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Catch-22 MWDS

No description

Justin Thiede

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Catch-22 MWDS

Plot Author About the Author Used a lot of friends and things from camp and portrayed them in his book About The Plot A Military Captain named Yossarian is the main character Had no father and mother was a Russian Immigrant

Joseph Heller lived on Coney Island of NY Inspiration for the book came from his experience in the Air Force during WWII Died in NY of a heart in 1999 at the age of seventy-six Yossarian becomes paranoid and believes everyone around him is trying to kill him The Colonial keeps extending the missions limit for before they can leave the military Yossarian never wants to fly so he finds ways to stay in the hospital Eventually he starts flying because mission limit is so high Presentation By: Justin Thiede Setting: In WWII when you got drafted you didnt really have a choice to what you did. Whoever drafted you(Air force, Military, Etc.) is where you went/what you did. Historical Aspects: A lot of things included in this novel are pretty accurate when it comes to the War/Air Force aspect. Also during WWII a lot of people didnt want to go to war. Real life example: My grandpa got a letter saying he got drafted into the Army during WWII. My grandpa sent back a letter saying something along the lines of " I dont want to go and im not going. If you want me to go, you're going to have to come and get me."
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