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Queen Elizabeth the First

English Presentation by: Alex, Kiana and Wardha

Alex Wojaczek

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth the First

Queen Elizabeth the First by: Kiana, Alex & Wardha 1533 - 1603 " Good Queen Bess"
"The Virgin Queen"
"Gloriana" She was imprisoned
in the tower of London
for a year. She was born on September 7th 1533.
Her appearance fit the perfect description
of a queen. Her 45 year reign is generally
considered one of the most glorious
in English history. Queen Elizabeth I had a strong desire to be the most beautiful woman known. Henry VII Elizabeth of York Left large debts
Did not generate a lot of revenue Maintained peace in England
Retained religious stability
Helped create the East India Company
Created strong international ties
Reinforced the military Promoted the
Anglican Church Progressed English Literature Arts Flourished Influences on Shakespeare Influences to
the Arts Nicholas
Hilliard Anthony
van Dyck George
Grower Fairs Jousts Card Games Sports Music and now... Henry VIII Arthur The Tudor Family Tree Catherine
of Aragon Mary Anne Boleyn Elizabeth Jane Seymour Edward VI Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr Margaret James IV of Scotland Ye Olde English Test How many wives did King Henry VIII have? Six What are two nicknames for Queen Elizabeth the First? Name one activity, artist or song created in the Elizabethan Era. What is one way the Queen's influence helped the world? How did the Queen look like? Under what famous tree was Elizabeth told about her becoming Queen? The End Thanks for listening! Created the most feared and respected navel fleet “Without knowledge our life would not be worth our having.” - King Henry VIII French English Spanish Italian Latin Greek
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