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Verb review

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Verb review

Warm Up
Write the following subjunctive sentences.

An uncertainty
A demand
A wish
Past perfect, present, perfect, or future perfect?
We have won the contest every year.
Joan had lost her glasses at school.
I will have eaten when you get home.
The money was spent by Tony yesterday.
They have bought the party supplies.

Give the past, past participle, and present participle of each of the following verbs
Identify the verbs and say whether they are transitive, intransitive, or linking
The chicken in the oven smells amazing!
You appear happy and excited today.
I feel the cold air on my face.
The girls talked loudly during lunch.
Jackets hang in the hall closet.
He remained frustrated after the meeting.
The purring cat lays in the sunshine.
Shelly drinks cocoa when it's cold outside.
Is it active or passive
1The detectives searched for the missing person all night.
2The game was won by the opponent.
3My presentation was graded by the teacher.
4Poems were written in the past.
5Actors can play many different roles on TV.
6The fire was extinguished by the firemen.
7John ate his dinner quickly and went to bed.
Change them to the opposite voice.
Verb review
Thank you!
Past, present, or future progressive?
Ryan is performing in the school show.
We were waiting for our final grades.
I will be painting the portrait of you.
Sean was walking on the sidewalk.
Tim and Jim will be going to the school dance.

I do watch the new medical show.
Whether he be kind or mean, he is joining our class.
Can you come to my house?
Eat your dinner right away.
The White House is on Pennsylvania Avenue.
If I were you, I would join the school band.
Bob does enjoy ice fishing.
The Christmas show is on December 19th.
Write the conclusion of your essay.
I suggest that you go to the mall this weekend.
Imperative, Emphatic, Indicative, or Subjunctive Mood?
Bring materials to work on Biography project tomorrow
quiz on 2nd paragraph of Lincoln speech tomorrow.
ch 7 vocab due 12/7
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