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abdul karim mawji

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Umrah

Tawaf for Umrah
Sai For Umrah
What is Sai
Cutting or Shaving of hair
What is Umrah
When you are doing hajj Tamatu it is obligatory for you to do Umrah before hajj. When you are doing Umarah you always have to be in ihram. It is advised to take a bath before entering Masjid Al-Harm but it is ok if you don't.
Steps of Umrah
Tawaf for umrah
Sai for umrah
cutting or shaving
complete realease from ihram
put on ihram again
8 Dhul-hijjah hajj begins
You have to enter the Masjid Al-Haram with your right foot saying a Dua. Then you begin your tawaf of seven times around the Kaba.
The Black Stone
You have to start at the Black Stone. It is Sunnah to kiss the stone, but if you are unable to do so and you think you might push or injure someone it is better for you to just point at the Black Stone and say Allahu Akbar!
then you continue your tawaf around the kaba remembering Allah and asking for forgiveness. When you are going around the Kaba you can recite quran or you can say duas, but not in high voice so you dont distrub others making Tawaf.
then when you pass by the yamani corner,you can touch it but you should not kiss it becuase that is not what the prophet(SaWs) did. if it is not easy for you to touch it you dont have to touch it just continue your Tawaf. it is sunnah to recite this dua"rabana atina..."between the Yemini Corner and the Black Stone.
Sai is as-safa and al-marwah, where hajr ran accross to find water or help for little baby ismaeal. Sai begins at As-Safa and ends at Al-Marwah, you have to run back and forth 7 times. reciting this Dua...
Now you are standing on As- Safa facing the Kabah, you are prasing and gloryfiying Allah(Swt)and saying... you reapeat it three times.
then you are walking down towrds Al marwah. Making duas for your family for yourself, for muslims and ect... For men when reaching the green marker men run until they reach the second mark. then they begin to walk again. WOMEN SHOULD NOT RUN.
when you reach Al-Marwah you face the kaba and do the same thing you did when you where at As-Safa. Then you go back to Al-Marwah. then you go back to As-Safa which is two times you went back and forth.
you continue t'll you finished seven strips ending at Al-Marwah.
after completing the Sai, he has to shave or shorten his hair but it is always better Shave. the women cuts from the lenghth of her hair which is about the width oh her finger.
After following thease steps inshAllah your Umrah will be completed successfully. You are free to remove your ihram in t'ill the 8 of dhul-hijjah when hajj will begin.
Say Dua
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