it to, unless your one of those kids that stay at home and do nothing.
I wish my parents never left the big city, casue I dont think I would be like this cause I would of been able to take my Figure Skating farther and more for real.
so thats how my life went down hill cause now I have a hard time skating for just an hour at a time :$$ :/


High and Low
Western Canada

It was a late Thursday evening - ten o'clock. I was walking home from the local Y when a man in his early twenties approached me, eyes glazed over. He stared at me and said in a slurred voice, "You got a sugar cube?"
I assumed he wanted some sugar, but when he saw my confusion, he raised his hand up to his mouth and said, "Smoke."
I shook my head no.
He shook his shoulders in what I assumed to be a shrug, then sauntered over to a nearby college. He had a limp, his shoulders hung down and he looked really depressed.
A few days after that, one of my school friends was eating a candy with a flower on it. They looked like Smarties. My friend had been acting kind of weird lately, and it was ever since he discovered this new "treat" from one of his soccer buddies. He stuck out his hand and said, "Want some? They taste like chocolate."
Thankfully, I refused them. When I came home, my mom was so shaken. When she finally got to her senses, I asked her again and she said, "You were offered ecstasy."
My friend got arrested the next day. He seemed pretty confused when the cops came, but when they accused him of drug distribution, he thrashed around and said they were candy.
I used to take a class called DARE, Drug Abuse Resistance Education. My mom would always warn me about how drugs were bad and what kind of forms they came in, and they said that in school, too. My sixth grade teacher showed us a website where the model was an eyeball, and we would feed the eyeball different drugs and see how it affected the body.
These are a few examples of what I've seen happen to drug users, and I really don't want to become one of them. It scares me to think that people would get addicted to stuff like this, and I know that it's really hard to get off the hook once you're in on it.


it changed my life.
Atlantic Canada

i used to be a straight A student up until starting of grade 8. i started skipping school, changing my friends, and never going home because i was never sober, i was into those kind of things, and mostly drugs. i would drink, smoke marijuana, do cocaine, anything you can think of.
then about two years later, i started noticing the fact that i did not have a life, i hardly had friends except the drug addicts, i needed my education, and i was a really angry girl.
i have quit all those drugs, quit drinking, most of all, i quit smoking marijuana. .
now i exercise daily. i am really healthy now.
but i do have to admit if i want to be completely honest, i still crave. but at least i know i can say no to those things, unless i want to be another zombie!
i now have strength. it gives me hope for my future!
other things that have helped me say no
*family, ( thinking about helping my family's kids futures! ) *my self esteem ( it killed me inside, so i started a new life! ) * friends , ( they helped me say no! )
* confidence ( it really helps! )
* and just really noticing and thinking about how you are when you're on drugs.


A Promise

I'm 12 years old, and i'm going through my "Embarrassing years" So my mom and I talk alot about things. Once we were talking about drugs, and i made a vow. I told her "I am never going to do drugs!" But, i'm afraid that when i get to highschool i won't keep that vow due to peer pressure. But when i see the pictures, Lindsay Lohan, and the risks, the answer i have is simple: Walk away. Right Now. You're afraid people will hate you for not "Just trying it" But, truthfully, it'll raise thier respect for you. Just keep that in mind!
I knew a girl did drugs once, and nothing came of it
except a little stumble, rush, and crazy. She didn't like it, but two months later she did it again because she thought since she did it once it didn't matter.
Well she kept on doing this and ding this, and people kept on thinking less of her. Eventually she became the school, well, gross kid, and because she was addicted she never got into a good colledge or have a good life.
Just thought i'd share :)


the problems with hard drugs.
Northern Canada

hey, so, i read a couple stories here, and then i decided to put my own up. one thing i think is completely wrong, is
all drugs. things like meth and coke and crack, theyre just
terrible, and i beg anyone who reads this, never to do them. theyre all really bad, and filled with chemicals and stuff, and using them gets you addicted, and that just ruins youre life. My mother was a hardcore coke user, and that tore my family apart completely, i havent seen her in 12 years, im 15 now. i have a personal reason for being against drugs, but not everyone needs one. Please, never do them, its not worth the sacrifice, it ruins youre life.



I never understood why everything went the way it did, I grew up in a nice town, with a completely dysfunctional family. My sister got into everything a year before I even knew what any of it was. I started dating a girl about three years older and she was pregnant, as bad as it sounds, the first time I touched e we did it togeher. I started doing it every day, I was 14 when I lost it all. I started dating this guy, in and out oof jail, real bad ass. He moved in with my sister and started doing cocaine everyday, i thought he would clue in that i was 14 i shouldnt have been doing it. I guess i gave him too much credit. 4 months, e and cocaince daily, i robbed everything, my parents, my friends and store safes just so i could get my fix. We were indestrucable me and him. Until one day i woke up and decided that drugs werent for ke. Before my 15th birthday, i had done it all, and i mean all, speed, e, coke, crack, daily mrijuana use and whatever else i could get my hands on. I lost my schooling and still havet gotten it back. 3rd year of grade nine. It was so friggen


Atlantic Canada

I'm in 8th grade and i have always had friends just a little older than me; but the majority of them smoke weed or pop pills. Like I adored this one guy, he was like, my hero. I
found out he was smoking weed and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. I talked to him about it and he told me never to use, and not to judge. I wanted to tell him that I idoled him and I would never judge...but I was scared he would think I was a little creepy... He told me that he didn't use often only when he got into a "screw this mood" This summer I found out that my bestfriend's older sister used too. I idol her too, she was the older sister I never had and I envied my friend for having such an amazing sister... when I freaked out my friend was like "Calm down, I do it too," I felt like I was being surrounded. Just when I thought that they were the only ones: I met my friend's cousin and we became real close... he too smoked spliffs, he always told me: Don't use, you're a good girl ... don't make the same mistakes as I am. And soon enough he started popping exctasy every single day and nearly OD'd over the christmas break, it scared me... I was going to lose a good friend. He was recently admitted to a rehab centre for six months, and he's finishing his treatment in August 2011. I hope that he gets in order. These cases aren't the ones that strike the closest. I have three more cases.
The guy I like...well, when I met my friend's cousin, he was a mutal friend of the guy I like and I. I foound out that he smoked spliffs too. He talks about it like it's nothing,
and he does around his LITTLE SISTER, she knows waay more than she needs to about her big brother and she wants to tell their mom, but she's scared f him because he had already gone to juvie for voilent behavior. As much as she says she hates him I can see that she loves him with all her heart and is real scared for him.
This summer I babysat these two kids, a ten year old and a five year old. The ten year old girl, would tell me these stories about her dad, he was a crack user and periodically a smack user. She knew waay more about drugs than I had and it scared me. When they first moved in, my mom knew automatically that her parents got high often, it was fairly obvious, but from what this girl told me, he parents openly talked about doing drugs around the kids...THIS KID EVEN KNEW HOW TO ROLL A SPLIFF! It scared me...Sometimes we see her dad dealing out of their backyard or in a parking lot... it hurts these kids to know
all this... i can tell from behind their eyes.
Third and finally: I found out today that one of my best friends used Mary Jane regularily and cocaine twice. I knew something was wrong... I felt that there was for a while... a couple months. She started skipping class and went to a park in between her school and my house to smoke Mary Janes, and she was soooo lucky that my mom never saw her on her random walks through the park throughout the day. I care so much for her, she's like a sister who always watches out for me... she's stopped for four weeks, but she told me she wants to go back... I just don't know what to do anymore... I'm just.... surrounded.


can't wait to see if you open up the gates for me
Central Canada

what im about to write is really hard for me to do. i lost a friend to drugs. one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest guys you could ever meet. he'd started on weed during jr high, then as he progressed in school, his drug intake also progressed. only he got sick of the same old weed, so he moved on to other drugs such as, cocaine and ecstasy. he refused to get help, and argued saying how he was no body without drugs. and i guess he held true to that statement because he overdosed. and died. and know hes nobody, other than a memory. drugs take the most amazing ppl off this earth, in order to try to show everyone else that drugs arent the way to go and to prevent us from losing our friends and familys to something as preventable as drug usage. i hope this story gets through to atleast one person, id hate for anyone else to go through the pain im going through right now. its just not worth it for drugs. it really isnt. id much rather be with my friend right now, then telling everyone this story.


Skatepark Scare

It was a sunny sunday i had skipped church to meet some friends at the sk8park. Little did i know it would be the day i lost v card. ***** says to me "do you want some pop rocks" i had replied with strong enthusiam positivly. I knew that the moment he told me to snort it i was not doing pop rocks. but i did it anyways. i wanted to be like *****. everyone loved *****. later that day i awoke at enening lying in the pack parking lot of a supermarket. bleeding from my ears. i struggled to get home. My parents were nowhere to be found. so i went to my room. dont ask me why but i checked my email. there were messages of videos sent to me from *****. videos so disturbing i cant speak of. i made the biggest mistake of my like and will never EVER touch drugs again. My parents had helped me through this tough time i went through and my one scare i hope will help children and adults everywhere not to do drugs. I cry every day about my mistake., it haunts me but i tell you i will never ever do drugs.


Positive Change
Atlantic Canada

I used to smoke, smoke weed and drink on the regular. Pack of smokes a day, a gram of weed per day and drinking on weekends. I went on a family vacation in which I had no access to weed and I had a massive anxiety attack for the first time. At that point, my life began spiraling down hill. My anxiety led to a deep depression and it go to the point where I did not want to wake up to face the days ahead of me. One day while I was smoking, my friend asked me for a drag and I handed him my entire pack of smokes and have been straight edge (sober) since. *almost 2 years*

I feel as if it is more important to inspire and lead by a positive example than it is to get wasted and just generate negative energy. People need guidance and other people to look up to and I am glad to say that I am confident that I have inspire people through my positive actions. My life is a constant work in progress and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I will continue to follow my dreams and stay sober.


Miracle Baby
Atlantic Canada

I started using drugs when I was 12 years old. It started out with just smoking pot, and honestly, that's all I ever planned to do. But then, one night at a party, my "friends" kept telling me I should try coke, that it was an alright drug. I was drunk and stoned, so I did it. With my tiny little body, it didn;t take long for me to become addicted. It went on like that until I was 15 and had tried almost every drug there was. The summer before I turned 16, I started to date this guy and he seemed like a nice guy. Then we split up because he was cheating on me. A couple weeks later, my dad kicked me out, and I had nowhere to go. So, I biked to ****'s place. He agreed to let me stay and it was all good. For a couple days, anyway. He then started to abuse me, in every way. After a few months I told him I was leaving him and that he was no good. He came at me, punched me multiple times, then force fed me some pill. When I came to, all my stuff had been packed and I was ready to go. I didnt want to call my dad, my pride meant too much to me then, so I called a good friend. **** came to pick me up, and I stayed with his family. After a few weeks, I found out I was pregnant. I was shocked, scared and really nervous. I told ****, and he took me to a doctor right away. We told the doctor I had been raped, and that I had been drinking and smoking, but no drugs. (I was trying to get sober) He did some tests and we found out that the baby was okay. I was so relieved, but at the same time scared. How would I break it to my mom & dad that I was pregnant. Eventually I did tell them, and they were dissappointed, but they chose to support me. Now, almost 2 years later, I am living an amazing life. I have three years clean from drugs, and 2 years clean from cigarettes. My daughter is turning two this May, and I have the most amazing boyfriend. He has sort of turned himself into my daughter's daddy and she adores him. She is definitly my Heaven sent miracle baby, and she is the one reason I stay sober!


The Break-up
Central Canada

One year ago, my father did drugs. He hid it from me and my sister, but we found out because of the smell. He use to always say I will be back and I always went with him. He would leave me in the car and he would go in to a different car, I knew what was going down. I was to embarrassed to confront him about it so I just let it go. My friend and I were walking to my house and she said " It smells like drugs. ". So I decided to not go to my house. Eventually my mother kicked him out of the house. He had no where to go, so he said he was going to live on the streets. My uncle saved him and brought him to his cabin. My dad stayed there for a couple of months. Eventually he went to a rehab centre. After a couple months of that, he went to a recovery house. My parents divorced and now I am proud of my father for being one year and a couple of months sober. I now live with my dad, and we are very happy. Now, he coughs all the time and that is a side affect of drugs. Therefore, I do not see drugs in my future.


be cool, don't do drugs
Western Canada

many people think that if they do drugs, that makes them cool. but, would you still be cool in drug rehab. going through withdrawls, of course not. Drugs really messes with your mind.
Be cool, don't do drugs.


Atlantic Canada

Hello im a 27 year old crack addict. I started doing crack 14 i started off by just doing it on weekends, it made me feel good, like i was alive. Then it began to be an everyday event. It made me feel good and i never wanted to come down. But now im 27 and addicted to crack i barely get by in life i flunked out of high school so i could go get a job to pay for my crack addiction. Now i spend about 80 dollars a day on crack, i want to quit but its so hard and i have scars from needle marks and all in all it was a bad choice i can't hold down a job, i struggle to get through life wondering if im going to have a house to live in in a month. Thats why you say no to crack.


Being real
Central Canada


I am 46 yrs old I started doing drugs when I was
14 yrs old. I started my addiction by smoking weed and drinking alcohol and I quickly
graduated to cocaine, acid and any other drugs I could find.

This led me to a life of crime which included arson, armed robery, drug dealing, and many other crimes of desperantion to feed my drug habit.

I spent many years behind bars in 51 institutions throughout Canada and the United States. I continued my drug abuse even during my incarcerations and never thought for a second I could ever get clean.

For 20 years my drug addiction kept me homeless, penniless, and worthless with no love of family and friends. I was lost and felt hopeless. I checked into a very dirty,
$10 a night hotel room.

The next morning I awoke and for the first time in 20 years I looked into my own eyes in a mirror and something very powerful happened....I had finally seen just who I had become I was extremely beaten, battered, and bankrupt in every aspect of my life!.

After this God given revalation I packed everything I owned which was nothing but a tee shirt and a pair of shorts into a bag. I walk out of that "room" and right into the local detox centre. I spent 6
days in detox and then proceeded to get a last minute cancellation bed in a rehabilitation facility in the next town.

I remained there for 8 months and for the grace of God I have stayed CLEAN from all drugs since that time.

I now dedicate my life to helping our youth stay away from drugs by speaking at hundreds of schools throughout Canada telling students my horrible story of just how smoking their first joint can lead to the life I have led!

Today I live a happy, healthy and addiction free life with my new wife and my beautiful teenaged son.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


"I'll only do it once, I promise."
Western Canada

I'm a 15 yr old female. When I was 11 I started smoking weed & cigarettes I didn't think it could harm me, by the time I had turned 12 I started drinking and going to parties everyone I knew was doing Ecstasy I thought it was bad, til one day my friend wanted me to try it. I took one, the next day I felt horrible but it didn't bother me I wanted to do it again. When I turned thirteen I was doing it every day & night for weeks on end.. not just 5 or 6; I was doing 12 - 15 a day. Sometimes I even lost track. I stopped going to school or even going home. I was also with guys I would never even talk to if I was sober. I was getting into other drugs like Cocaine and Acid. One night I was with a friend who had never done Ecstasy & she wanted to do it she did 5! In two hours, I had to go home & left her behind with a guy I didn't really know, but since I was high I never thought about it.. well she was raped by him and left in a ditch. She died that night, from an overdose. If I had never left her or gave her drugs she would still be here today, if you're thinking about doing drugs please re-consider it. Would you want this to happen to your friends or even you. It could have been me who died that night, if I could go back & change what had happened I would.


i was a gross drug addict
Western Canada

when i went into grade ten i was new i didnt know anyone so being the new girl i didnt know making friends was so hard everyone was mean they said "theres the slutty new girl" i got pretty depressed people avoided me and it got harder and harder i started using drugs to help me through. The times i thought about suicide i didnt go to the councler because i was afraid of the cops or my parents getting involved so i spent half of my freshman year doing drugs. it was terrible when my parents found out from a call from the police my mom she broke down. i just gosh it hurts to think about it i went into rehab when i got out people treated me different it was weird the fealing of not having to go home and keep the weed from my mom and not going to an alley to smoke out of a crack pipe i felt like a burden lifted off my shoulders i felt free i finished high school with my past behind me and my future ahead i was a new person and not a gross drug addict.
signed: a new girl


the diasease
Northern Canada

Drugs are like a diasease once you start it is nearly impossible to stop. In junior high i attended a all girls private school. Just listening to the name you would think that we were all goody-two-shoes, but its exactly the opposite. during the 8th grade the drug fad started people started to smoke marijuana in the bathrooms slip crack adn other drugs through hinden lockers referred to as the vaults. For a school that seemed so innocent it was all one big drug deal. while nearly everyoen i knew started drugs i was hesitant. i knew that drugs had major side effects and were extremely dangerous. People started calling me a wimp. but i ignored them. all through 8th and 9th grade there were pressures and somehow i managed to stay free of drugs. then came highschool. as soon as i started highschool i knew almost immediately that the pressures would soon double and triple. pressures about sex, drugs, clothes, and hair. pressures about things that do not make us truely happy in life. a couple months into my first year of highschool i started to feel myself caving i started stressing over my hair and make-up the clothes i wore the people i talked to, what i ate. then there came the parties. The crazy high school parties we had talked about since the 6th grade in the changeroom. they were here. i went to a party and as soon as i walked through the door someone shoved a beer in my hand but i didnt drink it. I went out to the backyard and poured it in a bush so as not to be rude. Then i found my friends standing in a corner so i went over to talk to them. as soon as i got within 8 feet of them i smelled it. They were smoking weed. suddenly my mind was telling me so many different things. "gop hang out with your friends have a good time you dont have to be perfect all the time" i almost gave in then i caught another wiff of the smoke and i turned away i climbed the back fence and walked away i felt myself beign led away straight to my house i dont remeber what happened the rest of the night. but the next monday was absolute chaos. someone had snapped a picture of me leaving the party and another of me dumping the beer. i was the school freak. the suck up the goody-two-shoes. I ignored it all and three weeks later we moved 9 hours away. i thought my new high school would be different. I thought wrong. The pressures about drugs and everything were just as high. I decided that i would get involved with after school activities to keep myself busy and away from the pressures. so i joined the band. Id always loved music. Then one day when i was walking around
i decided to go to my
locker and grab my jacket when i went back to the band room it was break time and i showed up with my jacket having been gone for nearly 20 minutes. then it started one guy who sat in the back started telling people that i must be a druggie thats why i was always disappearing. When my friend told me what they had been saying i had to run from the room. I ran to the opposite side of the school and curled up in a corner and cried. when i finally calmed down i went and found him and told him to stop trying to spread rumours bout me. He said he would but at the next rehearsal it happened again. i have told him several times now and he still doesnt stop. I have chosen to ignore the comments and looks. I choose to say no to drugs not because i have too but to make a statement. To show others that they can do to prevent drug abuse. i say no because i CAN.



I use to have this friend, he was my friend for 5 years but he has some issues, like big issues.. I was hanging out with him and his friend at his friend's house and I had forgotten the night before we were discussing getting high on mushrooms, my friend had the mushrooms in his bag and we were just sitting in his friend's house talking in his living room. They started asking me if I wanted to try them or not but I kinda was scared and had a bad feeling about getting high on them. His friend said he wasn't going to try them if I wasn't and it started to get hard to say no, but I was still scared.. So I wasn't going to do it. Out of nowhere my friend leaned over the arm of the coach he was sitting on to where I was sitting on the ground and kissed me, than popped on in my mouth. So I just went with it. I had 4/5 after that and didn't feel anything until like 5/6 minutes later. I started getting dizzy and laughed like I had just smoked laughing gas. My friend had been obsessively walking around like he couldn't stop even if his life depended on it, his friend was apparently "melting" into the coach and seeing a lot of blue and I was sitting on his friend. It was all fine and cool (even though I wasn't liking that at all). We had to go outside and walk around because my friend's friend's parents were going to be home soon and they couldn't be like that when they were home. So we went outside and walked around, everything was fine then. We walked around for a while and than, I wanted to want to go home, my friend had taken my phone away because I had almost called my friend and they didn't want that. I started getting a really bad feeling, the type that makes you sick to your stomach and everything started to get weird looking, like everything was alive and attacking me, even the stars looked like they were following to the ground like rain. That's when I started to cry and freak out, my friend had taken me into his arms and buried my face into his chest and kept saying "shhhh" but I couldn't stop freaking out. His friend had gone into the pizza store, so I was alone with my friend and he kept trying and trying to stop me from freaking out, than, he was gone. I didn't notice till his friend came out and told me, which made me freak out even more. I wanted to go home, fall into my moms arms and just stand there crying. But his friend was freaked that my mom would call the cops, so he didn't take me home, we went around trying to find my friend but we couldn't find him. We had apparently gotten kicked out of Tim Horton's and probably almost out of the front enterence of Metro because I was freaking out. My vision started to go black every few minutes and I didn't know where I was, I was freaking out so much I wanted to jump in front of a car to make it stop. His friend had started taking me to this house when I almost fell onto the road, he ended up taking off his jacket and shirt in the middle of the winter, putting them on me and carrying me to that house. I was starting to calm down when I got there and everyone was trying to help me that was in the room that I was in. I just sat there listening to what they were talking about: about how my friend was an a**hole and stuff, they weren't too happy, they were pissed, and than I heard the words I didn't ever wanna hear.. They said something about him trying to commit suicide, which made me wanna die because he means a lot to me.. I was laying there hoping that he'd show up. He ended up showing up and holding me in his arms for a little while, I could feel him shaking and I could see in his eyes that something was wrong, my mom ended up picking me up and taking me home.. I ended up going to the bathroom and than walking to my room, laying on the ground and crying, my little brother had walked into the room and asked me what was wrong and all I could say was "Don't leave me".. I had told my friend that before he left me alone and I told his friend more than once.. That night, I can honestly say was the scariest and worst night of my life.. I ended up finding out the next day.. my friend had almost got hit by a train and that he was never talking to me again (which made me cry), and if there is one thing I would like to say is just say no to drugs, trust me, it's not fun and it could end up like that and I was really scared.


who's that disaster in the mirror
Central Canada

started smoking weed in grade 7. i'm getting better i hope. weed led me to the great 'drugs sex and rock 'n' roll'. ya that isn't so fun after a while. the only place i want to be is in bed. walking and standing hurt too much now, i've got myself in some bad situations but always worked my way out with my sweettalk and hard appearance; rape, involuntery drugging, school busts, a lot of stuff.. i look in the mirror now, i see the girl in grade 10, catholic school, little uniform repped all tough. lost a lot of weight since i was in grade 9. she's everything everyones scared of or good friends with. but in her eyes, its like theres a person in the body, screaming for help, just wanting everything to be okay, wanting to go back to normal. i promise my eyes everyday that i'll be a better person for the pain i see in them to go away. i just want to be happy, but its so hard..


Lessons Learned.
Atlantic Canada

Sometimes we all wonder why drugs touch so many lives,... Its easier to see it happen then it is to stop it from happening, I'm sure most of you know that from experience.

I am only 15 years old, and drugs have surpassed me like a bolt of lightning in the night sky.. Shooting out its power ever so fast.

I've dealt with so much pain, loss and missunderstanding through out this past year, still my mind is bottled with un answered reasons and explinations.

People keep pressuring us, telling us, and explaining to us that drugs are bad.. Now that phrase has been over used and over said, that it seems as if its adding to this chaotic drug cycle known to us today like never before.

For my self, I've never done drugs whatsoever. I know what it can do, I've seen and heard and really felt the pain it brings to everyone in one single family... I guess the love my family and I have for my 17 year old sister grows and reaches so far out - just like vines grasping on to anything connected.. We can't let her go, we can't let her fall into this trap that sadly, so many of us have endured- or were lost..

Drugs kill, they cease everything in the human mind. They make everything seem ok but really, in a respect it sure isn't.

I would think most of my friends, family and peers would be so much smarter then this.. To not let themselves become care-free and lost. I know, these people may not mean to, but from everything I've learned and grasped, we have all been taught many important lessons : To RESPECT ones self and those around them, To TELL THE TRUTH when problems accure, To LISTEN when someone is speaking and trying to put something out there... But most of all, the one lesson that has NEVER left me, is to ACCEPT. We must learn to ACCEPT with the changes that may come and go throughout life. These changes may not be for the better, but they sure are LESSONS.. LESSONS to be learned... To hopefully be looked back to as a LIFE CHANGING story-event.

So next time, you are pressured to do any kind of drugs, remember the ones you love will be affected.. Mostly to listen when someone tells you this is wrong.. You have your whole life ahead of you, don't waist it out on drugs, because those drugs will fry your brain, so that you may not be able to look back on those memories- misstakes that may change your life. JUST SAY NO.


My grade 9 year

I am a 14 year old girl. I am in grade 9. I thought that this year would be a great year. Everyone said that **** High is the most possitive school ever. That i would have awesome grades and mostly stay healthy. But when i got in high school i was invited to a party. I was excited ! I already got invited to a party in the first month. But when i went they had beer, vodka and other drinks. i didnt want to do it at all. But everyone kept calling me a wimp and that i was no fun.. i didnt want to be known as no fun for the first year. so i drank and drank. i was drunk. And one of my best friends was there and she felt bad so she called my parents saying i was sleeping over. All i remember was passing out.
After that day i told myself i would never do it again. After a few months of high school i was only getting 70s in my classes. I was afraid i would fail. But then i girl i knew my whole life said that weed will help and that it helps her get in the high 80s. I said no cause it was bad for you. She said that it cant be bad. Docters give it to patients sometimes. But then i told he rthat it can be adicting. She told me it wasnt. So at lunch i smoked a 0.5 . but i said i wouldnt have it anymore. That didnt happen. I
got addicted and smoked it everyday after school. Then in february, things at home got worse. I've been getting yelled at and grounded for no reason. I was upset and nervous. So i bought a cigarette from a friend. And i smoked it. I calmed down. But then i wanted more. So i stole from my moms pack and then i gave money to my friend to buy me some. Most of my best friends found out about all the drugs i had and now they are not friends with me.. only a few. They told me that they didnt want to hang out with someone with bad choices. That made me more sad and depressed than ever. So i moved to smoking a pack a day. And smoke weed more often. Right now i am still like this. I dont want to smoke anymore. I need help and i cant talk to my parents. I wish that my friends were here to help me. But they are gone too. All of my life as been thrown away just from wanting to past one simple test that i could of just studied for and now i am still like this. Dont smoke drugs.


all wrong :(
Central Canada

HI! im only 15, and i have used drugs for almost 6 years now. i started off on a pretty hard core drug called blow (coke) when i first started using it i thouhgt it was pretty sick! i loved it i only used it when i wanted to havea good time i didnt get addicted right aways. then i started using it ALOT! i was high more then i was sober. i started to look realy bad i didnt take care of my self n i looked like i was dead couse i never had any sleep. n i was loosing weight like crazzy. i went from 115 down to like 60 ponds, but i also had a eating disorder at the time. then the high on blow wasnt the same for me anymore i started smoking pot. witch i didnt think would hurt me more then blow ever would but i started running out of breath n was always tired but could never sleep couse i was on both drugs. then i started making new friends, trying more n more drugs. my new favorit friend was my first love! and we were more then just friends at times... he convinced me to try caps of E. then i had more then 3 diff drugs in me at a time plus booz, n it wasnt small amounts of theys drugs n booz. not like 4 or 5 i had at least a g or to of blow n pot to my self n like 10 or more caps n my onw 2, 2-6 of alchol. then i started using friends n family to help me pay for my addicstions but when they couldnt help i started using what i could from my dealers n bf at the time. then i started selling my body for drugs. and to who ever would want to hook up, and had what i was wanting. when my hook ups didnt have it i got differant drugs like heroin n meth. i honeslty think i have tryed every drug a young teenage girl can get her hands on. then i got cought at skool with it n got kicked out. i got into alot of trouble with police and family kicked me out my bf didnt want to be with me all he wanted was my body n so did every one els. then when i couldnt get a good high of the drugs i could get i started steeling over the counter drugs like DMX n sleeping pills. and evan tho i thought i was fine i knew deep down i wasnt. i realy hated to see my friends getting hooked on drugs like that, specialy sence thats all i have grown up to know my mom is a coke head my dad is a drunk my real dad does everything in the book n sells it my unkle sells to me and its just realy hard to deal with im still doing all theys things but im hoping i will smarten up for my boyfriend i have bin with for a year now n the futer we want together. im trying to go back to school but it just isnt workign well for me at all. this is what drugs do to people n i would hate for that to happen to you so please who ever is reading this i know i had alot of drugs but evan just 1 can ruin everthing...

please dont wreck ur life like i did


Scared to death
Western Canada

A few months ago i broke up with this guy because he told me that he was still smoking. After I broke up with him he started drinking and doing all types of drugs and was blaming it on me. Some days he would stalk me home when he was high, or call me. I almost had to get a restraining order against him. He just started being so mean. I had to get my guy friends to protect me. I even had to change my number, favebook name, and my hair colour. Drugs almost ruined my life, just by someone else doing them.


Help me.
Atlantic Canada

It`s started when i was 12. My friend at a party thought it would be fun to try ``weed``. Telling me it would be fun that it would be the cool thing to do. I tryed to say no but than everyone around me started calling me a ****!
I had no idea what to do!! So i tired. Now everytime i hangout with my friends they wanna do it! I have no idea what to say or do! I never wanna do it again! I feel so guitly someone please help me!


Welcome to my life

I'm a 16 year old female & I like smoking weed & I love popping ecstasy. I have been since October only, 6 months. The thing is, everything started in the summer of 2008. First, it started off with me sneaking out, meeting boys late at night in parks. Drinking alcohol, smoking weed. Then I got caught. I was on the phone, my mom overheard & she took my cell away & read my text messages. I knew I shouldve deleted them but I never thought she would have taken it. So anyways from that point on my life was miserable especially since my parents are super anti-drug & comprehend nothing about teenage years. Anyways, the consequences were, no phone, no computer, no going out & I was no longer aloud to see my 4 best friends that i have known since kindergarten just because my parents THOUGHT they had something to do with the fact that I snuck out, drank & did drugs. So anyways all freedom was gone, I changed to a private school. It took a year for me to be able to see one of them again. All three other, I haven't seen since with permission. A year went by, & silly me, I snuck out again... This time with my new best friend from my new school. We went in this guys car. It was the guy I had snuck out with last year, cause of course I thought I was in love, & my bestfriend & his friend were just there for the 'ride'. We all ended up getting so high, fooling around & then repeating the same thing the next night. Both nights we got back at 5-5:30am. We had school the third day.. We were totally wrecked. A few days later, i met with my guy & we got caught (me & my best friend) since I came home at 6am on a school day & my mom saw me walk in the door. I had fallen asleep at the guys house by mistake since I got drunk got woken up by his mom. That day, my mom drove me to the police station & she went in to talk with them. A few months later, since the door was no longer an option, I used my window.
I snuck out a few more times those days. I went out with the guy & a bunch of his adult friends. We all smoked up, got real high & they were about to drop me off close to home, but then we saw lights on at my house. We passed 3 times to make sure what we saw was indeed correct. Then the guy checked his phone & he had three missed calls from his parents & one txt saying the cops were at his house. We immediately dropped him off. Now my problem was getting back on the roof by myself. His friends were both over 18 so if they helped me & got caught they could go to jail so they dropped me off in the streets & I had to climb back up myself. A few minutes later, the cops arrived. I got back in my room & told them I was here. From then on, for a long time my msn conversations & whatever else was being tracked by the cops without me even noticing. I never saw the guy again until a few months later. We met up one last time, never got caught, but that time it meant nothing anymore. The whole time he was sleeping around with me, he had a girlfriend. He's now 18. I got caught another time trying to sneak out my window with my friend. Anyways I stopped smoking weed in 09 until November. I had badtripped but my mom never found out. I have the worst reputation at school for getting caught for smoking cigaretes & doing drugs. In the meantime of all this, I got in more trouble with more guys. I also got caught with a pill of Speed but back then I never consumed that once but if your parents find it in your room they'll obviously think it's yours. So I got sent to two phycologists in that year & since they thought I was consuming hard drugs & I never admitted to it, they considered me crazy & kept asking me if I even remembered consuming them & if I was bipolar & asked me if I was a very sexualy active person. The worst part is, all that was thought of me & I had only consumed weed & not even that much of it, not enough to make me physotic. In the pass three Years I have never been so depressed in my life. Even until this day I have barely no freedom. I keep messing up, all because of drugs. I started consuming ecstasy in October like I mentioned, just to experiment & try something new. The first high I got was the absolute best moment. After all I've went through, my confidence completely vanished & I'm probably one of the most selfconscious people you'll ever meet. So anyways, I started consuming more & more. It hasn't got out of hand really. I got a boyfriend & I still have him now. His sister is a drug addict & he doesn't want me to end up like her which is obvious. He too was a frequent weed consumer. If it weren't for him, I'd be popping even more & smoking up every chance I got. But he's too great to lose, I have something real & a guy who actually cares for me now. That night me, him & his
two friends were on the phone discussing the situation. We used a code word for ecstasy: mistsushibi. I thought it was a car so I was like why not. My mom ended up listening to that extreme conversation & little did I know, mitsushibi was a sort of pill, a PMA pill which is worse than e & is fatal. That's how I got caught all over again. Now I'm sent to help again but this time my counselor is amazing I will admit. My life hasn't gone down the whole completely this time but tears come & go every day. I've been more depressed than ever. & I KNOW for a fact, that pills tale part in that. I still wanna do them of course, I have only been clean for not even a week. But I wish I never tried, I wish I never got involved in anything & got to the point where I felt obliged to try a hard drug to make me feel better. Everytime
I pop, I feel the best I will not lie, but every time it leaves, a huge downer comes, I get super weak, super tired & the thing I think about the most is: when will I take it again? It's horrible really & has made me a horrible person. I'm looked at as a druggie at school, my parents think I'm going crazy, that I have memory loss, character problems & a bunch of other side effects when i've had them all along but they think I've been consuming all these years. My life is a mess, including


She WAS Amazing...
Western Canada

I had this ex girlfriend, and we met in grade 6, I just moved there and I already smoked weed but I didnt like the taste or the smell, it disgusted me. Anyways we smoked weed together alot and we slowly started falling in love, after smoking weed for a year together I quit, but she didnt she just kept going and going spending all her money on that disgusting drug. she started getting all jumpy and excited but yet sad, I could see it in her eyes we started going out, but then I moved 8 hours away, cause I couldnt stand the problems I had. So she got into more drugs like ecstasy and coke. I came back for a 2 week visit and the beautiful girl I fell in love with wasnt all that beautiful anymore. She said she was having problems with her family and she started breaking tvs, mirrors, walls, and dishes, it scared me, she was getting worse. She said it makes her feel better about herself but I knew it was making her worse. She kept trying to tempt me into doing it with her, of course I said no. I went back to my home 8 hours away, I came back 3 months later, and I heard she went into the mental health center for trying to attempt suicide and she said she was hearing voices in her head. A couple days into my visit we went to this old mans house who my friends like cause he shares weed with them for free, but I think he's a pedophile. She was getting high with him and a couple of my friends and she wanted me to stay the night at her house with her, but I said no, and she broke down and got mad. She said I have to go get my bags at her house, cause I left my luggage at her house, and then we just broke up, I think I was the cause of her pain, even though we've known each other for 3 years I could'nt love someone who was this messed up and I said that to her face. I havent heard from her for awhile now and I regret saying that. She WAS my amazing girl.


MaryJanee really is thee gateway druug !
Central Canada

I started smoking weed at a young agee, I was about 11 or 12.. It started off as something not so serious, It was only weed. I mean really what could of went wrong ? Well in timee it took me more and more weeed to get high, when I wasnt high i was looking for ways to get high.. Lying, stealing, selling my parents valuables from their house.. Than one day weed just wouldnt cut it anymoree.. I started experimenting with other drugs like mushrooms, hash cocaine and Ecstasy.. Extasy than became my newest choice of drug, I would snort it or pop it.. I didn't think about the bad things it was doing my body because I wasnt worried about the effects just as long as i got the high. The first high was the best high.. There was never a high like that high again.. After a while it took more and more tabs to get me feeling "good".. One night I took 3 double stacks, at that point I was soo dependent on extasy that it felt like I couldnt go a day without it, My body started to try reject the extasy I was feeling really nauseas and I was shaking on the floor, but I wouldnt let myself throw up because I wanted that high soo badly, I didnt care what would of happened to me all I cared about was keeping the high.. I blacked out shortly after that and woke up in the hospital with my friends surrounding me... The doctor had told me if my friends had waited just 2 more minutes to get help I wouldnt of made it.. That was a total eye opener for mee, I quit went through detox plenty of times.. had the worst withdrawls imaginable.. threw fits of rage my body got the worst of it.. I was constantly shaking, sweating and cold. I started self harming myself... I didn't think that I would ever be able to be myself before drugs again.. but that was me 2 and a half years ago, Gladly to say I am and have been drug free the whole time.. I am now 19 and going to be graduating.. Drugs really got the best of me and for what ? nothing it was a waste of time and money.. I just say think really hard before you try it because it's really not worth it.


Day brake!
Central Canada

Hi guys, I am 17 now and here's my story. Ok, It all started when the new girl moved in next store her name was ****** I thought she was the most nicest person ever.

One day ****** was hanging outside with some friends she knew at her highschool, I started talking to her and then after a while every day I was hanging out with her or watching her do bad things. I mean like swearing well I was 9 so don''t blame me for thinking it was bad! Well then one day she was smoking something outside and I was like walking away and didn't want to hang out cause the stuff she was doing I didn't want any part of. Then after that I didn't want to hang out with her so I didn't talk her... 2 years went by and one day when I was 11 almost 12 she asked me if I wanted to hang out with her so I said sure then she offered me a smoke but I had no clue what was in it so I was being a stupid person and took it but I was scared then I smoked it and felt as if a piece of relief or weight had just lifted off my shoulders well we were stupid and we were all laughing..
Then we would hang out every day after school and do this drug that she never told me what it was, we were crazy people and then after a while I got dizzy and felt like I was about to fall over then one time she gave me something and I took it but to bad for me I took it wrong and I sat down but while I was sitting down I passed out and then I remember waking up lying on my friends bed and just watching her slowly kill herself pill by pill smoke by smoke and then I knew I couldn't let my self slowly kill me like that, so I went up to her and thought she was the one who did this so I slapped her and she just looked at me and started crying and saying I am sorry so I hugged her the she slapped me back and she pushed me! And she started kicking me and hitting me with stuff I had no clue what it was cause I blocked it out and closed my eyes,
Then I opened them and I wiped my hands on my face and touched something and it was blood, all over my face!
Then I ran out of her house, I never talked
to her again.... Well 2 years went by again and I was 14 and I had never done drugs for that whole time,
I had a boyfriend that kissed me and loved me for who I was and I loved him!
Then ****** went back a couple grades and went to my high school...

That day at school on the swings near our school..

She saw me and came up and starting yelling and smiling and then
yelling and then she tried to kiss my boyfriend and she almost puked...

I knew she wasn't welll....

So I took her to a medical place and she took a test for blood and it said she had a chemical problem and she needed medacine.. And it was like 250$ but I bought it for her cause her parents kicked her out!

So I felt bad for her so I smoked a little bit but It was just a smoke! and just one

Then I let her stay at my house and I singed her up for a program called 'Get me out of this' and now she is better and she is 20 years old now and since then....

We are doing great I still talk to her and she is going to collage and I just graduated so .. I AM HAPPY!

Don't let any buddy force you to something you don't want to do... Your just wasting you life, and you can die! so please do this for me! Be proud and help out a friend or get help if needed!!


"i thought id try it once"
Western Canada

Im 15years old turning 16 in 5 months; ill share my past before drugs n then what it turned me into. I "used" to be one of the star athlethes, in elementary school, and one of the best in my grade in high school.when i entered grade nine i took part in wrestling going undefeated the whole season as a rookie but quitting before the season ended, i played provincial soccer, i ran track placing 9th in my city for single races, and first for 4x100 relay. In grade 10 is when things started to change, i also played football, n coaches were thinking about calling me up to play senior (sr team won city championships) so tht was a big thing for me. The reason why im telling u this is because you will see how much drugs can change ur life in a short period of time. I first tried weed about 4 months ago, first time was really scary i tripped out n coulnt control my actions, but i had my friends who came with me to try it but didnt do it.after tht day i did weed 2 days in a row after, after my other friends heard about this they tarted giving me troubke about it. But the dont care attitude i had i kept doing it after i took about a 2 weeks break after the third time. January came n i started doing it alot more at school, i would go to class rippped outa my mind. It started to brcome a daily routine n i people started to notice, all of a sudden i went from one of the best athlethes to "druggies" or however u guys call it. People tried talking to me out of it, but i never listened n some of them just completely stopped talking to m, literAlly. After a while i strted to notice tht it takes more tokes to get me high, so i started smoking more weed at a time, which was stupid because it was st school, i noticed a great chsnge in my school work n it was a coincidence tht it was to all the classes i had after lunch(i blazed at lunch) i wouldnt remember what i did in the first class after lunch then id burn out n sleep during my las class,i dropped from a 65 to a 48 in tht short period of time (in last class) after the new semester strted i continurd smoking but then the worst but best thing tht could happen happened. My football coaches found out, i used to practise with the seniors in gr 9 so i knew all the guys,the coach told one of the captains to talk to me; he did for 20minutes making me explain to him why im throwing away everything i have at this schoool, unfortunately i was high so i got nothing from it n told him id stop, then people found out i was still doing it, n then my coaches talked to me, told him the same excuse. N kept blazing more n more, i even greened out once n thought i was gojng to die, my heart was racing , i couldnt breathe, i couldnt see, n i couldnt talk properly, and i had to walk home alone. I made it n when i got home i passed out from 4 in the evening to 9the next morning.recently my coaches talkrd to me agajn, but they took it more seriously n told me im throwing away everyhing. This time i thought about it n decided its time to stop, currently sont unserstand what im doing in my last 2 classes n im not the best athlethe anymore, i droped fromm provincial to house league soccer, im currently grtting told i might lose my slot on our championship relay team, n im not the same hard working player i was 4months ago.the reason why i told u all of this is because it shows u what weed can do to u in a short period of time, in 4 months i went from one of the best athlethes to almost nothing. I am currently trying to get out of those stupid habits,(i necer went to class n if i did i was high, went to class sober once a week)
So this is my story, if u do plan on doing weed i advise u not to, n if u still plan on doing it i suggest u stick to weed cause i have been offered cocaine n mdma n stuff before but i was smart enough to deny it, so please take my story n use it as an advantage for u. This started 4 months ago but im thankful for all my friends, n family n even coaches for all thw support ,
Please stay away from drugs n most of the time when u say ull try it once, u happen to do it again n again till u get lost into itn getting ur way out is the worst, n may i remind u this is just weed n 4 months , imagine what would of happened if i strted other drugs.
Thanks, i hope this was useull


Marijuana: harmless? I think not!
Central Canada

When I was 18, my group of friends started to smoke marijana on a regular basis. For the first little while, it was great! We would all go to the park, smoke a joint, then swing on the swings and kick our shoes as far as we could. I got really comfortable with the idea of going out to smoke marijuana, and I even started to sneak out after my curfew to meet them in the park. One night, after about 3 weeks of smoking every weekend, I was at a party where my friends were passing around something called a parachute. They told me to try it, and since I had been smoking it a lot, I thought it would be ok. Little did I know, I was wrong. After only one puff, I started feeling sick to my stomach, and dizzy, so I went to the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick. I don't remember what happened from there, but from the description my friends told me, all they heard was a loud thump, and when they opened the door, I was on the floor shaking. At one point, I came to, but it was hard to breathe, and my heart rate was starting to rise. I was fading in and out of a conscious state. When I came to, my friends asked me what to do, and I got them to call an ambulance. I knew I was in trouble. When I got to the hospital, they asked me if I wanted them to call anyone, and I told them to call my mom. I thought I was going to die that night. They called my mom, and she sat by my hospital bed all night. I can only imagine how scared she was. I was hooked up to an ECG (electrocardiogram) all night, because my heart rate was so high, they had to monitor it. The next morning, I woke up and barely even knew what was going on. My mom was sleeping in a chair beside my bed, and my boyfriend was sitting by my side. I cried so hard, and I told my mom everything that happened up to that point. I am now 23, in a criminal justice program at university, ready to graduate, and I have not touched any drugs since then! I hope to someday help promote anti drug campaigns when I am a police officer, so kids understand just how harmful they can be.


It only gets worse

I was 14 when i started smoking pot little did i know my marrijiwanna dealer was one of the few that was lacing with crystal meth. I was itching for something and i didnt even know what it was. I started to not care about anything. by 15 i was doing 15- 20 hits of exctacy weekly i tried salvia shrooms acid. At 16 i was addicted to crack cocaine and exctacy. i was trying stuff like opium doing lots of mdma and finally got my hands on crystal. I dropped out of school. Gangs started to just circle around me everyday i was worried that id get shot or stabbed. I saw so many people get beat down to a bloody pulp. I couldnt tell my family what was wrong and felt like i was loosing them. I was all alone. I met a guy in the summer he said hed help me get clean i smoke laced weed to calm me down was sick at his place for weeks. It was the worst feeling ever. Later i found out that he had been drugging and raping every time i thought i was just sleeping. He was in a gang and wanted a child ... I got clean for my baby but ill always be running.


Drugs are what make r lifes change..
Central Canada

My story begins the summer before 7th grade� I was 11 years-old. My older brother, who was very popular in school and someone I looked up to, introduced me to opium. A week later, I began smoking marijuana. At first, I was only using drugs about three times a month. Then it became two times a week. By the middle of my sophomore year in high school, I was using daily and by my junior year, it was multiple times a day. After an injury that kept me from competitive gymnastics, I had to find something else to give my time to� �something that could help me meet new friends.

So how did I become so addicted? It was actually very easy, thanks to my cell phone.

Yes, in 8th grade I got a cell phone. It was mine and it gave me freedom. I paid the bills in full each month so that my parents didn� t have an excuse to see the statement, and in turn, ask me about the listed phone numbers. I maintained a 3.85 GPA, coached gymnastics, was responsible and came from a normal, middle-class family. No one suspected, not even my parents.

Also, being a girl, it was relatively easy to get drugs. Often I didn� t even have to pay to get high. I dated drug dealers who offered me free drugs or gave me good deals. I kept all my drug dealers close by. In fact, I could press a couple of buttons on my cell phone, and there they were� in my address book. Whether I was at school or on vacation with my family, I always had a dealer within 10 minutes from me. With a press of a � detail� button for each contact, I had all the information I needed� what types of drugs they sold, where they lived, and how to get a hold of them. Normally, I� d call or text message a dealer around 2:00 during the school day and by the end of classes, I was hooked up.

The first time my parents took my cell phone away to punish me, I figured out I had to change all my drug dealers� names to something generic, like � John� and � George.� Even after my parents had taken my phone away from me a few times, they still didn� t know about my drug addiction. I� d throw out comments like, � Yeah, I tried marijuana last week with some friends, but didn� t like it. Don� t worry� �I� ll never do that again.� That type of stuff threw them off, but not for long. They eventually caught on.

Sophomore year is when my mom and dad started suspecting. I was dating my brother� s best friend, who was well-known among the local police as a cocaine dealer. Well, the cops showed up at my parents� front door and gave them the lowdown on my boyfriend. But it wasn� t until Junior year that I got caught at school with drug paraphernalia. I was sent to an alternative school, and eventually put into a drug treatment facility.

I� m now 17 and am 8 months into my journey back to recovery. The hardest thing for me is remembering what life was like before I started using drugs. If there is any advice I could give parents to help keep their kid safe from drugs is don� t assume that just because your kid is an A student, involved in sports and extracurricular activities, that they are exempt from becoming a druggie. Pay a least half the cell phone bill so you have an excuse to see it. And if your kid pitches a fit when you take the cell phone away or never invites her friends to the house, let those be red flags.


Western Canada

I am a 14 year old girl in the second semester of grade.9 right now, and lets just say already i screwed up my future..

Then came highschool, youngest grade in the school, grade 8.

Me and my old friends got back together, we were all happy again, we started smoking alot of weed too. I got addicted to weed
and was smoking it everyday, and then i messed up my school really bad, i was always high at school aswell as home, i failed 3 grade 8 classes. Which seriously is not good. Summer came, i was finished that year, finelly it was over. One night me and my best friend snuck out and went to the skate park and found some older people from the school and we drank fireball and beer with them, then two of the guys were doing E pills, and i really wanted to try it. I asked for one, and i bit it in half just incase, and i felt nothing so i did the other half, still nothing, so i popped a full pill, and i loved the satisfaction, i loved everyone and everything, i was the happiest girl in the world. I dicided never to do it again though, cos my frend said she wouldnt talk to me. but then i started going to parties and i would buy about 3 ecstasy pills and do them in one night, i loved getting messed up, it was amazing! but the next day i would feel so sick and i felt like i was the most depressed person ever, cos E does that to you.. But still everyday i would have the craving. Then i would drink alcohol, and do E at the same time, and that was my new favourite thing to do. Grade.9 came, and im doing pretty bad in school and i have to do some grade.8 classes over. Then just recently i went to a rave with my friend from out of town, We wanted to get drunk and messed up for it, so we drank all of our alcohol outside of the place because security would check u for booze and drugs, but i hid the Ecstasy pills. we went to the bathroom, and both did one each, and then went out
to the music, we danced so much, it was amazing, and then we kept going back to the bathroom to do more, we saw a girl who wanted some so we did some with her, and she got really messed up and started puking and security had to take care of her, i dint really feel bad.. but now i do! Me and my friend went back to the bathroom again, to do more. I wanted to get even more high! so i crushed one up and snorted it, and then parachuted another one. And went out on the floor and i was crazy. and then i got the spins so bad i had to sit down, and i went through 10 bottles of water, but then quickly my mind changed and i needed to get out and dance and be wild! i hooked up with two guys that night, and i regret it!
Since i have done so much Ecstasy in my life, i collapse at random times, even when i'm sober, and its starting to scare my friends. I lost those friends again because of drugs.
I made a couple of new ones, but they're allso into drugs. I do MDMA and E alot, and i wish i could stop , but i cant get away from it, its like its controlling me, almost like an abusive relationship. but i cant get enough of it.
This is my story, don't end up like me, i'm addicted, it can ruins your life.


It's not hard to say no, even with everyone around you doing them
Central Canada

I'm in grade 10, and when i was in grade 8, no one did drugs, absolutely no one, i knew other grades did, but i didnt really mind them, i didnt hang out with them. Me and my best friend, both really involved in sports, work out, good students, honor roll, life was amazing.

Then in grade 9, i heard of some people doing them, i didnt mind, i didnt hang out with them.

then near the end of grade 9 my friend started doing it, and im really against drugs, like really against them, but most of my friends werent, (all my new friends were from other schools so i met them in grade 9), the only other person who wasnt was my best friend from grade 9. Then my other friend got into drugs again, i didnt really mind, everyone but me and my best friend didnt do em, then i started going out with this girl, i really liked her, at 3 months of our relationship, she tried weed, i was there, she didnt ask me, so i felt kinda like ouu, alright well w,e probably just 1 time. After that 1 time, she started doing it alot, like 5 times a week, i started getting pissed, we were getting in fights, i even tried weed twice to stop getting mad at her, i would do anything! So she knew i got mad when she did it, so she decided to lie to me, said she wouldnt do it, i found out, 11 times she did it behind im back, weed scared our relationship, she decided to never do it again, and has been 6 months clean on drugs, i love her so much, and so glad she stopped. cause she did it for me.

so although all your friends may do it, i always think of the future, how is this gonna benefit me, so while all my friends grades have been going down to 60's im at high 80's, some people say its cool to do drugs, i say its not cool, cause im the only one who can say i dont smoke at my school, and you can be that person too, its really easy to say no


My story with drugs

For all my life, ive lived a really good life, like REALLY GOOD, my parents are both teachers in high school, my best friend and i are really close, good students, been friends with him since i was 12, ( 15 now ). But, high school started, and i was so excited, cause i thought so many more friends, so i got alot of friends from other schools, alot of people say ive changed from my old school, but im still friends with them, but then everyone started doing drugs about halfway threw grade 9, and i promised myself i wouldnt do them, so i didnt, plus i wasnt even friends with these people, i didnt care, but then, my friends from other schools started doing it, my gf started doing it, we got in fights daily, cause i hate drugs caause my grandma died of drug addiction, and she decided to stop smoking, for me, but my friends kept doing it, but i never told them to stop, just told them to respect that i dont do that, and they did, they all did it except me and my best friend from when i was 12, but then they started to try and convince him to do it, hes the leagues lead scorer for soccer, the best you can be at, hes doing it alot and im worried, and now when ever we hang out, like 4 times a week, theres always smoking, we cant ever just sit down and watch a movie, play some vgames, for some reason, there not happy unless there high, which i cant stand to see. Cause no one understands that you can be sober and have a good time, i always do, i just want everyone to know, you can say no, its really not that hard, ive never done drugs, and im proud, cause my marks are going up, and alot of other peoples are going down, i know its tough to quit, but its worth it, although ive never done it, there are better things in my life than drugs, and i love my life :)


Be There, Done That
Western Canada

I have been a drug addict for 6 years now. Started with the pot, then moved up to shrooms, special K, and cocaine. I hung out with the wrong people for so long and never realize the path i was heading down. All i ever did/thought about was how am i going to get my weed and coke. After all these years, I've finally realized the kayos and problems drugs cause with the family, friends, relationships, an d my life. I could feel myself becoming a person I didn't want to be. One day I woke up and asked myself, why am I letting these men around me treat me like crap for a substance that is doing nothing good for me? Taking crap when I shouldn't be! As hard as what it was to stop, I quit everything. I am so much more mind cleared and have my life back after all those years. It was one of the biggest challenges in my life and I never wish it upon anyone. If i could help anyone out there, please listen to me... there is nothing to be curious about drugs, they're nothing special. They suck the goodness right out of you. They can and will destroy you! Be smart and say no to peer pressure!!!


Drugs are Bad Mk
Atlantic Canada

My friend and I started smoking marijuana around grade 10, we had been smoking occasionally at first, having some cheap laughs, it was fun, we had great times. We were best friends at this time, eventually smoking once or twice a week. My friend had started to do it almost daily in our senior year at high school, i had only done it occasionally. It was totally fine we both had practically the same marks and were set to go to university together.
My friend and I did just that, making it to university
together, smoking weed all the time and loving life. However my friend eventually gave into the gateway drug (weed) and started doing the heavier drugs, especially E and cocaine. He had gotten kicked out of school from failing class, or just not going at all to class. I've kept my schooling going and stopped doing weed after seeing what my friend had just gone through. I had tried to help him out but that and school was just to much, i have not seen my best friend in over a month and I do not think i will soon. I'm deeply hurt that i lost my best friend to drugs. So next time you think weed is harmless please consider my story... and appreciate the friends you have.


Drugs and me
Northern Canada

I'm 16 years old and I've been addicted to drug
for 4 years. I would be smoking weed, popping pills, sniffing crack, and taking acid. My life has drastically change in these 4 years. I stopped attending school and started hustling people for money, I've had all the things I wanted but it wasn't right. My family lost trust in me and same with my friends. Now I'm trying to be sober and get out of this lifestyle.


Northern Canada

i almost 15 and thankfully never did drugs but my friend did he started at 13 because of his brother i never understood why and i didn't care last year i didn't get why there were being so stupid they joked around and put pine tree leaves and rolled them up and pretended to smoke them but you could only imagine what they did when they got home they came to school smelling like smoke and joking around about "what they did last night" when they got a blood test they would pretend that they did heroin it was so sad and they would tell me how "amazing" it was to get high and i always said no because of my asthma they didn't believe me and said i was just a geek that only read and helped teachers and didn't know what having fun was. but i see them as i walk the halls and IM not the one who is failing school im really smart and i didn't need to get high and i know i can die from smoking pot because i only have half a lung on one side and i was warned that i could die from 1 smoke
so i saw my friends that i hanged out with get skinny and scary looking and they don't want to be my friend because i dont do drugs and im proud of that my brother is in grade 12 and he never got drunk or smoked and my parents couldn't be more proud of us and i hope it stays like that

so if u get presured think about what will happen if you go down that road

good luck xoxo


The Drug Addict
Atlantic Canada

I am a fifteen year old girl who has turned to drugs to deal with my problems. I started smoking marijuana and hash to relieve the pain and stress. I changed alot from grade 8 to grade 9. I turned into a horrible young girl. I changed my style, my attitude and I became Sparkle. I enjoy smoking marijuana alot. I do it because I feel like I need it. Now I am finally addicted, I think. I changed my friends and everything else. I feel horrible about myself. I have turned myself into a monster. I am trying to get help now and I have been clean for one week. I hope you enjoyed this. Bye!


rocky road
Atlantic Canada

I am a 22 year old girl who has been through many different road blocks as I call them and to think it all started with one puff of a cigarette when I was 13. I am going to let you guys in on the complications of a teenage girl. I was hanging out with my friends and someone brought up the idea of smoking a joint it will make the night more relaxing I would never have thought that that one little puff would have sent my life into a downward spiral and so many consequences. For years I smoked pot and got high off of it but when I was kicked out of my house at 15 and lived on my own trying to support my drug habbit. And realised that I needed help it helped for a little bit but it didn't last long when I was introducing to ectacsy and coke and thought it was the best high ever started to show up late for work hanging out with people who were not honest and not caring about anyone but myself and where my next high was coming from.. This guy I was dating took me down this horrible path and I wasn't happy with the way my life was going. When he ended things with me I went on a crazy coke and ectasy binge and overdose didn't know where I was how I got there and ended up in. The hospital with my stomach being pumped when I woke up with my family by my side with tears in there eyes. As I came to. I relised that I couldn't do thisd recovery on my own so I started attending AA meetings and NA meetings and got intouch with the cause of my drug and alchol problems. Now that I am 22 years old.and 9 months sober and still taking each day at a time and taking about my issues I will get through each day


Northern Canada

i took ketamine for about 3 years and i had a really bad problem with it i lived with my friends for the time because i got kicked out of my house but after that i got help and if any of you have a problem with drugs you should tell someone right away and get help right away now when i think back to it i should have never thaken drugs


My story; (Dont do meth)
Western Canada

I'm 16 years old. And I've tried almost every drug you can think of without getting into some of the real obscure stuff.

My exploration with drugs still rages on, this story isn't gonna have a "I'm totally sober now! la-de-da!" ending. But I'm gonna tell you now, that this is a very sincere and urgent message I want to send to anyone who will read this. Please, don't smoke meth.

I've battled social anxiety through most of my life, beginning in elementary school. Not having many social skills made me an easy target for insults and disses. Entering highschool I also got inflicted with some awful acne, coupling that with my anxiety led to depression. I thought about suicide everyday for a whole year.

In grade 9 I was introduced to weed. At first it helped my find new friends, and relieved some of my depression. In grade 10 I found a new group of friends and I began experimenting with all sorts of other drugs. LSD, Cocaine, Mushrooms, DMT, Ketamine, 2-CB, Opium, MDMA, and many more.

By grade 11, I had become a connoisseur of psychoactive drugs. I finally realized that I had it in me to be free of social anxiety, and weed had become the thing holding me back. So I stopped, just like that. weed, I've realized, isnt for me

I'm now free of most of my anxieties and depression. I feel like I'm making huge, positive changes in my life.

Why did I tell you all this? Well, I will now tell you. I never thought that a single drug, could easily have the potential to undo everything I had worked for, in overcoming my mental issues. That drug is meth.

Me, being an experimenter, was bound to run into meth someday. In fact, I sought it out. The day I smoked it was great. It delivered a rush not like any other. It was powerful, and not short lasting, like crack. Boy did I feel pumped up. But of course, that feeling was not to last.

At the end of the day, I began to crash. And the only way to describe it, would be like describing depression itself. All my old anxieties and sadness came back in full force. I was simply in tears, I felt awful, everything about me was wrong. I dont possess a single positive quality.

The next day I had intense cravings to go back to that drug. I felt empty and lonely. But I did not go back. I know that if I continued using this drug, I would undo all the happiness and good feelings I had fought for most of my life. I cannot go back to that miserable state, I will not let that ever happen.

My message to all of you out there. If you're sad, lonely, or anxious. PLEASE, dont turn to meth. That road will only lead to dependence, and unimaginable depression. Don't forget what is will do to your body. I know people who dont think they will ever be happy again without being on meth. People who suffer from arthritis before the age of 40.

I've done many drugs, and meth is the only one that I'm absolutely terrified of. This drug will only destroy you. And trust me, no matter how curious or desperate you are to try it. It's not worth it. I'm currently doing my very best to help my friend's get off it, and keep other's from ever trying it.


it's not what you want.
Central Canada

My cousin is going to die one day, and all i willl be able to say is i knew it was coming. i'm 16 years old and my cousin is 21. I was in grade 8 when she first told me to smoke weed. i went with it. i smokedd weeed almost everyday, and i loved it. My grandma had morphine pills because she was really sick, and my cousin would steel them from her. She was snorting them in her room, and i went in. she offered me some and i snorted some lines with her. She got me into weed, morphine and perks. But the point of my story isnt to make it seem like its okay to do it, its wrong. After a while i felt dirty.. and people started looking at me differently. I stoppedd it all, because one day i was on a roof with a friend smoking weed, and something happened, a panic attack, the worst feeling EVER. i was gonna calll an ambulence, i didnt know what was happening. Present day... im living with GAD(generalized anxiety disorder) and depression. so thanks to anxiety, im atually SCARED to do the drugs now.. and im actually so glad. My cousin, now 21 years old had everything when she was about 12. her mom is rich and she had a huge house with a pool. she gave it alll up for drugs and sex. where is she now? in a dumpy apartment with an on and off boyfriend, doing drugs every single day of her life. it wasnt too bad a few years ago, but now shes not even there anymore. i can see her slowly fading away, she just isnt right in the head anymore. she cries for no reason, she spazzes all the time, she sells herself for money cause she cant keep a job. do YOU really wanna end up in such a dark and dirty place like my cousin? Think about what you do and how it will effect you; before you do it. it only takes one time to change your life. stay clean<3


Gave me the wrong drug
Western Canada

I got a bong from a friend in exchange for some old xbox games, I was dry one day
and saw it had a huge black gob in the tube, so I tried to get it out and smoke it. It turned out to be a resin covered piece of Brillo, But not with weed resin (minus the stuff I smoked), I learned LATER it was cocaine (crack) resin. I didnt know it at the time so I took a hit in my oil pipe with the cocaine resin and I was VERY HIGH, I kept counting my fingers and I think I listened to the same Clapton song like 20 times in a row. Felt like I drank 80 cups of coffee. Then 20 mins later I had no energy at all and walked around a school 3 times.

Cocaine pretty much made 20 mins seem like an entire day and really messed me up, Now I stay 500 miles away from anyone who uses cocaine because they are high idiots who load your bong with crack.


One thing always leads to another and so on..
Atlantic Canada

It all starts with smoking weed usually.. I started smoking weed when I was 11 with a lot of my friends, i guess you could say i got in with the wrong crowd. I started drinking a lot after that, By the time i was 12 I had lost my virginity,I drank all the time and didnt remember a time when i was sober. My family is religious and my family is full of doctors, teachers and lawyers .. so its not always where you come from that makes you this way, its YOUR OWN DECISIONS, YOU CANT BLAME ANYONE ELSE. anyways, so Here i was 12, literally an alcoholic, a "pot head" and then summer came i was still 12 but now I was a 12 year old who smoked weed, drank DID COCAINE & ECSTACY legit 24/7. I was getting out of hand, I overdosed on substances all the time, never got help though cause i didnt care.. i would call my parents and say im sleeping at a friends but id really be lying in a ditch somewhere throwing up my guts and not able to move with no one to help me, its sad but at the time i didnt care.. i needed to get high, i need my fix(es). I started doing oxy contin and heroin when i was 13 and I went to juvy when I turned 14 , I went there for a number of things... I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, theft and grand theft auto.. I WAS 14, IT ALL STARTED WITH WEED. I've been in and out of rehab and in and out of juvy, ive been on probation many times and open custody for numbers of months, my life was just wrecked. not only mine but my whole families.. they were all successful happy people until they found out what i was doing. When I was 16 and finally out of custody and allowed to be "free" again I ended up staying sober for a week, ONLY A WEEK.. then ended up in a crack house. anyways, so if you're wondering if im sober and clean now, i am.. its not a happy ending i didnt sober up because i wanted to cause when you do drugs you dont wanna sober up and you dont care anymore.. i changed because My best friend hung herself.. know why? she did because she was high on heroin and oxy contin and ritilan.. she was messed, not herself... so boys
and girls.. this all started with weed. Im 21 now, sober and clean I'm currently working with struggling teens with drug addictions because no one should have to go down this path. its not the right one.. i may be sober and clean but I lost a friend, have so many regrets, lost my family because no one trusts me anymore, Im only now starting to talk to my mom and little sisters again. I will never be ok ive seen and done too much.. the last 10 years of my life doesnt make any sense to me, its all a blur.. anyways please please dont ever do drugs, it may be hard to say no.. but soo many people do, you can do ! i hope this story helps someone. You don't know how much I regret my decisions I made. thanks for reading. take care.


I lied to them all

My best friend and my cousin did drugs and as I was talking to them I told them I wanted to do it, and they were ok with it until they wanted to stop and I didn't. They told me they just wanted to try it as an experiment but I wanted to keep going. I lied to them so they would get it for me, I said it was for my other friend but it was for me. They took it seriously when they found out what ive been doing and were about to tell my parents and that's when I stopped, not because they were going to tell on me but because I realized that there were people out there who care about me. Ever since then I have stopped because not only was I hurting myself buy I was hurting the people I love the most.


The unexpected
Western Canada

I'm a fourteen(turning 15) year old girl and I'm here to tell you my story cut down into small pieces. My elementary and Middle school always had presentations about Drugs; about how we shouldn't do them, how bad they are and how they can destroy your life. In grade five i had a program called D.A.R.E. I bet you all know what it is. At the end, we had to write a response and a promise letter so we would never do drugs. When i promise something I always keep it. This one promise, i broke. Just a month before summer 2010, i was hanging out with my friends and everyone was smoking weed. Peer pressure happened and next thing i knew i started smoking it every day. After a few weeks, i started smoking cigarettes. People at parties just came up to me and gave them to me when they were drunk or high on drugs. Then summer came. My friend invited me to go to a party at this beach, it was a nice happy warm day and i decided to go. I met all these really cool people, and my best friend asked " Do you want to try E? You'll have lost of fun!" I didn't quite know what it was at the time, so i replied "Why not?!". Forty minutes later my friend came up to me and asked " Do you feel anything yet?" I looked at him with wide eyes saying "Maaaaaybbbeee!" in the happiest voice and hugging myself. In the morning i don't remember a lot of what happened but, i ended up at my friends house and it was four in the afternoon. I ended up liking the high Ecstasy gave me and started doing it every weekend. After, it became every third day. After that, it became every day. I depended on it to make me happy. I usually would drink alcohol with my friends then some how i ended up high on Ecstasy. My family didn't care how i never came home or didn't stay in touch with them. I noticed i lost 41 pounds and weighed at 79 pounds. I looked like a normal person besides the fact i had no meat on my bones. On the last day of summer. I had an E binge for my last time because i was sick of it. My friend through a big party and there was this drug dealer at his house, (i was already on 12 pills of E) the drug dealer got to drunk and dropped his fifty bag of Pills. My friend got them and shared them with me.The next morning there were only seven left. I ended up being on more than 30 pills that night. I have no clue what i did or what someone did to me. After that night, i didn't use drugs for four months. I stopped doing drugs all together although, i haven't attempted to quit smoking. I finally weigh 100 pounds and I appear ten times healthier than i did before. I never wanted any of this to happenthough. It was on my "unexpected" list. I don't want people ending up like how i am. Truth is, i still find myself doing drugs every once in a while. So, if you read this. Please, get out of what you're doing right now before your problem gets worse.


Smoking Marijuana
Central Canada

I used to smoke weed every day, I knew the person who grew it. I picked up for my friends from this grower,
and sold to them. One of them got caught with a little bit of weed, and decided to bring up my name in exchange for their freedom. I ended up getting caught in a legal case (which I'm still fighting), with accusations of me trafficking.

When my bail program started drug
testing me, they were angry about the weed, What shocked me is that there were other things (mainly pcp, but there were trace amounts of other drugs) in me. I realized that now that I was dealing with people at "street level", they would do anything to their drugs.

it becomes hard to know if
you're getting crappy stuff laced with other drugs
labeled as good stuff. Law enforcement discourages me enough from attempting to grow my own (I could do 14 years in prison for growing 5 plants, if they're small plants, just enough for me and a couple of friends, and I likely would get this with my past coming back to haunt me).

don't take your dealers word for it, The law will always
come after you, I once sold to an undercover (I was setup by a friend saying this guy was a really good friend, and just bringing it too him). At
the end of the day, the crown saw me just as guilty an pushed for charges.

I won't be touching any more pot.


stay away from crack
Western Canada

it is the worst thing you can ever do in your life it takes everything and everbody you love away from you you will be left with nothing and it will be happy to destore your life it is the devil please if you ever do anything right in life never use crack/cocanie it is the worst thing you can ever do i use it for over 4 yrs and went to jail because of it almost lost my family and everything i wish they would stop making it but that will never happen so please take my addvise and never use it be happy and have a safe life smile everyday and nothing will ever bring you down


Scared Straight.
Atlantic Canada

I was 11 , they were 17 . It all started when they moved in next door , i thought they were nice people so i started to talk to them , next thing i know i was over there all the time . I remember it like it was yesterday , We were sitting in her room, they lit a joint . I knew i was only in grade 5 but somthing inside me just wanted to try it . They offerd me some , and i took it . I love the rush it gave me . I never got cought , so i thought i would do it again . I was know over there all the time smoking & know i started to drink . Drink & get drunk ever weekend , but smoke weed everyday before school and after . It affected my grade major , but i didnt care . After a year without getting cought , i was know in grade 6 , i was smoking it at lunch time now with friends , one day i got cought with some weed in my bra , the cops got involved and i have to do the right thing and help out around the town , if i didn't i would have got charged. I lost SO much respect from my parents , and it was hard to get back. I got cought drinking as well , the summer of grade 6 . I got grounded and my parents didn't want the police involded this time. I am now in Grade 8 , at age 14 . I won't lie , looking back on that i did , its stupid i have tryed 2 different drugs and lots and lots of alchol . I look back and see what i did , and i regret it . You don't want to mess your life up over stupid stuff , please just liston to me . I was a kid and try to learn from my mastakes . Thanks for reading this and hope it tought you somthing you never really knew before (:


they took over my life.

im 15 years old, and look where i got myself .. no wheres well it started out smoking some dope ,
than i got into doing pills , ruined my life big time.. i quite school, i was a " run away"
stole from my parents , and anything i thought was good to sell for drugs .
i also got sent to ***** for 6 months, & while in there on a home vistet i started doing drugs again , and then started going down the wrong path,
not finally im cleaan, and have been clean for months.

im giving everyone a good advise , don't do drugs. not worth the money or the time .


Central Canada

Of course. It started at a party.

It was "harmless" and "cool". I was the only one who objected.
But I gave in.
Oh dear.

I got so addicted, so quickly. Within maybe two weeks, I needed it. It was vital. Without it, I became stressed, unhappy, and SCARY. It ruled my life. I couldn't get away, because every time I ran, it was waiting for me at the finish, so I could start again.

I didn't take long for me to start scaring my friends. All I wanted to do when we hung out was use it. So we hung out less. My family had noticed long before, and even though they tried to help, and I honestly appreciated it, I didn't listen.

One day, I was walking around town, sulking about where I was now, and how I had ruined my future, when I saw a poor, old, homeless man. You could practically feel the addiction wafting off him. He was jumpy, suspicious looking, and nervous. Then I realized something: If I don't stop, I could be that man on the other side. I had to stop.

I didn't stop cold turkey. I couldn't. I went from constant use to maybe once a week, to once a month, to once every five. And now I've been drug free for years, and I've gotten in to a great school. But I got a reputation. Everyone now knows me as the post-addict. Please, never do drugs, but if you do, get help. Don't ignore the people who love you and want to help, because you may not be as lucky as I was and have drugs totally take over your life.


High School
Northern Canada

When i first started high school, Grade 9 and thats where is all began, i was 14 years old smoking weed. Weed took over my life, i would smoke it before school, skip classes to go get high and even took the chance to smoke in my room with my girls, i would go out every night and get high. spent all my money on weed & bongs. i got $200 for my birthday and i spent all that money on weed. I didn't go to school one day and i had to smoke so i got all my sesh papers and my tin and got all the left over weed out and that give me 2 pees, after i got high, i went into my parents room to watch some tv, i look at my feet and i seen something in my feet, like a bug or something so i run down stair to get a knife, i come runnning up stairs sit down and started to cut my feet open to get the bug out and i tryed and tryed and it was still there so i left it in my foot and to this day i have a that same cut on my foot. about two months later i had the worst trip in my life, i only smoked to pees outta my bong, i was by my self in my room with my mom and dad home, i smoked 2 pees and my heart started to beat fast and i would sit down and it feult like it stopped so i told my mother and i said we have to go to the doctors so she toke me and found out i could had've died that night if i didnt come, the doctor said that i dont have a proper heart beat and a whole in my heart so i quit weed but then i found out this new drug was going around my school called mdma, so of course i tryed it out and i keeped on doing it and then i realize my bestfriend, who doesnt do drugs was getting mad at m , my boyfriend was getting mad at me and my parents were disappointed in me so i stopped doing everything. it is been a year now, with out me doing drugs and people dont understand why i quit and always so no to getting high.


The bad parents.
Central Canada

My friend started too do drugs at 10 years old because her parents were alcholics & did drugs.She stole it from her parents beacause she saw her parents smoking & drinking.
When I ment her in high school,She tried to influence me & use to tell me to take some & that everything would be fine. I told her no!I told my mom & dad ,And they got her a phscollogist & called the police afterwards.


Atlantic Canada

I first tried pot when i was in grade 8. I never really felt different only a little giggly & foolish. Then in grade 9 i met this guy, we ended up going out for 2 years & finally ended it. In the beginning of our relationship he thought i was hardcore into drugs..which eventually lead him to trying pot. He reaaallly got into it & got me more into it as well. But when i was smoking it this time, i would have really bad & scary trips which i never experienced before, so i stopped.
After we broke up, i felt pretty upset, like you would & i started hanging out with an old friend. My ex would occasionally call me & tell me how f'ed up his life was from depression & told me that he started doing hardcore drugs like ecstasy & coke & LSD.
Even more heartbroken i told my friend about this.. & she told me that she did bombs/circles (pills with ecstasy & other drugs in it) & that i should try it to. I was actually so terrified, i was afraid i'd start hallucinating which i think would scare me. But my friend assured me that it wouldnt happen.
So eventually i gave in...& i took my very first triple stacked G down.. i loved it,i loved it sooo much that i spend hundreds of dollars on pills every week.
& then one day my friend ripped some people off.. they started threatening her & she didn't know what to do.. & she had no money to pay them back
There was also a lot of things that weren't going right in her life.. she didn't live in a very good home & she suffers from anxiety & depression. So she decided to try to kill herself, she took 92 Ritalin pills & almost died in her kitchen .. if it wasn't for her mom finding her she would have died.
At this point i was pretty depressed & upset myself but i was mad at her for doing something so stupid, so i ignored her for a month .. During that month .. i had withdraws, i craved pills, i needed them.. so i called her up apologized & got on the go again. We got a different kind of pills this time.. they weren't double or triple stacked so we thought we had to take more than normal... i don't even remember it hitting me.. all of a sudden i just snapped out of it & i was dancing like a fool..
for some reason my high lasted WAY longer than 8 hours.. my pupils were HUGE for about a day.. & then i started getting sick. I was throwing up green (the colour of the pill).
But this didn't stop me.
The past few weeks i started doing G downs again.. & one day i couldn't get enough them .. but i wanted to get high soo bad.. i even asked my friend to get LSD which i said i would NEVER do, but thankfully we couldn't get it, so i got pot. I was half still whipped on bombs when i decided to hot box my bathroom in my bedroom.. this was a horrible idea my room REEKED of weed, & i was tripping out like crazy. i started spraying my room thinking everything was going to be fine.
The next day after my friend left my mom confronted about the smell of body spray downstairs, then mentioned she knew about my friend trying to kill herself. She was flipping out accusing me of doing drugs which i denied. I felt so terrible, so i decided that i had to stop. Even though it's going to be very DIFFICULT for me.

I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes when i go to bed i trip out, & my heart starts racing.. then i snap out of it. Most of the time these trips involve me seeing a white light.. so i get scared & feel like I'm dying. Just last night i seen a bright light flash then a LOUD SWOOSH noise & it felt like i dropped from the air back onto my bed violently. My dreams feel like there real life, like there actually happening ... most of the time i think its real until a few days later i realize i was dreaming it. Sometimes at night i hear things that arn't really being said like my name or someone having a conversation. I feel like developed anxiety.. or already had it & made it worst. I'm always upset, I'm always worried, i get backaches & stomach cramps. I also get very mad. & another thing that recently started happening was a ringing in my ears ... this to me is the scariest because I'm deaf in one ear .. sometimes i feel like I'm under water & can't hear anything & sometimes i feel like there's a weird pressure feeling in my head about to pop my ear drum. I really feel as if I'm gone crazy & i feel like i ruined my life.
So take it from me, drugs arn't worth all those side effects. I really wish I never tried it..


I want to save him. .

I have a friend. He's a mass pot head. He smokes weed everyday and it's affected him badly.

This whole thing started in 9th grade. We were both 14 and he started having this crush on me. When he told me, I was happy because hey, who wouldn't be happy if a boy liked you? I got excited and I ended up falling for him, too. I care so much for this guy, it's crazy. I then found out that he smokes. I wasn't happy at all. I confronted him about it and he said that it wasn't true. I guess weed makes you lie, too because I caught him that same day smoking. I ignored him for about a week before i caved and ended up talking to him. I told him how mad I was and disappointed. That's when we started talking more and then I realized that I wanted to save him so badly. I want him to make right decisions. I even told him that. but he wouldnt listen. We're both in 11th grade now. and throughout our crazy friendship he tried to pressure me into doing drugs and smoke up with him and have a jamacan shower. I never even came close to considering it.

He told me once upon a time that he wasnt addicted. But, that was a lie. Because now, he can't live without it. He needs it to fall asleep. He's super skinny and he barely eats. His life is a total wreck right now. He was sober for about 2 weeks and he attempted suicide.

I'm still trying to save him. If only he'll let me be his hero.

Whoever said drugs were not addictive. THINK AGAIN.
Don't do drugs. It'll ruin your life. It'll ruin your health. You'll never be the same person again.

Trust me.


Atlantic Canada

i started smoking pot two years ago, i told myself that if i continued to do it then it would be the only drug i ever use, but last summer the pills got around in our town and everyone was doing them and so i did them and that summer i done them every day and i knew it wasnt right but i had already started to get addicted to them. i now find myself doing other drugs and i feel like my life is over because i cant stop doing them and ive gotten kicked out from my home and it controls my life, EVERY DRUG IS ADDICTIVE, so take my adive you can ruin your life from doing drugs. so dont try them !


Western Canada

Never should it make me weak

Never will it touch my lips or break my skin

Never will I be like my friend

Who was brought down by her past

made weak by dependence

I will not be her

I will not spend my life in a cell

no, never.


I got addicted
Northern Canada

I started to get addicted to mariuana and alchohol when I was 13.
when I first tryed it I was 12 and I hated it but when I turned 13 I tryed it agian and got addicted
I loved the smell of it and how it got me high.
but then I got caught at school with alchohol and mariuana and I got suspended for 2 weeks but my dad won't let me go back to school now so its been over 3 weeks now.


They actually liked my better when i told them i dont like smoking weed
Atlantic Canada

I'm 16 years old female who has been smoking marijuana for a year. I have smoked marijuana about 12 times maybe even more, which if you think about it, thats not alot. But here's my story of how it started, how I feel about it, how it made me feel, and how it ended.

All of my friends smoke marijuana. I never ever liked drugs, I"ve always been the type of person to think about how things will effect me, so marijuana was not for me. But then came the day when I started digging my pit of lies. So my firends were all talking about how they got high the other day and how awesome it was, then one of them asked me if i have ever smoke weed. I would normally say " Nope " but my friend who i was also crushing on was there and he is a hardcore weed smoker so i said instead " Oh yea, a couple times with my sister". This was the begininng of the get togethers. I was pretty stupid to actually go to hang out with themthe times
when they were smokeing weed but hey! they are my friends and i wanted it to stay that way, so i would keep showing up. While the joint was being passed round 'n' round i came up with a plan. Fake it. When the joint finally came to me i sucked, never inhaled. I was terriffied of the effects and what if my parents found out about this?! So i continued my plan. round and round it came and went, finally it was gone. i would pretend to be happy and carefree, then when i came home to mom and dad i would act normall, i would have sprayed myself with perfume and popped some gum and be fine. You think i would have learned that that is definatly not a position i wanna be in agian, but i kept showing up, mostly for gaining a repuatation so that my crush would hear about how cool and see how cool i was and maybe become more interested in me.

Anyway, eventually the fake joint inhaling became fake bong smoking and for all you poeple who have smoked from a bong you know that its not possible to 'fake' inhale from a bong. That my friends, was my deliemma.

For those of you who dont know, a bong is a smoking device that has water in the bottom of it, so when you inhale from it, it bubbles. therefore my fake inhaling would make no sound meaning,it would be obvious i wasnt inhaling, therefore i was forced to inhale. i inhaled 3 or 4 times, just little hits. it was not that fun. after that it was back to joints, which i still faked.after when i'd come home for these get togthers i would fell like sh*t. i would think to myself, : so what did that to for you, you just killed a little part of your lungs, added on another situation that your parnets can find out about and you feel like sh*t for doing something you know you dont like doing'

Recently, my friends and i were planning on smoking up agian. one of my friends was at my house and out of no where, her mom calls and tells her to get her a** home immediatly. so me and her are thinking oh sh*t! she must know about us smoking weed, just being paranoid y'know

after she got home, i get a phonecall. coming from her mom, asking to speak to mine. i'm thinking " EFFF, OMG what the h*** am i supposeed to do now,!!' my mother was not home at that moment so i told her that, she said she will call her at work.

At that moment i realized. ' what have i got myself into' I was about to get punished severely, loose my parents trust and loose my social life. and for what. weed. which i wasnt even smoking for real! sh*t

My older sister who is 21 is a hardcore weed smoker. she knows about me smoking weed, but not that whole fact that i fake it. so i fill her in on the situation i have gotten myself into. she tells me that yes, i'm totally screwed. i get a beep. my mom says she got a phonecall, and THANKS TO GOD that it wasnt my firends mom who called her, it was my teacher, something about an assiganment i didnt do. so it was all a misunderstanding. i click back over to my sister and give her the update, she tells me that i shouldnt be at something that first of all i'm not actually doing and second it makes me feel like crap". she was completly right

I tell my friends that i am done smoking weed and i never liked it to begin with. and they actually liked my better when i told them i dont like smoking weed. they earned respect for me and how i keep my body healthy. Even my crush liked me better. so i guess my point is that you dont need weed to make you look cool or make you feel good. and believe it or not there are poeple will still respect you for who you are even if you dont smoke weed. and they are the poeple you wanna be around.

Thanks for reading


My friend almost over-dosed.
Central Canada

Me and my friend we're getting ready for school one morning, i told my mom we were going to be running late due to straightening our hair. We decided to crush some pills (not going to name them most likely you wouldn't know what it was for), and snort it. We did, and we left to go and eat breakfast at a Restaurant at 8:30 (class started at 8:40). We were high so therefore we decided not to go to school. We called my cousin and told her to meet us at the city bus terminal from there we went and got more drugs and did them. We got someone to pick us up from where we were and drive us to our friend's house. Her mom freaked out asking us where we came from. What we were on, and told us we had to leave if we didn't she would call the cops. So my friend's dad drove us back into town. (it was after school at this point) Later on that night, my friend almost had an overdose because we did too much drugs. My mom watched me sleep the whole night to make sure I didn't die in my sleep. Me and my cousin and my friend did a lot more law breaking stuff & got away with it also in the meantime, but i'm not going to be specific. My friend had to go to the hospital because she was delirious and kept saying sentences over and over again. This all happened from one day of skipping school. It's been two days since I last saw my friend & my cousin. I cried all last-night because I thought my friend was still in the hospital.


It only started with weed
Western Canada

It only started at weed. The first time I got high, I knew right away I hated it. I was going through rapid depression for months now....I had been burning and cutting myself but I had to stop because the school noticed. I had nothing else to turn to. I hate telling people whats wrong with me. It only started with weed. Now its crack. Shrooms. Pills...anything I can get. I dont make much money, I'vehad to do.....stuff.....gross stuff to get my fix. I am 15 years old as of this month. I play basketball with my school. I smile. I laugh. I suffer from depression from a rape that
happend ten years ago. Im addicted to drugs. And I've been trying to quit. I am one example of how rock bottom a person can hit and still be alive. I started when I was 12 and now Im 15 and I dont know if I'll be able to stop. I just dont want another person to end up like me.


kills familys
Western Canada

Hi my name is ****, im 13 years old and i have a siser adicted to crack,meth,cocain,weed,e,heroin etc. Everyday i worry about her life and if shes going to die from drugs. My sister turned 19 last mouth, so my mom cant keep a leash on here but she trys. Life is very hard, everyday i see her high as a kite and i cant do anything about it and its kills me and my mom everyday.

All im trying to say is this is not the life you want, my own sister is a drug adict and i have to deal with it because she never listens to me or my mom or anyone. You dont want to see your love one like this.



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i used to be a straight A student up until starting of grade 8. i started skipping school, changing my friends, and never going home because i was never sober, i was into those kind of things, and mostly drugs. i would drink, smoke marijuana, do cocaine, anything you can think of.
then about two years later, i started noticing the fact that i did not have a life, i hardly had friends except the drug addicts, i needed my education, and i was a really angry girl.
i have quit all those drugs, quit drinking, most of all, i quit smoking marijuana. .
now i exercise daily. i am really healthy now.
but i do have to admit if i want to be completely honest, i still crave. but at least i know i can say no to those things, unless i want to be another zombie!
i now have strength. it gives me hope for my future!
other things that have helped me say no
*family, ( thinking about helping my family's kids futures! ) *my self esteem ( it killed me inside, so i started a new life! ) * friends , ( they helped me say no! )
* confidence ( it really helps! )
* and just really noticing and thinking about how you are when you're on drugs.
I used to be a straight A student up until starting of grade 8. I started skipping school, changing my friends, and never going home because i was never sober, i was into those kind of things, and mostly drugs. i would drink, smoke marijuana, do cocaine, anything you can think of.
then about two years later, i started noticing the fact that i did not have a life, i hardly had friends except the drug addicts, i needed my education, and i was a really angry girl.
i have quit all those drugs, quit drinking, most of all, i quit smoking marijuana. .
now i exercise daily. i am really healthy now.
but i do have to admit if i want to be completely honest, i still crave. but at least i know i can say no to those things, unless i want to be another zombie!
i now have strength. it gives me hope for my future!
other things that have helped me say no
*family, ( thinking about helping my family's kids futures! ) *my self esteem ( it killed me inside, so i started a new life! ) * friends , ( they helped me say no! )
* confidence ( it really helps! )
* and just really noticing and thinking about how you are when you're on drugs.
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