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Twitter & Hootsuite Basics

RBLAC November 15

UNDP Social Media

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Twitter & Hootsuite Basics

More tips …
Choose a good handle
Your name
Topic that you feel passionate about
Not too long
Don’t lock your account
Fill in your description
Keywords work too – Twitter is searchable
You may want to include [tweets are mine]
Provide a link
Pick a nice photo
Opening a Twitter account
You don’t have to…
Set up a Hootsuite account and link your Twitter account to it

Schedule a message on Hootsuite
www.hootsuite.com  Sign up
Set up Hootsuite
Why Hootsuite?

Source: DPA
Set up a private Twitter account
Find 5 key influencers on Twitter for your field of work
Create a list
Draft 1 tweet & write #undpcom at the end
Tweet it!
Retweet 1 tweet

Email tweet: Undp.lab@twittermail.com
Text tweet: 914 297 8792


We need your stories – tell us about great content (photos  ) and we will share on our corporate accounts!
Join our social media theme days!
Multiparticapitory monostakeholder
Triangular mechanisms
Interface dialogue improvement
CPDP CoP action for #acronyms
If you’re using these words in your tweets, there may be room for improvement
Follow those you want as followers
#hashtag: #pobreza, #OMD, #desarrollo
Keywords – areas you’re interested in
Find someone who’s interesting and check their followers and whom they follow
Socialmention.com | wefollow.com | topsy.com | listorious
Check out our lists
Whom to follow & how to find them?
Have fun - be human
Include links – shortened Bitly, Google, TinyURL
Interact with key influencers (RT | Mention)
Be engaging!
Questions (Did you know?, Want to find out more?)
Calls to action
Pieces of data (rather than a title of report)
1/3 rule
Use existing #hashtags, use them sparingly
Live tweet – plan ahead – use short hashtags
That's where the conversation is
Talk to existing partners in new ways
Tap into new audiences, find new partners
Open up your work, invite participation
Access top expertise
Quick, easy access to resources, answers
Access latest thinking on development
Position yourself as an expert
Influence your field / policies...
Why Tweet?
Tweet you later! @svbroc
Link shortener
Auto scheduling

Hootsuite: Posting
Home Feed Mentions Direct Messages Sent Tweets
Hootsuite: Overview
Add your Twitter feed to Hootsuite
Set up Hootsuite
Social Media Monitoring
Why Hootsuite?
Team Management: Collaboration & Clearance Process
Why Hootsuite?
Manage different social media networks in one tool.
Why Hootsuite?
International Civil Servant Code of Conduct applies to all social networks
Always act in the interest of UNDP
Integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity, impartiality are key
Share cautiously
Prepare for times of crisis
Respect copyright laws, confidentiality, security of others
Check facts
Identify yourself, use corporate branding
… and don’ts
Message scheduling: manual and automatic
Why Hootsuite?
Top Tweets
Don’t be scared

Don’t be scared
RT = Retweet
140 characters
Anatomy of a tweet
Credit: @loopeznik @b1ythe (UNDP Europe CIS) | Patrick Stadler (DPA)
Twitter –
yet another
online tool !?!?

@svbroc | #UNDPCOM

Why Hootsuite?
Existing partners using Twitter
Social Media Theme Days
Provide interesting and relevant content
Well written, concise, understandable
Give credit – research Twitter handles
Quality over quantity
Provide context – link, #
Real Time & Public / Forever!
Think about CNN, your mother and your boss.
Basic version for free
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