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Copy of 1980s Fashion and Trends

Ossy Osorio and Arra Afable

Ossy Osorio

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 1980s Fashion and Trends

Fashion and Trends
in the 80's

Early 1980s...
(influenced by the show "Magnum PI")
Medium-length hair (long hair during the late 80s due to the influence Heavy Metal music)
Important brand names
Madonna's "street urchin" look became fashionable after she released her song "Like a Virgin."
Sweatshirts (influenced by the film "Flashdance")
Romantic Look
influenced by punk fashion: the streaky eyeliner, the spiked hair, the outrageous clothing
Valley Girl
"Ra ra skirts"
Shoulder pads, popularized by Joan Collins and Linda Evans from the soap opera "Dynasty"
The return of the pinstripes, narrower lapels and neckties, four-buttoned vests, and button down collar (both for business and casual)
Revisiting the pointed toes and spiked heels that were popular in the 1950s and early 1960s
Leotards and Dancewear
leotards, legwarmers, and headbands were soon being worn as street wear
leotards made from shiny spandex had become the standard feminine fashion of the "disco era", partly for their form-fitting quality and the fact that they allowed flexibility and ease of movement
"Miami Vice"
influenced by the show "Miami Vice" (donned casual t-shirts underneath expensive suit jackets-often in bright or pastel colors
Hawaiian shirts
Corduroy jackets
Cowboy Boots (became popular even among non cowboys)
"Members Only" Jacket
Preppy Look
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Jacket
clothings by the film "The Lost Boys"
Aviator Jacket
Fedora Hat
"Madonna" Look - bolero jackets, Lycra tubes, exposed undergarments, fishnet-styled clothes (assertion of sexual freedom and a conscious rejection of prevailing androgynous fashions)
Mid-Late 80s
Casual Wear
Slouch Socks and Sneakers (epsecially Keds)
Tracksuits became popular as leisure clothing and Jogpants would become a general trend in the decades to come
Doc Martens Footwear
Earrings for men
Thin Metal Bracelets and Bangles

Teen culture preferred vibrant plastic Swatch watches
prominently seen on the television show "Miami Vice"
Tank watch by Cartier
Movado Watch
Tortoise-shell Glasses
Tom Cruise wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Built-in Bras on Camisoles/Corsets
Tapered Boxer Shorts
French cut styled G-Bangers
Teddy Camisole & Tap Pants
Skimpy Bikinis
Bold prints worn by the athletes
Happy Pants
Parachute Pants
in the 80s
Heavy Metal Style
Cut-off Denim Pants
Punk Style
Jean Jacket
Multi-Colored Mohawk
Ripped Skinny Jeans
Rockabilly Style
Presented by:
Arra Patrizia Afable
Rafael Carlos Osorio
"Teddy Boy" Look
Drape Jacket
Baseball Jackets
Flat Tops
Rap and Hip Hop Style
Adidas Sneakers
Air Jordan basketball shoes
High Tops
Kaepa Tennis Shoes
Sport Socks
Colors of Africa
Kente Cloth
Preppy Style
Famous Brand Names
Boat Shoes
Argyle Sweater
Top Ten 80s Style Icons
10.) Brooke Shields
Named Time's 'Face of the '80s', Brooke Shields hit the big time when she appeared in a Calvin Klein jeans advert at 15 asking: 'You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins?' The answer, of course, was 'nothing'.
9.) Adam Ant
Ant was part of the post-punk music and fashion movement that hit the Eighties and his swashbuckling style reflected all that the movement stood for: elegance and decadence. The look took inspiration from stylishly clad actor Dirk Bogarde, turning the long hair and denim of the rock 'n' roll late Sixties on its head.
8.) Mey Ryan
The classic girl-next-door look saw crisp white shirts tucked into high-waisted jeans, teamed with plenty of studding and the obligatory chunky gold accessories. Ryan's status as 'America's Sweetheart' saw her style copied the world over.
7.) Joan Collins
Many refer to the Eighties as the decade style forgot and if anyone needs that confirmed, Joan Collins circa 1985 rams it home. Aided by her infamous role in soap opera Dynasty playing Alexis Carrington, the scheming ex-wife of Blake Carrington, Joan became a sex symbol (yes, even with foot-high shoulder puffs) of the decade and an icon of the independent Eighties woman.
6.) Stephanie Seymour
Why the wedding dress, Stephanie? you might ask. Have you forgotten that the first of the supermodels, Stephanie Seymour, once dated Guns N' Roses frontman Axel Rose? Here she appears in the band's video for November Rain, dressed in an '80s special: the wedding dress. Puffed sleeves, unflattering necklines and above all, a mini-skirt front hem, dropping to a floor-length train.
5.) Princess Diana
At the peak of the Eighties, Diana had developed the Dallas look of big hair, huge shoulder pads, sharp edges and glitzy earrings.
4.) Christy Turlington
When Linda Evangelista uttered the most famous line in supermodel history: 'We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day', she was referring to herself and Christy – who were both a core part of the handful of supermodels shaking up the industry, by being famous as models and celebrities.

Their power status saw the
'supers' grace every magazine cover in the industry. It seemed Eighties power-dressing equalled powerful women.
3.) Demi Moore
An overload of pink blusher, pineapple hair-dos, cans and cans of hairspray and cropped leather jackets were all order of the day; the fashion police must have been rushed off their feet.
2.) Grace Jones
Standing nearly six feet tall, with razor-sharp cheekbones, iconic supermodel Grace epitomised the power dressing, giant shoulder pad look of the Eighties.

Her signature androgynous style marked by her box haircut, saw the model, actress and singer influence both men and women alike.
1.) Madonna
Pink, dyed hair: check. Torn stockings: check. Multiple bangles: check. String vest - absolutely. Madonna's Eighties style had it all going on. The Material Girl defined an era with her own take on the decade's style, prompting wannabe girls to copy the Queen of Pop's boy toy belts and layered under-as-outer-wear.

Known across the globe as a style chameleon, elements of Madonna's Eighties trends have inevitably come around again. Studded jewellery, neon brights and denim pencil skirts have all reappeared with a Noughties twist. Just best to leave the whole ensemble to the lady who rocked it best.

Top 5 Designers who Mattered during the 80s
5.) Giorgio Armani
The 80s was all about brands. To be truly hip you had to have the most exclusive brands - and in fashion that meant Armani. The brand was one of the first to branch out into all sorts of products instead of just clothes - think socks, sunglasses and purfumes.
4.) Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren basically invented the 80s preppy look that was so popular, especially amongst the wealthy. Check out most 80s teen movies, and the arrogant popular guy will be wearing the preppy style a la Ralph Lauren! One of the most influential looks, PRL continues strongly today.
3.) Vivienne Westwood
Manager of the Sex Pistols, Westwood was an alternative fashion designer, responsible for bringing punk and new wave fashion to the mainstream. She made the new romantic “pirate” look a hit - for better or worse!
2.) Calvin Klein
If you don’t recognize the above image, you probably weren’t there in the 80s! This shot epitomized 80s cool and the obsession with youth and sexuality that defined the decade. Brooke Shields was only 14 when she starred in this campaign for CK, and started the trend for controversy that designers are still trying to emulate to this day.
1.) John Paul Gaultier
A truly unique designer, Gaultier was at the forefront of cutting edge fashion for the entire decade. He was the designer all others followed, because he made the trends. Using a blend of observations of street style and his own crazy creativity, Gaultier brought the 80s the most incredible fashion in the world. He even designed the costumes for the one-and-only most fashionable woman of the 80s - Madonna, for her Blond Ambition tour, including THAT gold cone bra!
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