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No description

Marta Robledo

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of MOTORCYCLES

Double click anywhere & add an idea Motorcycles, the greatest idea of the 20th century. They save gas and space.

History of motorcycles The first motorcycle was invented in 1885 by the German Gottlieb Daimler They can also be dangerous.
first motorcycle first harley WEAR HELMET! Driving a motorcycle
is a great experience
than you can not miss! You do not have the tempation of
using the phone while driving. They are very efficient.
Can maneuver between traffic. Perfect for crowded cities. Motorcycle accidents usually occur with not experienced people.
Most popular brands: Harley-Davison BMW Suzuki Yamaha Motorcycles are more
enviromentally friendly than
any other veicle with a motor The most famous motorcycle race
in the US. Daytona Beach Race, Florida. They are fun and fast.
They are also cheap.
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