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How to Write a Short Story

For my Advanced English class

Jamie Heidel

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Short Story

STEP TWO Write down the best ideas! Jamie Heidel How top write a Short Story STEP ONE Imagine something brilliant! Brainstorm and think of as many possibilities as you can. Step Three Pick the one you most want to write about or the one you're the most passionate about. Step Four Create Characters and Character Bios Step Five Be CREATIVE!!! All those ideas that you're afraid to use, use them. You might be glad you did. Story Ideas Mystery
Adventure Story
Horror Story
Religious Story Characters Poppy- Main Character. Protagonist. Discovers the power of Faith and Love.
Jack- Poppy's Husband. Helps Poppy through the worst of their struggles.
Lillith- Antagonist. Evil villain... Tries to tear people apart. Step Seven Play your favorite music. Music always helps me focus and tune out distractions. This presentation is on how I write Short Stories. There's really not any specific guidelines that I follow. I write because I enjoy it, and one day hope to make a career of it. Writing to me is my voice. If I have something to say, a message to share, or just a story to tell, this is the way I do it. Though it may not be Important to all of you, it is to me. Enjoy! Step Eight Start writing. After you've got all your thought together and cut out distractions, get as much down as you can while it's fresh on your mind. Step Nine Re-read, edit, change. Re-read, edit, change. Re-read, edit, change back. Those crazy ideas you had might seem a little too out there, and may need to be revised. Step Eleven Perfect it! Make it that story you want to read more than once. Fix all the errors and make it amazing. Step Twelve Title it. It's always easier for me to give a story a title after I'm completely finished with it. You're done! Now share it with people. :) Red- Same Disease Step Ten Have someone else read it and give you their opinion. They might also find a mistake that you overlooked. Step Six Choose the theme or the message you want in the story. What do you want to share with people? Story Ideas Mystery
Adventure Story
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