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science fair project-glowing water

how to make water glow plus its a good science fair project

fatima aljifri

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of science fair project-glowing water

thanx 4 watching hope you enjoyed!!!! glowing water enjoy!!!!!! black light emits mostly ultraviolet and little of visable light. some pictures: extra you could also use glowing paint instead of a highlighter result the water will glow. what will you need... conclusion what do you do??? Sketches containers
black light/flashlight Materials that fluoresce contain phosphors, which absorb radiation from the black light and re-emit visible light, making the fluorescent substance or object appear to glow in the dark to the human eye. It also glows from its color. The highlighter has a yellow neon color that makes the water glow. 1.cut the highlighter

2.take the highlighter ink

3. squeeze it in the container full of water

4.put the black light/flashlight behind it.

5. have fun!!!:) the water will glow after putting the highlighter and the flashlight behind Hypothesis
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