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demonstrative pronouns

No description

Nelie van Olst

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of demonstrative pronouns

demonstrative pronouns
Demonstrative pronouns:
Demonstrative pronouns
After this lesson you know how to use this, these, that and those
1. Is _________ my drink?
2. _________ aren´t my trainers.
3. Is _________ an interesting museum.
4. _________ are new bikes.
5. _________ is my house.
6. _________ is a hill.
7. _________ are donkeys.
8. What is _________?
9. Did you drop _________?
10. Hi, Jane! _________ is Michael.
11. _________ James´ bike.
12. _________ are his children.
13. _________ are his sister´s children.
14. _________ is Pete.
15. _________ is my restaurant.
16. _________ are my jewels.
17. _________ is the church of my town.
18. _________ are my father´s book.
19. _________ is Ajax´s stadium.
20. _________ is my bag.
21. Is _________ my TV?
22. Are _________ your watches.
23. I like _________ clown.
24. _________ boys are American.
25. _________ is my money.

This, that, these, those
Point out specific nouns, and tell you the physical distance.
Singular: this that
Plural: these those
1. Is this my drink?
2 These aren´t my trainers.
3. Is this an interesting museum.
4. These are new bikes.
5. This is my house.
6. This is a hill.
7. These are donkeys.
8. What is this?
9. Did you drop this?
10. Hi, Jane! This is Michael.
11. This James´ bike.
12. These are his children.
13. These are his sister´s children.
14. This is Pete.
15. This is my restaurant.
16. These are my jewels.
17. This is the church of my town.
18. These are my father´s book.
19. This is Ajax´s stadium.
20. This is my bag.
21. Is this my TV?
22. Are these your watches.
23. I like this clown.
24. These boys are American.
25. This is my money.

This is my dog
That is my dog
This, that, these and those
Demonstrative pronouns
These mice are looking at that mouse
how to use
Those are shoes.
You use them to point to nouns
Demonstrative pronouns

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