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No description

Caroline Stevenson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of koala

By: Coco Stevenson The Koala An amazing animal The End Description Natural Enemies the Koala fun facts The Koala doesn't drink at all, it gets the water from the eucalyptus leaves.

The Koala doesn't have time to play at all because most of the time it sleeps the rest of the time it eats.

The Koala is not a bear, instead it's a marsupial animal which means they carry their joey in a pouch. The Koala's fur color is grey, greyish-brown, white, and black.
It weighs about 4 kilograms to 15 kilograms (about 8.8 pounds to 33 pounds).The Koala's height is about 60 cm to 85 cm ( 24 inches to 34 inches). It also has a good sense of smell and hearing but bad eyesight. The Koala's thickly padded tail helps them sit in trees for hours and hours. The Koala has 3 different species, the Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. The Queensland is the smallest of the species. They weigh about 11 pounds and the bigger variety can weigh about 26 pounds. They can live to be 15 to 20 years old. Thanks for watching Hi, I'm Coco and I'm going to tell you about the Koala first I'm going to talk about Description, Geography/Habitat, Diet, Natural Enemies, then Environmental Impact.

Hope you have a fun time watching The Koala lives on only one of the 7 continents which is, Australia. It lives on the South Eastern coast of Australia on the Pacific Ocean. Geography/Habitat The Koala does not hibernate because the Koala is really not a bear. It lives in its habitat all year long because it likes the high tops of the eucalyptus trees. The Koala lives in Eucalyptus trees, islands, and coastal forests. The Koala uses its sharp claws to climb the trees. The Koala finds their home by sniffing to see if some other koala lives there. It does not build a home, it finds a home and lives there. Diet The Koala is a herbivore. It eats mostly Eucalyptus leaves.
It can also eat soil, bark, and gravel but prefers eucalyptus leaves. It also uses its front, very strong teeth to munch on all the food it eats. The Koala is a very picky eater and if it doesn’t find Eucalyptus leaves, it doesn’t eat
at all. The Koala has a limited number of natural enemies. The Koala’s natural enemies include large owls, and Tasmanian wolves also dogs and pythons are natural enemies. But the Koala's biggest threat is humans even though they are not natural predators at all. This is because humans try to hunt Koalas down for fur and pets. Motor vehicles are threats to the Koala because they might run them over.The Koala has several ways to protect itself. It has sharp front teeth and sharp claws. The sharp claws help it climb up the tree fast to get away. After it gets into the tree it stays and hides in the eucalyptus leaves. It uses its sharp teeth for trying to bite its predator. The Koala moves around the tree by holding on with its sharp claws. The Koala can also run but only runs 2 miles per hour. The Koala is almost endangered. There are several causes leading to this. Humans threaten Koalas by hunting them for their fur. Wild fires reduce their population because some of the Koalas don’t survive from the fire. The green house gas emissions are making eucalyptus leaves their sole food source so now Koalas don’t have as much food to eat.There are only about 40,000 to 100,000 Koalas remaining. Scientists say that 4,000 Koalas are killed each year, from motor vehicles and dogs, also humans and wild fires. Environmental Impact Question What is the baby Koala called? A. a baby

B. a joey

C. a young one

D. Koala
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