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The Endocrine System

A formal presentation by the scholarly Ben Tilley

Ben Tilley

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Endocrine System

An Overview The endocrine system is in charge of slow body processes, works with the nervous system, and the foundation is made up of hormones and glands Definitions Hormones: The body's chemical messenger, levels can be influenced by certain factors.
Glands: group of cells
that secrete chemicals,
cleans up waste in the blood. Parts of the endocrine system Hypothalamus gland The hypothalamus gland is
located in the lower central
part of the brain and controls
the pituitary gland.
Pituitary gland The Pituitary Gland is referred
to as the Master Gland. It is
divided into two parts, or lobes.
Thyroid gland and
parathyroid glands Located in the front part of the lower neck, produces thyroid hormones. These help you grow and stay full of energy.
adrenal glands The body has two, located on top of the kidneys. Each has two parts, each having separate responsibilities.
thymus gland A very small gland
located on the neck,
produces lymphocytes pancreas Located near the stomach, produces insulin.
Gonads: testes Located in the scrotum,
the testes are a gland in males,
acts as a main source for sex hormones.
gonads: ovaries Located in the pelvis,
the ovaries’ function is to
release egg cells and to produce hormones.
The Endocrine System A formal presentation
by the scholarly ben tilley kidneys Located just above the
hips, the kidneys remove
waste and water from the blood
and produces many hormones
and vitamins. pineal gland Located in the central part
of the brain, the pineal gland
causes feelings of sleepiness. Problems with the Endocrine System Diabetes Type 1: Pancreas produces
little or no insulin Type 2: more common, where
body becomes resistant to the
effects of insulin Precocious puberty When sexual and physical characteristics mature at an earlier period than normal Boys:
enlargement of penis or testicles
hair development
rapid growth
voice deepening

breast development
hair development
onset of menstruation
"mature" body odor
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