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Pre-Confederation Project 1630-1690


Mary Mohamad

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Pre-Confederation Project 1630-1690

1630-1690 By:Braden, Elliot, Mary and Jenny HOTEL-DIEU IN QUEBEC 1640: Beaver WARS Occured Importance: When the Iroquois exterminated the beaver and otter population in their own country, they looked beyond their traditional range for pelts. Hotel-dieu was the first hospital in Canada. It was founded by Jeanne Mance Effect: This lead to BEAVER WARS against Huron, Algonquin and Themselves. There was an over-hunting of beavers because they were the latest craze. 1665-First of the Filles Du Roi 900 poor or orphan young women and girls sent to colonize New France. Importance: It helped colonize New France thus solving the population shortage in the colony. France sent 900 single young women and girls to New France.
If they married and had children they got a dowry. A dowry is when you are rewarded with 1 ox, a cow, 2 pigs, 2 chickens, salt beef and a purse full of money. Filles du Roi is french for "the Kings Daughters". These are the first of the Filles du Roi Importance: It originated our healthcare system and the proper services provided by hospitals.

Effect: Contributed to the making of several hundred schools across the country and encouraged involvement in charitable works. Lead to the growth of hospitals-did not exclude people of specific races, languages or religions. 1670: HBC founded. Hudson's Bay Company or HBC was a trading company. Groups involved: The British, the First Nations, the Inuit, and the French(Coureurs de bois). They traded with the First Nations, and Inuit. HBC is the oldest commercial corporation in North America, and one of the oldest in the world. 1653arrival of St.martguerite bourgeoys She was the FIRST teacher in New France, at Ville Marie 1653- Arrival of St.Marguerite Bourgeoys Group involved: The French Importance/effect: She high lightened the role of women in society and in church, taught young girls how to run a home and a farm. She founded the Congregation of Notre-Dame, which became the first religious institute in Canada. 1663: King Louis sets up Sovereign Council Importance: Without the Sovereign Council, New France would of not succeeded. At first it was just a place to trade furs and few people wanted to move there. The colony failed to prosper. There are three members of the Sovereign Council

They are the Governor, Intendant and the Bishop Effect: France gained more natural resources, became more POWERFUL and RICHER. 1690 1690- english capture port royale. importance: 1690- English captures Port Royal. Importance: The battle of Port Royal led to many more sieges for Port Royal and conflicts. Due to the violent attacks and subsequent raids,the Englanders broke the trust of many Acadians. Groups Involved: Mainly English, Acadians and the French. It was captured by Sir William Phips Effect: Many residents were forced to administrate an oath of allegiance to the British crown. THE END! Iroquois-had betrayed their teachings and traditions by their overwhelmed hunting of the beaver and otter population. The Nuns-provided nursing care, managed the hospital and directed schools of nursing. Jeanne Mance-VERY FIRST to become a nurse in New France, founded the hospital. Effect: Within 14 years the population of New France grew from 3200 to 10000. Importance: Hudson’s Bay Company established an English presence in Northwest and a route to the fur trade centered on Montreal that was definitely competitive. Effect: It connected the Northwest with the rest of the country and the fur trade brought the First Nations and the Europeans together having a mutual benefit and helped create a country in the process.
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