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The SmartPhone Revolution

What the future holds for the world of education.

Tim Bateup

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The SmartPhone Revolution

How many text messages does the average 13-17 year old send and receive each month?

124 texts a day


1 SMS every 7.5 minutes during waking hours
Using the TripAdvisor app I find the nearest restaurants to my current location and head out for lunch.
Facebook friends and read the latest Twitter updates from celebrities.
The SmartPhone Revolution
Say goodbye to cursive writing...

...do we really need it?
Say goodbye to your wallet...

...hello NFC!
Say goodbye to books and libraries...

...interactive eBooks are way more fun to read!
Maybe try books with embedded QR Codes instead
Don't resist change...
..You will be left behind!
Teachers not using technology are fast becoming
A typical day with your iPhone
How Can SmartPhones Help ?
Art - Photo editing, cameras, art gallery tours, paint program, artist info
Maths - games, sudoku, conversions, formulas, quizzes
Science - experiments, definitions
English - eBooks, audio books, comics, video games, compose emails
Manual Arts - video tutorials, spirit levels, info on tools.
Music - scales, chords, tuners, video tutorials
LOTE - audio clips, images, study help
...wanna know the best bit about these apps?
When have you used your SmartPhone?
25% in a meeting

11% on a date

33% on the loo
PE - body analysis tools, your own personal trainer, stopwatch, sports & games
Hospitality - ingredients, recipes, videos, info on equipment
What you are about to see is going to change education forever!
...and they're cheaper!
Technology is changing our day-to-day lives at a very fast rate...

...they've been brought up surrounded by all sorts of gizmos and gadgets.
We need to

If we are going to get our messages across
effectively, we need to use technology to
engage and excite our students.
We know kids their technology

Doesn't it make sense to
use these tools in our teaching?

...but our kids don't know life in any
other way...
speak in their language
iPhone alarm wake up call
Check the Weatherzone App for today's temperature
Eat breakfast and check emails on the iPhone
Watch the latest news headlines on Channel 9's iPhone app
Use the the Maps app on the iPhone to work out the quickest route to work and how the traffic is looking.
Arrive at work and use the iPhone Calendar to see my daily schedule.
Take notes on my iPhone during the morning meeting and email them to the rest of the staff.
Use the Jamie Oliver app to work out a quick and easy recipe for dinner tonight and add the ingredients to my electronic shopping list.
Play my favourite music through the iPhone as I jog to the shops.
Watch the Jamie Oliver video on how to make dinner - pausing and rewinding whenever I need to.
Pay some bills using the ANZ bank app.
Catch up on the latest sport from the TV that I missed last night.
Don't be afraid to try something and in your classroom!
Education's new focus
The future is in YOUR hands
(pun intended)
Also check out the 2 videos at:

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