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Legal and Ethical Constraints

No description

Adam Angell

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Legal and Ethical Constraints

Interactive Media Legal & Ethics in Media Copyright is when somebody has made something and it is copyrighted to him or her. If anybody ells were to take this work and use it with out the author’s permission, they are breaching the copyright law.

An example of this happening in the media is that CTV (catch up TV) was streaming TV shows and films on their website. Broadcasters like ITV and Channel 4 proceed against CTV for the infringement of copyright.

If I was working in the interactive media industry I would be confined to only using images that I have sources myself. This means that I would need to take the photos and create graphics myself. I could also use stock images website, which you pay to use. Copyright The privacy law act refers to the privacy of information. Privacy refers to people’s personal information, the law protects this information. It also protects how this information is handled. For example if you were to fill in a form, how will this information collected, how it is used and disclosed, is the information accurate, how secure is the information and the right to access your information.
Some resent activity in the media what has breached this privacy law was the News of the World and the phone hacking. News of the World hacked into peoples phones and read texts and voice mails of versus celebrities and the public. This information is private and they accessed this information without consent. Media Conglomerate Rupert Murdock the owner of news Corporation owned News of the World before if when under. He also controls a segment of the UK’s television broadcast. Some of this information could have been passed on across his media empire.
If I was to make an interactive media product which the user would require to make an account to use the product, which most interactive media products require. I would need to make sure that the users personal information is kept and stored safe. Privacy Law The race Relations Act was established in the UK to prevent the discrimination of somebody on the grounds of his or her Race. The areas which this Act covers is the discrimination on the ground of race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin in the fields of employment, the provision of goods and services, education and public functions.
An example of this happening in the TV industry was in 2007 when the BBC was broadcasting the Big Brother series. There where races comments that where made against one of the celebrity housemates. This was broadcasted and some of the public seen this as the BBC where broadcasting this act of racism as a form of entertainment for the program.
If I was to make an interactive media product I would make sure that the product is not offensive to anybody’s race and also gender and age. Most media bases organizations have a strict set of codes and ethics that they follow. I would make sure to follow these code of ethics. Race Relations Ethics is what considered right and wrong. This means what is okay to show and what is not. This only includes things which are and aren't against the law. That means that the content will offend people or not. The things which are included in ethics are things like nudity, violence and vulgar language
Some things that we show in our media today are okay, but where not acceptable in the 1950's. An example of this is that in 1950's it would of been unethical to show nudity on media products. This was because it offended a lot of people. In today's media partial nudity is now acceptable.
When i make my media product i will ensue to not include any ethical issues. This means that their isn't a change that i could offend somebody with my products. Ethics
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