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Vassals in the Middle Ages

No description

Adam Wright

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Vassals in the Middle Ages

Vassals in the Middle Ages
Religion's role
The Lord and the vassal would conduct a Commendation Ceremony where they underwent Christian Sacraments to show the importance of the ceremony.
A vassals clothes
A vassal would wear silk clothes given to them by their lord
A vassal's shelter
Vassals would live in the keep in their lord's castle.
Men often went hunting and trapping while the women would sew. Men were often hired to catch and train hawks.
Health and medicine
Nobles ate very little fruit and vegetables and their food was highly spiced. Medicine was very poor, doctors knew very little. Leeches were often attached to let out blood.
Romantic/Family life
Marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride and groom, girls as young as twelve would marry someone her parents thought were eligible. Men would be the dominant leader of the house. Marriages were arranged to involve land issues and create strategic bonds.
A vassal was bound in a contract with a Lord that allowed them to own land given to them by that lord. The vassal would have to conduct duties for the Lord whenever it was needed.
A Vassals Role
Cure for the plague sold here!
Adam Wright
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