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Breast cancer

Nora E

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Cancer

What is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a tumor that starts from the cells of the breast. The tumor is which breast cancer cells divide and invade the surrounding
{Breast cancer affects all ethnic groups}
{Chromosome # 17 is mutated in breast cancer} [Did you know?] {Every 13 minutes a women dies of breast cancer}
{77% of women that have breast cancer are over the age of 50.}
The symphtoms

A lump happens to occur on the breast.
Unusual pain in the breast
swelling in the arm pit (lymph nodes)

[Treatment types] Chemotheapy
Targeted thearpy
What chromosome do you think has the mutation? Breast Cancer Nora
2nd hour
4-26-10 What are the symptoms of breast cancer

A. you dont feel anything
B. Swelling, unusual bump, pain
C. walk like a penguin what kind of testing can you do to
know if you have brest cancer

A. Mammogram
B. self test
C. seek a doctor about unusal symptoms D. All the above QUESTIONS!

What type of treatment is used
for breast cancer.

B. talk to a penguin
C. Chemo.Radation,Targeted,surgery. cbcrp.org nationalbreastcancer.org
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