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Help Is On The Way!

Study/Test Taking Strategies

Jeremiah Mekelburg

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Help Is On The Way!

Study/Test Taking Habits What habits can you use to be successful in 3rd Grade? I stay on task without daydreaming. I put complete work in my folder and then in my book bag. I start my assignment quickly. With your elbow partner, talk about how long should it take for you to start an assignment once the teacher gives it?

Be ready to share. I keep an assignment notebook for homework. I am an active listener and class participant ROLE-PLAY
Help me out.
What do I need to do to help me prepare for a test?
Walk me through it 3rd graders. I check over my work. I check over papers or tests for errors. I write neatly and accurately. I ask the teacher for help if I need it. I listen to the directions. I prepare for a test at least a few days before I take it. Role-Play
Help me out.
What do 3rd graders need to do to check their test for errors? Activity:
Can you follow the directions to make my drawing? Board Example
Now show me what neat and accurate looks like.
Role Play:
What do you notice?
What am I doing well?
What could I do differently? *Study/Test Taking Habits Survey
*Bingo Board
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