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Copy of Marjorie Rawlings, "A Mother in Mannville"

No description

Dima Jarrar

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Marjorie Rawlings, "A Mother in Mannville"


*A 12 years old orphan.
* Has the heart of a man.
*Self-reliant and honorable.
*Major, round, dynamic, antagonist.

The Narrator
*A compassionate person.
*Respects Jerry's integrity and self- reliance.
*Might have behaved differently with additional information.
*Major, dynamic, round, protagonist
Jerry's mother
* A fiction.
*She is a character in Jerry's mind
*Why would Jerry invent a mother when he has none ?!
This story took place in the California mountains in autumn, where the narrator could find peace and quiet to do her novel writing.

Point of view

** First person narrator.

(Tone)The author’s style in this piece of writing is ironic. For example, the narrator mentioned that Jerry was full of integrity, but near the ending, she finds out that he had lied to her

(Mood)This story has a soft, sorrowful mood. Jerry appears to be a lonely boy who just wants someone to care about him.
Tone and Mood
Marjorie Rawlings, "A Mother in Mannville"
By: Dima Jarrar
Irony and Symbolism
(Verbal irony)
An example of irony in the story is when the narrator was thinking about how her father and Jerry both had integrity. This is ironic because Jerry ends up lying to her and not being honest.
His eyes were "like the mountain sky when rain is pending-grey with shadowing" This line seems to mean that he cries a lot from loneliness.
*If you lose something important, you may do anything just to get it back.

*Even people with integrity may be less than
honest in order to protect themselves, their independence, and self-worthy.
Major Themes
What does this story mean to me ...
The message of this story is significant to me because it talks about an important issue which is "Orphanhood", and that we all should treat them kindly..!
According to the "UNICEF" statistics in 2005 ...
153 million orphan "worldwide".
60 million orphan in Asia.
200,000 orphan in Palestine.
Thank You..
(Exposition)Orphanage in Carolina Mountains.
(Complication)Jerry looks too small to cut woods.
(Climax)"He has no mother, he has no skates"
(Denouement/Falling Action/Resolution)
NONE.. the author left us hanging on to that last revelation.

* External - man vs. man conflict
This is found when the narrator finds out that Jerry lied to her and she feels that Jerry had betrayed her.

* External - man vs. environment
Jerry, at an exceptionally young age, looses his family. He has to work for other people rather
than being looked after and being looked after
and being cared for by his mother.
Miss Clark: Minor, flat, static
Why is this important..
The story is important to study because it teaches that love is a needed thing as much as food. And it shows that people that seem to be kind aren't always what they seem to be.
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