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Alexander Calder

No description

Amanda Stuart

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Alexander Calder

Calder is the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents.
1. Create a "map" to plan out your mobile.
2. Draw out shapes to create stencils.
3. Trace around your stencils onto aluminum or thin cardboard.
4. Lay out shapes to match your "map."
5. Begin attaching shapes using wire from the bottom up.
Project: Create a Mobile in the style of Alexander Calder
In short, although Calder has no desire to imitate anything—his one aim is to create chords and cadences of unknown movements—his mobiles are at once lyrical inventions, technical, almost mathematical combinations and the perceptible symbol of Nature: great elusive Nature, squandering pollen and abruptly causing a thousand butterflies to take wing…
–Jean-Paul Sartre
Yellow Disk, 1953, painted steel
Alexander Calder
1898 1976

Works of Art
aluminum and steel
aluminum/thin cardboard
sculpture wire
needle nose pliers
spray paint
Procedure Continued:
6. Balance each object using
the balance tool in the video.
7. Put your sculpture together
piece by piece until you work
your way to the top.
8. Paint each piece in a color
"I think best in wire"
Calder created face sculptures in wire and also his own jewelry.
Inspired by Miro
In 1975 Calder was commissioned to paint this BMW.
More Alexander Calder Artwork
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