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Causes for U.S. Entrance into WWI

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Martha Kerr

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Causes for U.S. Entrance into WWI

U Boat Warfare
Lusitania sunk 1915- 
128 Americans killed, anti German feelings soar!
Germany promises no 
more "unrestricted submarine warfare"
Germany tries to break 
Allies blockade- announce
resuming "unrestricted 
submarine warfare" Jan. 
Causes for U.S. Entrance into WWI

Jan. 1917 Germany official (Zimmermann) sent 
secret message to 
Mexico-asks them to join 
in the war against the 
Russian Revolutions
March 1917 Germany
sinks 3 U.S. ships
*immediate cause for U.S. entrance
intercepted Feb. 
1917- Anti-German 
feelings soar!
March 1917- 1st 
revolution, Czar forced 
out, new democratic gov. 
attempts to hold power
Wilson more eager to 
fight alongside 
"democratic" gov. and 
help Allies.
Nov. 1917-Bolshevik 
Revolution- Russia 
withdraws from the 
war! Treaty of Brest-
Litovsk- Germany gains land and can focus on 1 
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