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MD Call Re: 2012 Fundraising

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Julie Angilly

on 15 October 2011

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Transcript of MD Call Re: 2012 Fundraising

2012 Fundraising Planning Update Agenda:
1. 2012 Contributed Revenue Strategic Priorities

2. 2012 Fundraising Performance Metrics

3. Local Funding Models

4. Tools and Support Goal: MDs are aware of proposed 2012 contributed revenue strategic priorities and success measurements and have an opportunity to provide feedback before we finalize. Goal: Memorialize the 2012 fundraising performance targets by ensuring everyone is aware of proposed targets and has an opportunity to provide feedback before they are finalized. Goal: Ensure all MDs are aware of the work we are doing to create new local funding plans. Share latest and plan to finalize by 10/27. Goal: Ensure all MDs are aware of the tools and resources that are available to them 2011 contribued revenue strategy based on two key assumptions. To succeed with a sustainable contributed revenue model, Education Pioneers must:

1. Build the capacity to generate revenue from local sources, and
2. Increase the volume of mid-range gifts

We set out to accomplish 4 Strategic Goals:

1. Achieve realistic fundraising targets with special focus on increasing local fundraising capacity
2. Improve fundraising planning and practices
3. Build / engage national boards and local advisory boards to support fundraising
4. Track and critically assess fundraising progress
Key Insights and Recommendations:

Overall, we had a very successful fundraising year exceeding our overall fundraising target and a vast majority of FR units meeting or exceeding their targets!

Our “indicator” fundraising performance metrics were likely too complicated both to monitor well and to track. However, we continue to need to improve our discipline of consistently tracking activities in SalesForce.

There is lots of untapped opportunity at the national level. In 2012, we should prioritize efforts to ensure we are maximizing our current relationships and advancing new promising relationships as there is a big ROI on these investments.

We need to continue to work to build fundraising capacity at the local level as our local base will be key to our long-term organization sustainability. We need to improve some specific fundraising practices and ensure we fill open roles with leaders who can be strong local fundraisers.

Our National BOD (and local Advisory Boards to an extent) will be key to raising the influence of, awareness about, and dollars to support Education Pioneers. We need a smart strategy and action plan to ensure our National BOD and local Advisory Boards are filled with well-connected champions to help advance our work.
2012 Contributed Revenue Strategic Priorities (DRAFT)

1. Meet or exceed realistic fundraising targets by maximizing donor relationships, especially national relationships, and continuing to build local fundraising capacity.

2. Focus explicitly on improving two critical fundraising practices across the organization: 1) increasing in-person donor visits with an ask and 2) consistent (weekly or bi-weekly) management and advancement of fundraising unit’s portfolios.

3. (Tentative) Fund EP's ambitous 3-year plan by launching a growth capital campaign.

4. Increase influence of Education Pioneers boards with a primary focus on the National BOD and a secondary focus on local Advisory Boards.
2012 Fundraising Performance Metrics (DRAFT) "You manage what you measure." For 2012, we plan to measure these two critical metrics to track FR performance across the org:

1. Committed dollars to FR targets

2. In-person Visits that include an "Ask"

Through dashboards and monthly reports, we plan to monitor what is below as indicators for success with the two FR performance metrics above:

1. Qualified Prospect Pool (based on 2:1 ratio of prospects to gifts based on gift plan targets)

2. (TBD) Overall activities, "in-person visit scheduled" as an "indicator" to in-person visits being on track
Based on your budget target (this is the floor goal while your gift plan target will be your stretch goal) 20 per FR unit by the end of Sept. 2012 (target will be higher for DOD)

10 by Feb. 1, 2012 3. Local Funding Models
Mike will be sharing the latest update on revising local funding models on the call. We will send you a couple documents prior to the call. Our plan is to finalize these models by 10/27.

Once they are finalized, we would like you to adjust your gift plan target to equal 1/2 of your revised local budget (representing your tippy toes stretch goal) ... see below This is Liam's Current Gift Plan This is Liam's budget target. This is the "floor" fundraising target for the Bay Area. For illustration purposes only (these are not final numbers), let's say that Liam's revised local budget looks like this:

Local Site Expenses $426,000
National Allocation $350,000
Total $776,000
The revised gift plan target would be $388,000

(or $776,000 / 2 = $388,000) We will also be adjusting the prospect target to a 2:1 ratio (considering our new "For Impact" approach to "asks").

So, if Liam's gift total went to 12 total gifts, his qualified prospect target would be 24. Liam's current gift plan totals $218,000, in this illustration ... we will ask Liam to revise his gift plan so it totals $388,000. This would represent the Bay Area's tippy toes stretch goal for 2012. 4. Tools and Support We are working on a Walter page to archive all of the tools and resources available including role play videos, templates, etc. Also, as part of our contract with For Impact, coaching support over the next couple months will look like this:

1. Bi-weekly pipeline managment check-ins (or green sheet check-ins)
2. On-demand strategy sessions for big asks
3. Golden Visit Ticket Hopefully this gives you a good high-level background for our discussion on Monday. "See" you then!
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