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Invididual Intervention processes

Erika LeMire

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Development

Erika LeMire and Neil Anderson Development in Individual Interventions Agenda Mentoring Dr. Cox and J.D. Coaching
360 Feedback
Instruments and Assessments
Career Planning, Development, & Management Coaching
One-on-one Intervention
With a facilitator
Improvement Plan Areas
Reach Desired Goal Definition: When to Use It "A coach is hired to assist in designing a person's future, rather than reliving their past" (p. 204) Kinds of Coaching Leadership
Career Good Coaching Characteristics Communication Skills
Offer encouragement
Offer Support
Build a Positive Environment
Listen actively
Coachee Self-Discovery Goal:
Understanding effective individual interventions and their differences Skills
Executive's Agenda What Do You Think About... Coaching?

Mentoring? Scrubs Video Example The Case of Jim

1. Do you think executive coaching is the most effective kind of coaching for Jim? What kinds of coaching would be more beneficial to Jim?

2. What characteristics of good coaching did Jennifer use effectively? What characteristics could she improve on?

3. How effectively does Jennifer communicate understanding of the clients problem?

4. What do you think of Jim's reaction to the feedback? What would you do? Four Steps Preparation
Active Coaching
Follow-up Definition: Gives immediate feedback/ counseling
Most likely within the same field
Long-term career development
One-on-one relationship
Provides guidance
Expert to protégé My Mentor Good Mentoring Characteristics +Trust
High Engagement
Investment of time
Professional Competence
Ability to Communicate
Share Control What Employers Can Do: Requirement
Provide mentoring training
Smaller rank distance Mentor: Protégé Choose appropriate mentor
May be turned down
Respect mentor's time
Ask questions
Listen carefully When to Use It Within the same field
Method of Training
Potential Successors
Consistency with career track Reflection Turn to the person next to you and say what you learned Our goal was for you to understand effective individual interventions and their differences. Risks Pairing
Learned Traits
Group Think
Uninterested Risks Evaluation Wrong Problem
Wrong Person
Wrong Coach Role Play Scenarios
Follow up Meetings
Feedback from Others Evaluation Constant
Content Testing
Mentor Feedback * * * + + + + + + * * + Coaching Experiences? Mentoring Experiences?
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