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02.04 What is stock anyway

No description

Kyran Attaf

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 What is stock anyway

The Benefits
With stocks you are able to be part ownership in a company.
The T-bond is known to being more safe than a regular bond.
You’re able to earn more money with the CD than you would with traditional savings.
If These Investments Fail
Great danger, you are able to lose all of your money.
Both you and your partner will lose money if the investment fails.
There is a very small danger of this.

The Stock is known for being an aggressive investment, but it makes most money over time. A Stock means to buy or share in a company.
The T-Bond is a moderate investment issued by the U.S. Treasury and is a safe money market investment backed up by the US Government.
The Conservative Investment charges money if you take money out early, but it offers a higher interest rate than the savings account. It also has a maturity date.

Examples of Companies/Places You Are Able to Invest In
Stock: Microsoft
T-bond: Broker
CD: Basically any local bank

02.04 What is stock anyway
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