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on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Starbucks

Motivation is an internal energy which helps a person accomplishes a goal in an organization.
Motivation is a vital factor for business in the production process.
Motivation is psychological

Early theories of motivation
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
The most famous chain of retailed coffee shop
20,891 branches around the world.
806 branches in UK

Known for its customer sevice and employee satisfaction.

Low employee turnover rate and high profit performance

Starbucks know that business is always dependant on the customer requirements and satisfaction as well as staff motivation.
Technichques of motivating employee
Equal treatments
Listen to employee
Good welfare measures
Euqal Treatments
All staff are treated equally
Everyone,whatever position they are in, is called "partner"
Narrow the gap between manager and employee
Have them co-work in the basic level on the front line
allow them to have closer relationships which contribute to warm working atmosphere
Listen to employees
organize comunication channels for employees
Manager plan working schedule for each worker
weekly interview to see theemployees' needs
No limitations on opinions
Employees are encouraged to join in the making and developing company's plans
Company's policies are suggested by employees-to create an ultimate mutual goal for everyone in the company
Good Welfare Measure
offer great deal of welfare
commodities for discount
medical insurance(health,vision,dental)
partners who work more than 20 hours a week receive stock dividends with free script issues
allow them to have the same goal
Tayler(scientific management)
Maslow's motivation in starbucks
the actual fundamental needs for the staff
security and protection for their employment
work as a team and competitive salary
give respect to each other
offers the staff personal fulfillment
Train their staff to understand working conditions. Motivation is the function of ability and the function of opportunity to use that ability.
They also consider about their employees how they feel at work and how they achieved.
Company always accept feedback from staff and build it on the system automatically.
Staff can communicate directly with district manager and regional director about how they feel and how they contribute at work.

Starbucks has implemented Taylor’s theory
Employee rewards
Starbucks also do training and progression
equally treat
always allocate which field their staff would like to work and enjoyable

pension scheme
free products
partner discount
Abraham Maslow states that people are need to motivate according to “Hierarchy of needs”.

Herzberg realise that people need to satisfied about their job workplace and then employment can be prolific.

Hygiene factors
-relationship with supervisor
-work condition
-relationship with subordinates

Motivators (satisfiers)
-Interesting work
-Increased responsibility
-Growth and advancement

Starbucks treat their employees not just employees but as essential partners to their business
(S.I.P, Bean Stock)
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