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ian de leon

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of presentation

jus dom we are composed of 20 boys 20 girls we have 13 17 boys girls jah Abelende, Al Jarru "Dragon" + respectful, protective, generous - sarcastic, boastful, easily angered *civil engineer* "Chicken, I have read it in a book" jr Abenaza, John Roy *journalist* "Recom" + friendly studious respectful - lazy , kuripot, corny "Chicken: God made them." chard "Jai ho"
Asaytuno, Richard - quiet, God fearing, generous
+ basag trip sabatero mambabara "Chicken: why would God
create an . egg first?" jap mar "Tiburon" *electrical engineering* Bugtong, Ergio Mar *IT expert* - god-fearing, gentleman, loyal + pilosopo, noisy, bully "Chicken: Yes...." lance *computer engineer* rob Castor, John Robie "Eagle man" *electrical engineer* + trustworthy, generous, talented - naughty, pilyo, sleepyhead "Chicken: No one would lay eggs
without them." 1st "Chikboy" *great chef* + good cook, basketball, talented - bully, playboy, lazy "Egg: Where did the chicken come from?" *meralco owner* migs Crispino, Jose Miguel Cedeño, First John "Forehead/coconut" +patient, hot, gentleman -moody, thin, super hot "Chicken: Just like the story of Adam and Eve. Parents were created first before their children." jm "Chicken: The egg wont come out without the chicken." ian +friendly openminded thrifty Cruz, Jan Martin "Barack" *engineer who owns Banko Central* +never gets angry, cheerful, forgiving -small, dark de Leon II, Mariano "Bimby" *Computer programmer* -free fall, kuripot, lazy Canapi, Christopher Lance "Tulog" + loving, thrifty, helpful - lazy, physical, pikon "Chicken: No one would incubate
the eggs without them." *Travelling around the world* .....with his girl and a dancer "Chicken: God created Humans first, as well as chickens" cid Dela Cruz, Elcid
"dog" *NBA all star player* + friendly simple open-minded
- liar, hampas lupa , busabos
"Egg: theres no egg , there would be no chicken

carl "seven" *computer addict na pediatrician* + generous, joker, friendly
- mapang asar, maloko, noisy
"Chicken: theres no egg without the chicken"
jp kayoe "Poknat" Ocampo, Kayoe Llewel
*Nutritionist* + friendly, gallant, open minded
- trash talker, pikon, antukin "Chicken: as is, because maybe God created the chicken first" vid lex Santos, Alexis
"lolo" *PBA player* + gentleman, good in basketball, tanggal badtrip - liar, pikon, boastful
"Egg: trip ko"
son Sudario, Jayson
"pinya" *engineer* that made the richest company + gentleman generous loyal
- maloko lazy noisy
"Chicken: no egg no chicken" macky Valmonte, Mark Ivan
"torpe" *architect* + artistic, religious, friendly
- noisy, judgemental, mapanakit "Egg: that where the chicken came from" julius "Negro" *chef at a cruise ship* + friendly,patient Amargo, Julius Henric - naughty, bully "chicken-because god made chicken first before the egg" ed *IT* "kilay" Bagalay, Joed + astig, friendly, jolly - lazy, bully, brutal "chicken: because it lays eggs" lale Belale, John Joecel "panga" *professional drummer* + good drummer, friendly, humble - chickboy, naughty, buraot "egg: if the chicken lays an egg it will become a chicken" turo Blanquisco,Arturo III "tabss" *professionl chef* + generous,helpful
- matakaw,naughty "chicken: if there is no chicken noone will incubate the eggs" gab Jaramilla, John Gabriel "Nunal" *successful chef* + generous, helpful
- lazy, liar "chicken: because God made chickens to lay eggs" khail "Nog" *best ECE* Manaig,Mikhail Ysaac + kalog, astig, trustworthy
- buraot, kuripot, madamot "chicken: God made the chickens" jeric "Kirat" *Still An Ordinary Person* Racho,Jeric Bryan + galante, friendly
- useless, lazy "Chicken: Because God made the chickens" abu van pap Papruz, Mark Adrian *moustache*
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