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Fabio Perez and Kory Connor

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Fabio Perez and Kory Connor

When his regiment was retrearting, this soldier returned in the face of enemy fire, pulled the regimental flag from under the body of its carrier, who had fallen, saved the flag from capture.
Nathaniel Allen
Summary of Nathaniel Allen

Honor-had protected his countries flag from enemy capture

Valor-returned to the face of enemy fire

Courage-willing to save the flag even if he could've been killed

Patriotism-joined the military to protect his country

Sacrifice-sacrificed his safety because he could have kept on retreating, but when he noticed that the carrier of the regimental flag had been killed, he returned to retrieve the flag.

Sammy Davis
After being impaled multiple times by beehive darts, he makes 2 painful trips to save his comrades using a air matress for a floatation device.
Nathaniel Allen
Fabio Perez and Kory Connor

The Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest and rarest award in the land.

Only 1 of the 3465 recipients since it's creation in 1861 was female.

If you touch the medal of honor and did not earn it, then you will be sent to prison.
Civil War
Sammy Davis

Clarence E. Sasser
Clarence Eugene Sasser was a medic assigned to Headquarters, 3d Battalion. He was participating in an air assualt when he was ambushed by bullets and missiles from three sides. In a few minutes, over 30 of his fellow soldiers were fatally wounded and killed. Even though bullets were flying at him from all directions, he still ran across the rice paddy where they had landed to assist his fellow comrades and give them medical attention. On the way to his wounded friends he was hit in the shoulder by shrapnel from a rocket that had exploded. He was immobilized but still went to another soldier. He was then evacuated.
Clarence E. Sasser
Arthur J. Jackson
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