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No description

Berta Briñas García

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of SADfLOR

A Decision Support System for forest management planning

Berta Briñas García
Erasmus Mundus MSc MEDfOR
What is a DSS?

It is a system that gathers data, produces information and knowledge through the interpretation of this information. It supports all stages of the planning process (Borges, J. G. class notes, 2013).
Speed of computation.
Solution of problems related to human knowledge
Cost reduction.
Technical support.
Decision support
Adaptation and innovation.

Integrated by 4 independent
and compatible modules:
1. Management information
2. Prescription generator
3. Decision
4. Results visualisation and reporting
1. Management information module
All participants have access and can search the input data stored:
Spatial and non-spatial information (administrative atributes...)
Topological data -> spatial recognition of land units
Financial and economic data-> financial analysis
Simulation outputs

2. Prescriptions generator
Generates different
to run the model with and see the outcomes.

Very important that the quality of
is good to build reliable

Users can define different ranges for parameters (rotation lenght, initial density...)
Prescription writer
Growth & Yield model
Growth and yield models:
dynamic representation of the forest and its dynamics, based on a set of (sub-)models or modules that together determine the dynamic of the forest as defined by the values of a set of state variables
SUBER Globulus 3PG
3. Decision module
5. Results visualisation and reporting module
Management model generator
: reads outputs from the prescription generator and financial data from the information module, creating coefficients needed for equations in three different versions (LP, MIP, GP).

with an external solver (CPLEX). Different objectives (e.g. max forest value). Also possibility of solving by heuristics.
Optimised results
Graphs and tables
Forest management data
Economic data

Data structured following INfLOR 2.1. guidelines.

In the case of Portugal, the data is maintained and updated by the Portuguese Forest Service.
García-Gonzalo et al. (2013)
SADfLOR tutorial, 2013
Tomé, Class notes, 2013
Thank you very much!
Input data for
Borges, J. G., 2013. Class notes. Instituto de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Garcia-Gonzalo J.; Palma J. H. N.; Freire J. P. A.; Tome M.; Mateus R.; RodrIguez L. C. E.; Bushenkov V.; Borges J. G., 2013. A decision support system for a multi stakeholder’s decision process in a Portuguese National Forest. Forest systems 22 (2): 359-373.
SADfLOR tutorial, A Web-Based Forest and Natural Resources Decision Support System Work-in-progress, 2013. In Decision Support System Workshop and ForestDSS Community of Practice 4-6 December 2013 Lisbon, Portugal In DSS workshop, Lisbon, Portugal.
Tomé, M., 2013. Class notes. Instituto de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Stand G&Y characterization for planning horizon
Info to run decision models
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