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The Hero's Journey

No description

Maddie Kaller

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey in Princess Mononoke
The Call to Adventure
Ashitaka spots a beast from the forest coming towards town. It is one of the boar gods, possessed by demons and hate. While fighting the boar, Ashitaka comes in contact with the black curse on the boar's skin, and he himself becomes cursed.

Crossing the Threshhold

When Ashitaka is exiled, he hopes to find out why the boar was filled with hate, and hopefully a cure to his own curse.

Tests and Challenges
Ashitaka is confronted with challenges to test his character. He is troubled by Princess Mononoke (San), her mother the wolf godess and, the spirit of the forest, the god in charge of life and death.
The Hero's Journey
Princess Mononoke
Approach to the Center of Unknown
The Ordeal
In a small town on the outskirts of the forest, humans fight to keep the spirits of the forest out, so that they can continue producing iron. The leader takes a small army of men out to kill the Great Forest Spirit and take his head. Ashitaka and San try to stop her but the spirit's head gets blown off and San's mother is killed. And thus, the forest spirit turns into a monster, poisoning the forest and killing everything in his wake.
The Reward

San and Ashitaka return the Great Forest Spirit's head and he disappears, healing the land, and curing Ashitaka and San.

The Road Back
Though Ashitaka can not return home, he makes a new home for himself in Irontown where he can help the citizens create a better town and still occasionally visit San.
Return with the Elixer
A wise woman in Ashitaka’s village tells him that he may find a cure in the western lands.
While he is heading west, Ashitaka meets with a wandering monk who tells him that he might find help from the Great Forest Spirit.
Ashitaka discovers two injured Irontown men in the forest, and then he sees San and the wolf clan. He addresses them, but they ignore him and leave. He carries the injured through the forest, where he sees many kodama, and gets a glimpse the Forest Spirit.
Ashitaka becomes pulled into the trouble of Irontown and the forest from this point foward.
Ashitaka also learns Eboshi was responsible for turning the boar into the demon that was in his village.
Ashitaka is cured of his curse
Ashitakas has found a love for San, and him for her.
San tells Ashitaka how much he means to her
Ashitaka chooses to help rebuild Irontown
Ashitaka promises to visit San in the forest
In gratitude to Ashitaka, Eboshi vows to rebuild a better town
Madeline Kaller
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