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No description

desiree correa

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of waves

BY: DESIREE CORREA WAVE ENERGY currents waves water is constantly moving through out the ocean patterns called currents. Deep ocean occur miles (km) below the water.deep-ocean currents occur miles (km) below the surface.These currents are driven by differences in the density,or heaviness,of the ocean water.The density of ocean water depends on its temperature and salinity,or how much salt it holds.Colder,saltier water is heavier than warmer,less salty water. Seymour Simon Seymour Simon waves that move across the ocean and carry energy of the wind so there can be huger waves.The high spot of the wave is called crest. The crest is like the foam you see on top of the wave. The low spot of the wave is called trough. The distance of the two crest (or two troughs) is called wavelength the height of the distance from a crest and trough especially waves likes
these have wave energy waves Most waves are caused by winds blowing over the surface of an ocean. Waves are also caused by the moon because the moons gravity pulls the ocean waves back and the water and lets it go. waves begin as tiny ripples. As the ripples grow, the wind pushes the back of the ripples and makes it bigger and it turns into a wave. The size of the waves depend on how hared the wind blows ripples wind blowing waves ocean current ocean Oceans Waves and by the help of Maritza THE END BY: DESIREE CORREA with a little help from maritza
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