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The Life of a Lawyer!

Rachel Kline

Rachel Kline

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of The Life of a Lawyer!

Rachel Kline The Life of a Lawyer! Middle School, High School, and college-
extra-curriculars and classes I hope you have learned
as much as I have from
Adam and Diogo on the life of a lawyer! About the
Job Any words
of advice?? While you are in middle school or high school, there are many classes that will improve your law skills that you wouldn't even think of. What do you think some of them are? If you said English, advanced writing, analytical thinking, foreign languages, or public speaking, you would be correct. These classes can help tremendously while in the court according to Adam Buckman and Diogo Metz. There are also many extra-curriculars that can help you when you are in the courtroom. Some of these include debate team, Kentucky Justice Association, and writing clubs. These can help you think of comebacks quickly, or speeches quickly so you can represent your client well. You also might ask how we, as middle-schoolers could prepare for this career. According to Adam, we should figure out who and what we would like to represent, have practice being a good and fast writer,and be involved in community service. For this career, you also need to go to college, law school, and pass the Bar Exam for the state you will be working in. I asked Adam and Diogo what their favorite tasks at work were, and they had very different answers. Adam said his favorite part was actually being in the court representing his client, while Diogo said meeting new people was very interesting. I also asked them if their job was what they expected it to be. They both said, "Sometimes." They explained this answer by saying it has many surprises, but as they thought, it takes a lot of work, and lots of dedicated time. Some challenges they face are time management, finishing law school, and communication. This question was interesting. I asked them both to describe their job in three words. Their answers had one similar word: CHALLENGING. This really tells you how difficult this job is, but how rewarding it is. Some words of advice Adam and Diogo gave me are to build good, healthy habits now, and be 100% positive you want to be a lawyer before dedicating a lot of time and hard work into it.
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