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Ergonomics and Anthropometrics

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RM Knight

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Ergonomics and Anthropometrics

Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
Comes from the Greek words
(work) and

Its all about how we interact with products or environments

The easier/comfier/safer something is to use - the more ergonomic it is
What are Ergonomics?
Think about the colour
- what does it mean to you?
It's not all about the feel...
What did the designer of the PSP need to think about to make it ergonomic?
So over to you...
To understand the meaning of

To understand the meaning of

To understand how these affect the design of products
There are lots of products that have been developed to become very ergonomic
Product Analysis
Take a look at the everyday items in front of you...
What must this product do/have to be ergonomic?
Is it a good example?
Why/why not?
How would you improve it?
Comes from the Greek words
(human) and
(to measure)

The data we use ensure something is ergonomic

But... we're not all the same!

Let's take another look at the PSP...
How could we make a product suitable for everyone?!
A range of sizes
Individually tailored
Use the average
Why is using the average not suitable?
Human Factors:

Design Task
Develop the product in front of you.
Ensure it is ergonomic:
Easy to use
What anthropometric data would you need to make this a reality?
In your groups:

Decide who has developed your product the best. Consider:
Compare these two car interiors...
Think about comfort, safety and ease of use
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