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Bringing World Music Into the Classroom

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jacob elkins

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Bringing World Music Into the Classroom

Bringing World Music
Into the

By: Jacob Elkins

What is World Music?
Music from around the world, that is outside of the traditional western classical music canon.
Why Choose This topic?
-Personal Interest
-Learning how to teach this music
Where to Find Resources?
-Invite a guest to come to your class or video conference
-Virtual Field Experiences (Sarah J. Bartolome)
-Local Events
-Don't Underestimate YouTube!
Who Can Learn About World Music?
-Young Students
-Older students
How to Remain Respectful
-Use Appropriate names and terms
-Consult with, or bring in guests of that culture
-Be ethnocentric
-Misuse sacred or ceremonial music out of context. If you are unsure, look for a different example.
-Propagate stereotypes
-Barry, N. H., & Conlon, P. (2003)
Limited Resources? No Problem.

-playing world music with what you have, is better then not playing any world music at all!*
-"get kids playing typical patterns and melodies" (Bartolome)
-"many [world music] instruments have their Counterparts in common classroom instruments"(Perlmutter)

*As long as it is respectful to do so.
Why Teach World Music in Our Classes?
-Diverse classrooms (give everyone a time to shine)
-Learn something new
-Opportunities for cross curricula units with other teachers
-Learn about historical roots
-Inspiration for students interested in composition, dance, acting, etc.
-Some musical skills may be easier/ more efficient to learn with the aid of World music, dance, games etc.
-Many more!
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