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Marine core

No description

Andy Hanaburgh

on 4 April 2012

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Transcript of Marine core

U.S. Marine Corps Marine basic training video THE FEW
THE PROUD THE MARINES Need to be 18 for basic Week #1 receiving Week #2 In the barricks Week #3 Bayonet assault course Week #4 pugil sticks Week #5 MCAP Week #6 Rappeling Week #7 grass week Week #8 Firing week Week #9 confidence course Week #10 day movement Hand combat New arrivles show up Pack your bags and hurry up lets move! Hand combat They teach you how to take down an enemy with a bayonet They show you how to keep your balence when shooting Show you how to shoot your gun and clean it Test their will and guts Help marines trust each other Help marines get ready for war Andy Hanaburgh
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