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Aquatic Food Web

By: Geah and Suprajira

Geah De Rama

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Aquatic Food Web

Quick Vocabulary Carnivores, Scavengers & Teritaries By: Geah De Rama & Suprajira Morakotjantachote Producer-An organism that makes it's own food, it gets energy from the sun.
Consumer-An organism that gets it's energy from eating other organisms.
Decomposer-An organism that gets energy from breakings down organisms. The Sun Quick Vocabulary Herbivore- An organism that eats only plants and gets energy from plants.
Omnivore- An organism that eats both plants and animals, it gets energy from plants and animals. Producers & Decomposers Herbivores & Omnivores
(Primary and Secondary) The sun is the main
source of engery to producers in
the food web. Plankton-Tiny living organsims that is a producer, it's the most crucial part of the food web and get eaten by small fish.
Algae-A producer that is a group of
non-flowering plants that don't have features of a plant.
Seaweed is a type of Algae.
Bacteria-A decomposer that is a single-celled organism that can live in non and living organisms.
Small little fishes are an example of herbivores. They eat the algae and plankton,
and other seaplants.
Turtles and Sea Otters are examples of omnivores. Turtles eat jellyfish &
algae. Sea otters eat sea urchins and seaweed.
Believe it or not whales eat small fish and creatures, plants, and even plankton. Seals eat penguins, but seals get eaten by whales. Whales and Polar Bears are teritaries but there is one top king.....
Sharks! Kings of the ocean! The sharks are a carnivores, scavengers, and teritaries, though they are misunderstood creatures. Quick Vocabulary Carnivore-A consumer that only eats meat, it gets energry from meat.
Scavenger-A consumer that eats dead plants and animals.
Teritiary(Teritaries)-A consumer that is on the top of the food web, scavengers are one.
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