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Dark Eyes By: William Richter

No description

Sonia Deng

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Dark Eyes By: William Richter

Dark Eyes By: William Richter
Wally is the protagonist. She's very stubborn in the story, yet is the caretaker & leader of her crew.
Everything begins to unravel when Wally finds out about her birth mother. So she tries to find her, before her father Klesko does, and kills them both. In the mean time Wally is trying to hold on to her friendships and soon looses one.
Dark Eyes tells the story of a Russian girl name Wally, who lives on the streets with her three friends. Wally is on a mission to find her birth mother, before her dad does, and kills them both.
The story takes place in
Manhattan, New York: where the crew hangs out
Queens: Where Wally soon learns about her birth mother.
Shelter Island: The Hatches home, where wally finds her father Klesko
: has a crush on wally, he's very defensive of her, and tries to protect her at all times,
: Wally's bestfriend, she has a bubbly personality, and is always supportive.
: He seems rude and reluctant at times, almost jealous of Wally's leadership role in the group.
: Wally's adoptive parent. She is always worried for wally.
: Wally's birth father, he doesn't know that wally is his daughter
Mystery mother
: wally soon finds out it's someone close to her.

: the detective that tries to help Wally
: Wally's therapist when she was younger, helps her find out about both her birth parents

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. It's a thriller, and keeps you on the edge. I was anxious to finish the book
By: Sonia Deng
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