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Conf: QR codes in the Language classroom

No description

Joan O'Sullivan

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Conf: QR codes in the Language classroom

QR codes in the Language classroom
To read a code:
Download the free
QR code reader i-nigma
Cross platform (available for IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones).
Then scan the QR code to read it.

Treasure Hunt:
Create qr codes for each instuction/task. Ss go to venue as instructed on QR code.
Here they find another QR code with link to the information.: e.g.
1. What 3 things do you enjoy doing at weekends? Write them down. Next: ULLC Noticeboard
2. ULLC Noticeboard: What activities are on in ULLC this week? Write down two you like. Next: River Cafe
3. River Cafe: What is for lunch today? How much is it? Take a photo of the menu.
4. River Cafe: Take photos of 3 other foods you see. Next: LLH
5. LLH: Find 3 movies that you'd like to watch? Next: Reception
6. Reception: Ask the administrator 3 questions about her family, her job, and what she enjoys doing. Prepare your questions first, and practice. Audio record the interview. Next: Our classroom.
7. Our classroom: Ask teacher 3 questions about her family, her job, and what she enjoys doing. Audio record the interview. Go to Question 8.
8. Finished! Well done!

Follow up / Homework : Report on tasks

Adapted from: http://www.emoderationskills.com/?p=1161
Try a custom-made QR treasure hunt generator


Generate your own QR code!
or download the app to your device

Print off your codes in hard copy for use in the classroom
share with your students using Whatsapp etc
What other ways could
you use QR codes in the classroom?
A few questions to consider:

Does the integration of QR codes add value??
Voice or text- pros and cons?
Own voice or synthesised voice - pros and cons?
What other ways could you use QR codes in the classroom?

Make a QR code from a soundfile
Use the voice recorder on your phone
Upload file to a site (e.g. blog/Dropbox/Google Drive), copy url and generate qr code!

About QR codes
Typically a code includes a short amount of text or weblink.

QR code encodes info vertically and horizontally – so you can get more info on it.
Scan QR codes using QR code reader which you can download to your mobile phone or device.

How can we use QR codes in language classroom?

Some ideas!
How do we make and read QR codes?
Does the integration of QR codes add value??
Engaging - exploits curiosity
Connects classroom with tools used in 'real' world
Exploits multi-media
Promotes autonomous learning


Other ideas
Answer key
Students produce QR code task/question and send to class group via Whatsapp. Other Ss then complete tasks.
Place QR codes around campus with links to more information. Ss gather info about place of interest and report back.

Some ideas from Joe Dale
Students use audio QR Codes to support written assignments, displays, presentations and dialogues. As an alternative to a written comment, teachers could put audio QR Codes in learners’ exercise books to summarize common mistakes.
Put QR Codes on paper worksheets which link to video or audio content with accompanying questions to create an alternative type of comprehension exercise compared to a traditional reading text.

Check out these links for tips and ideas:



Reconstructing texts:
Create a story using a soundfile in qr code format for each sentence of the text.
Jumble the qr codes so that they are not in the correct order.
Ss scan the codes, listen to the sentences, write them down and put them in the correct order.
Ss can also create these tasks for each other.
Joan O'Sullivan
University of Limerick Language Centre
Students research countries of target language
and then create qr codes
linking to urls of sound or textfiles providing info about places of interest.

Use qr codes for feedback
using text or sound files

Teacher records feedback, uploads file to Google Drive (or similar) and copies the link to the qr code generator to generate code.
Insert in student's document.

A few questions to consider:

Voice or text- pros and cons?
Own voice or synthesised voice - pros and cons?
What other ways could you use QR codes in the classroom?
http://vocaroo.com/ (record your voice)
http://qrvoice.net/?id=1BJpdyT (synthesised voice recording)

Vocabulary revision quiz:
Provide definitions of words to be revised with qr code of the answer underneath
Ss work in pairs; one scans
the code with the vocab item
and has to provide a definition
for the other to guess.

"What I like best is the level of student engagement. They love scanning and they like that there’s a little bit of mystery behind it...
Give it a try. The kids catch on instantly. More often than not, it really opens up the walls to create 21st-century experiences that make learning so much more meaningful than doing a worksheet or reading out of a textbook.”
Karen Mensing
Use qr codes to link to videos
created by students e.g. in Jing
or to link to book reviews recorded by students.
Attach qr code (linking to the book review soundfile) to the book cover!
On worksheets, replace text with qr codes linking to soundfiles.
What do students think?
'Kind of fun' (Abdulahmid)
'It's an adventure' (Omar)
'We can get information easier' (Wang)
'I can use it for shopping!' (Bashaer)

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