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Proposal of the Digital Channels for Hotel X

No description

Lourdes Guan

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Proposal of the Digital Channels for Hotel X

SEO Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimization Summarize the ranking roles of search engines
Optimize the hotel website Proposal of
the Digital Channels
Hotel X & Boost ranks on
Baidu, Google, etc B2C Tourism-Biz Websites (hotel) short message: customer loyalty

(customer) Mobile App: better customer
experience (hotel) Cost-saving:
X off-line ads
X shop renting, etc.

(customer) Online-experience:
online consulting
online payment, etc.
-->customer convenience. 1. SEO
2. Social Media
3. B2C Tourism-Biz Websites
4. Mobile Marketing
5. Video Ads
6. E-mail Ads
7. E-magazine E-magazine 2. Social Media 1. SEO Affiliate Marketing other website: “ads' button customer: click sales income hotel Social Media key words : engagement
connectivity Blog/Microblog
social networks Information broadcast :interesting topics about hotel Short-term sales Coordination with off-line promotions: sustain current customers & attract potential customers Brand communication: improve brand awareness & word-of-mouth Interactivity: customer relationship management (customer needs, customer feedbacks, etc) Customer services system: better understanding of the service problems --> solutions 3. B2C Tourism-biz Websites 4. Mobile Marketing 5. Online Video Ads 7. E-Magazine 6. Email Marketing Why E-mial Ads? consumer engagement + Why Mobile Ads? Why Social Media Ads? Why SEO? Why Online Video Ads? Target your customers
Drive direct sales to your business
Build loyalty and trust in your customer relationships
Sales can be supported by other methods What can you get? What Can You Get? What Can You Get? comment communities Tools BBS
•High-quality content
•Classified catalogue
•Social bookmarking
•High-value link buying
•SEM/SEO integrated solutions

•In-site link structure
•Title reposition
•Key word frequency
(Keyword, keyterm, keyphrase)
•Website structural adjustment Methods What Can You Get? Off-site SEO In-site SEO

1. More clicks
more customers!

2. Higher market share!

3. Achievements of brand income! Online Video Ads viral marketing
pre-movie ads
low cost
initiation +interaction
accurate target
measurable efficiency Key Words More accessible & flexible

Strong extension

Higher quality & more distribution forms:
1. e-doc database
2. optional e-typesetting formats(navigation)
3. hyperlink

Back issue maintenance and preservation
Wide communication range: Without limitation of time and space

Better performance with vivid content, various forms, more carriers, stronger interaction and sensory perception

More controllable and customized: time, location & frequency Compare to traditional magazine,
E-magazine is: Compare to traditional video ads,
Online Video Ads are: What Can You Get? content communities Email Ads Thank You!
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