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Hero's Journey: Peter Pan

No description

Kenneth Nunya

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Peter Pan

Hero's Journey: Peter Pan
The Hero Passes The Treshold
After learning she can bring her brothers with, Wendy decides to run away with Peter, he teaches them to fly and they flew to the second star to the right- that is where the adventure begins. Never Land is a magical place in wich nobody ages; there are mermaids, fairies, indians, and evil pirates. Wendy is amazed and excited to be there. Peter begins to teach her how to survive in such a place.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Immediatly after crossing the treshold in to Never Land Wendy is attacked by pirates who become her enemy. They are all mean, ugly, and worst of all grown up, unlike Wendy who is young, sweet and pretty. When she fights the pirates she is put through a physical test and shows extreme bravery. However, when the lost boys, her new allies, ask her to be their mother she is put through an emotional and psychological test; they unknowingly help mature her they also change her brothers, the shapeshifers, from proper young gentlemen to rowdy boys. The shadow is the caption of the pirates, Captain Hook who hates Wendy for being friends with Peter Pan. Tinkerbelle, Peter's fairy friend is a trickster because she likes to get Wendy in trouble as an effect of Tink's jelousy.

The Hero Reaches the Innermost Cave
The innermost cave is skull rock, where Wendy's brothers and an Indian princess are being held by pirates.The threshold guardian is usually a giant crocodile who likes eating children. Skull rock is a scary and dark cave which is new to Wendy. She fights the pirates with Peter and saves her brothers and the princess.
The Hero Endures a Surpreme Ordeal
Wendy is captured by pirated and will have to fight for her life. This is more challenging than any other test because her mentor is thought to be dead so she must fight alone. Her options are to become a pirate or walk the plank ( which is certain death). She makes known that she would die before she joined Capt. Hook and advises the lost boys to do the same, this shows her bravery and responsibility for the boys. The pirate- fighting skills and leadership qualities that Peter taught her comes in handy now.
The Hero Seizes The Sword/ Reward
The hero gains the knowledge that growng up is unavoidable. She realizes that it is her time to do so. It is important for Wendy to know this now because it will help her fit in better in her ordanary world. And it will make the change from child to adult easier for her to handle.
The Road Back
After Wendy realizes she must grow up, she realizes the only way to do so is to go home. She is faced with the challenge of leaving her good friend, and mentor, Peter Pan. She does not want to leave him because she knows she will miss him. Wendy tries to persuade Peter to go home with her, but he refuses.
Resurrection or Rebirth
Our hero, Wendy, has now learned that she can not stay a child forever. She is now a mature young woman and Peter and her family see her as such. Wendy is now able to fit in to her normal life because she understands that everyone must grow up eventually.

The Hero is Unhappy in their Ordanary World
Wendy, the hero, is told by her parents and aunt that she is too immature and that it is time for her to grow up. Now that she is getting older her parents think she should stop spending so much time with her younger siblings. She is bored with how ordanary her life is and wishes for adventure. When she is in school her teacher is constantly scolding her for being distracted.
Meeting the Mentor
One night a magical boy named Peter Pan visited Wendy. The two became friends right away. Later he will become her mentor. Peter will teach her how to fly, how to fight pirates, and all about the geography of Never Land. He is very cunning and has a lot of experience from teaching the lost boys these things.
The Hero is Called to Adventure
Because he loves to listen to Wendy's storys, Peter Pan asked Wendy to run away with him to his home in Never Land. Even though she hardly knows Peter, Wendy is excited to go on this adventure because then she would never have to grow up. And by not growing up she would never have to face all the responsibilities and problem that come with adulthood.
The Hero Refuses the Call
Upon hearing Peter's, request Wendy tells him that she can not run away with him. Even though the idea of never growing up is aluring, she knows that her parents will miss her. She also does not want to leave her brothers. With these being the reason why she's reluctant, we can tell she loves her family very much.

Wendy is reunited with her parents. She comes home with the maturity and responsibility it takes to grow up. When she returns she asks her parents to adopt the lost boys so that they will have a home And... Everyone lives happily ever after.
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