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Ad Campaign

Braden Child

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of LISTERINE

LISTERINE We believe that we can gain an even larger share of the market by appealing to the hearts of our target audience, young professionals looking to make the transition from youth to adulthood smoothly and with confidence. With this campaign we will convey confidence using bold fonts, strong colors and classic images of confident men and women taken during high-pressure situations. We hope to illustrate LISTERINE as a classic mouthwash that is as relevant today as it was back in the day! With this new campaign for LISTERINE, we plan on creating a strong emotional tie to our brand. Our goal is to make the word “CONFIDENCE” synonymous with “LISTERINE”. By emphasizing the fresh breath making powers of LISTERINE, the potential consumer will feel better prepared to take on all the challenges that life brings. LISTERINE users will feel sufficiently confident to impress future employers during interviews, make a lasting impression on first date, and secure that bad breath doesn’t stand in the way of making the most out of life’s opportunities. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths=Listerine does what it is advertized to do, that is kill the germs that cause bad breath. It has been around since 1879 and has a long history of keeping mouths clean and healthy. Weaknesses=Listerine does not demand a strong company loyalty. The common consumer of mouthwash does not have an emotional connection to Listerine. Opportunity=Listerine could become as much a necessity as toothpaste, deodorant, or shampoo. We feel like mouthwash could become something that you NEED to have in on your bathroom counter. Threats=In a market full of companies and industries competing to have a stronghold on the fresh breath market, Listerine needs to establish itself as a viable source for long lasting fresh breath. LISTERINE is the only mouthwash that kills the germs that cause bad breath and gives the user the confidence needed to tackle life’s everyday challenges. CREATIVE PLAN Scene opens with a young man looking into the mirror. Young man opens a bottle of LISTERINE and pours himself a capful. The young man uses the LISTERINE and the camera zooms into his eyes that are now open wide. Epic soaring string music plays as a montage of classic Hollywood kisses are shown. The camera then zooms out from the young man’s eyes. He spits out the LISTERINE into the sink, smiles and walks out of the frame. BROADCAST PRINT ADS We plan on using classic images of confident men and women with little bottles of LISTERINE cropped in to the frame suggesting that the confidence exuded is directly related to the persons use of LISTERINE. NON-TRADITIONAL CAMPAIGN We plan on placing photo booths on 20 of America's most populous campuses These photo booths will be painted in LISTERINE blue and allow users to recreate the famous images that we have used throughout the campaign. Users will then be able to upload their photos directly to their Facebook pages and share their images with friends. After a three month period the booths will be removed and the five photos with the most total "likes" will recieve one year of free LISTERINE. The photos will tagged with the slogan, LISTERINE. CLASSIC. CONFIDENCE. and be networked together so that those who have taken pictures or have friends that have taken pictures will be able to see them. DEMOGRAPHICS EXECUTIVE SUMMERY ADVERTISING PLAN CONCLUSION Though LISTERINE is the clear mouthwash market leader, there is a lot of potentialial growth for LISTERINE as a brand. By growing customer loyalty among young consumers we can take LISTERINE to the next level and control even more of the market. THANK YOU. Age: 18-25, Generation Y “Millennials”
College students and those just entering the workforce.
Ethnicity: All races Life Style: Busy Under high pressure Highly social Psychographics: Young adults getting ready to move on to adulthood. Those who need that extra boost of confidence to make it through that transition stage. Open to new ideas. 58%=LISTERINE 12%=SCOPE 12%=NONE 8=ACT 10%=GENERIC BRAND WHICH BRAND OF MOUTHWASH DO YOU PREFER? BUDGET 36%=BROADCAST 32%=PRINT 20%=NON-TRADITIONAL 12%=OUT-OF-HOME Focuses mostly on college aged youth of all backgrounds and nationalities. LISTERINE is the clear market leader, but there is room for improvement among the age 18 -25 demographic. PUBLIC RELATIONS We plan on sending out LISTERINE representatives to the campuses where we have photo booths placed and having them
hand out travel sized bottles of LISTERINE at half times of football games. We will also cordinate with the schools to get our logo and slogan on the jumbotron during the ever popular “Kissing Cam” portion of the games.
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