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A Hero's Journey:

No description

Bridget Donoghue

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey:

A Hero's Journey:
Iron Man

An electric surge causes Stane and his armor to fall into an exploding reactor. He is killed and Tony Stark survives the blast.
Tony Stark's ordinary life consists of him being the CEO of the family company, Stark Industries. The story begins as he is on a trip to the Middle East.
Tony Stark is kidnapped by a terrorist group called Ten Rings while on a business trip to Afghanistan, which is where he is forced out of his typical environment.
After the fight with Obadiah Stane, Tony Stark returns to his normal life (his company). He plans a press conference where he plans on telling the world that he is not Iron Man.
Tony Stark meets Dr. Yinsen who is also imprisoned. Dr. Yinsen saves Tony's life by creating a device that kept shrapnel from hitting his heart. Without the doctor's help, Tony would not have been able to complete his quest.
Tony makes an escape from the terrorists using the first Iron Man suit. He must fight the terrorists and destroy his own weapons. This is the first time he tests the Iron Man suit, which leads to his adventures in the "special world."
Test of Will- One test is the backlash that Tony Stark receives when he chooses to shut down his company after seeing the horrors that his weapons caused in Afghanistan.

Solves a problem-

He continues to build Iron Man prototypes, but refuses to make weapons even though it may ruin his career.

Tony misjudges the suit's flight abilities. On his first test flight Stark doesn’t listen to a warning that the dangerous build up of ice on the suit as he tries to reach as high into the atmosphere as possible.
After addressing these issues, Tony is ready to fully commit to becoming a hero even though it means leaving his "normal" life behind.
At the press conference, Tony announces that he actually is Iron Man. This is where he accepts the fact that his life will never be "normal" again.
Tony realizes that his old business partner (Stane) has been selling his weapons to Ten Rings. Stane steals Tony's arc reactor, which leads to a fight. Since he no longer has his arc reactor, his suit cannot operate at full capacity. In order to kill Stane, Pepper must overload the arc reactor, which could kill Tony Stark.
This is where the viewer fears that Iron Man may die.
Pepper Potts
- Tony's assistant who eventually saves his life.

- Tony's artificial intelligence who assists him in creating the Iron Man suits.

James Rhodes
- Tony's friend and a US Marine. Tony trusts him with his biggest secret.
Ten Rings
- Terrorist group. Kidnapped Tony Stark

Obediah Stane
- Betrayed Tony and began working with the Ten Rings.
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